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    To respond to a few things… I do look at my responsibility to Jonathan first. My noticing inefficiencies with the back office or having “complaints”/questions about payments is not in place of my responsibility to Jonathan. It’s a separate thing.

    I also have no doubt that the people in the