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    What if there were no hierarchy, permission, in and out crowds or better and worse on this team and we create our program and our team inside out from enrollment, partnership and possibility?

    LKT, what I see is that if this were the case, we wouldn’t be having this conversation because a decision wouldn’t have been made in a silo on a separate call after we had worked together as a team to create enrollment around what we saw. From Thoughts,  Feelings, and Body Sensations, I am experiencing both frustration, and also feeling a call to leadership. My commitment is to lean into leadership.

    From Facts, it is what it is, and it is a fact that there is a hierarchy and calls where decisions are made by the more senior leaders of the team. I personally don’t mind that at all. I am comfortable with someone making a decision and communicating that decision. The breakdown was in the expectation of how that decision would be made and the communication around it. From leader, my stand is to empower the rest of the team and have compassion that we’re all imperfect and we’re all badasses.

    From creating the World’s Finest Coach Training Program, I would like to see the agenda and know how it’s going to flow so I can see what I will volunteer to lead. It’s hard for me to tell based on the way the handouts are organized by weekend and not by module. If my memory serves, we went over business stuff the sixth module last year, not the fifth. But in the handouts I see business stuff in weekend 7 and relationship stuff in weekend 8. I wonder if you assume that we know more than we know about how this goes. Additional information is not just a request, it’s necessary for us to do our jobs effectively.

    I’m a little stuck about where to go from here and I’m open to (eager for) reflections about how this landed.

     Charlie Horn

    I haven’t read the participant post and I will.
    I see that we can create well being within any structure. I know we have been invited to do what is needed during in person modules and I see the same applies here. What do we all need collectively and individually to source ourselves? Are we choosing to stay in front of the screen the each day in order to get the most. Who needs a mid day nap? Let’s put that option on the break schedule 🙂 what else?
    I had the experience of being “set up” in the past as if I was being “done to” and I see the intention to leave certain things incomplete or wide open in order to cause leadership. Who wants to get in on that game? What is the third option for your well being. Something so out of your comfort zone it isn’t visible right now?
    it would be all too easy to have everything spelled out and we just produce a fine tunes well oiled program. I’m remembering the conversation around this idea of bringing what you see as a way to step into the unknown and practice the being of leader. It’s so automatic for me to put my nose down get to work and Brittany gets sliced bananas from I better get it right instead of I can get it wrong and just love it all. Which would be an invitation, dare I say clearing, for others to love it all as well. Even if I blow it there is gold. And I don’t get cracked open if I don’t blow it every now and then.
    who’s next? Who can see their  third option. I’m taking a scheduled nap.


    Thanks for bringing the reactions you each are having in response to reading my post to the participant forum as well as my ownership of the breakdown. I get that it would have been way nicer and more teamy of me to not have a gap of 18 hours between posting there and bringing it here. I’m so sorry to create a “second hand” or left out experience! Man, so NOT my commitment.

    What can team see around who we are being now?

    What if there wasn’t a timeline with the answers on it or someone with insider info? What if there were no hierarchy, permission, in and out crowds or better and worse on this team and we create our program and our team inside out from enrollment, partnership and possibility? Yes, we know there’s a timeline and our team has historically enrolled Britt in having a peak so as to….

    I see tremendous value in Sabs communicating with our guest clients what time we need them, in our team having a high level discussion around what time we clear and complete as a leader team in service of all of our needs and commitments.

    I’ll connect with you now, Sabs around Guest Clients so you have what you need and going forward, let’s create a structure that has you and they have what they need as normal and standard. Same with wellbeing, breaks, program timing and logistics.



     Sabrina Pratt

    Ok. I just read the thread to participants that LKT posted with the meeting times. I, too, feel a tad left out and frustrated that this information wasn’t shared directly with our team once finalized. And I have it as incomplete and not quite flat. Where can I view the timeline? I need to and want to get in touch with and confirm guest clients today.

    Thank you!



    ps: poor Steve working the night shift this go ‘round!

     Juliana Sih

    Reading the forum post on the participants thread prior to finalizing the conversation was a bit frustrating. We have been talking about this for weeks and just was a little surprised to see a decision was made without the team.

    And I don’t need anything around it, just needed to share. Honestly I feel bad for Steve that has to be up at 1am in the morning and wish we would have adjusted slightly for that.

    What I see is for us to be at cause at created lots of break times, stretch so that everyone can get the most of the virtual module. And I echo what Nichole says about the shorter time and well-being.

    I request that we all talk to our participants, check in on what they need around the schedule and also check in if they will be able to have a quiet space to be with us.  Also request that they be on video most to all the time with little to no distractions so as to create the bubble that is AC.


    LKT, thanks for bringing this up. I did have an experience of feeling frustrated seeing the schedule “second hand”. What’s missing for me is that the module days are one hour shorter, which is great/fine, but that doesn’t seem like the wellness goal we were advocating for when we first brought up the conversation of changing the schedule.

    Team, can we align on some of the other things we brought up, such as shorter clearing and completions? How else are we going to ensure that we’re taking care of ourselves during module? Let’s continue to the conversation.

     Sabrina Pratt

    All good over here! I am confused though.

    so- what are the times and days that we are meeting? When can we see the timeline? I need to communicate with guest clients/workshop invites ASAP!

    thank you!


    Hey Team – just want to own a breakdown in communication and relationship on my end. After getting Kerry’s input on finalizing and aligning on the start and end times for our program days and declaring I would post it to our participant forum, I didn’t circle back to our team on where we’d landed and create relationship or enrollment with you all around this. It’s a common gap for me to finalize things so they’re done on time without great care for the Ts crossed and Is dotted. And it’s perfect that it was relationship I stepped over. T brought me what she had around it, and I want to ask T if you – or anyone on team – needs anything further around this. I want to acknowledge the great love and care that went into every conversation around a schedule change up and I see our virtual module is better for it. In other words, it created something bigger and better and we’re not slogging 12+ hour days packed with content designed for an in-person structure. My request of team would be if you see me stepping over relationship to have something handled – please reflect it!

    It also occurs to me to remind us all to consider what aspects of the program you’re excited to contribute to and be at cause for communicating where you see opportunities to lead a tool, support a workshop, be available for Guest Clients, etc.? And please bring it to the team. I guess technically Jeff’s our go-to guy now for this =)

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all!

    Im enrolled in who you are being, and I’m aligned in 4 days, shifting the times so that it works for everyone and Steve isn’t on at 2 am or something crazy, and augmenting the timeline a bit. We are currently working on the timeline and seeing what we can take out, bring to T time etc. Our intention is to source ourselves and the peeps by seeing what we can cut, what can be moved, and so forth.

    Kerry just came off of the NYI grad weekend where she shared the “what worked and didn’t.” The overall didn’t work was cutting down the days. There simply was not enough time, and they couldn’t go as deep with the peeps as usual, and still went over. Which to me is out of integrity with us providing the worlds finest coach training program: THATS who we are- we go deep! I am not enrolled in us going short or stopping something powerful because we are trying to do our program shorter.

    What I am enrolled in is us generating our hours so that time zones are conducive to all (as much as possible), trimming the time line as much as possible without losing integrity to who we are, bringing what we can to t time. I personally see the benefit of more breaks throughout the day, rather than trying to do a ton of sitting at one time to cut hours down. I.e. if our in person days from 9-5 are 8 hours, I see us creating the intention of 7, and sprinkling in a ton of breaks to move our bodies, rather than cramming for 6 and moving less. Thoughts?

    I am definitely aligned in our program hours being complete and ready to share by end of production tomorrow!

     Juliana Sih

    I am aligned with this schedule! By when can we see the timeline to see what we can move to T Time? What I see to add is intentional breaks, like every 1-1.5 hours, create a ‘get up and stretch’ time.

    Is there also something we can create with the participants to be in a distraction free zone? I notice some of them are walking outside, not on video, and multi-tasking. I will think about this more and bring it to production.

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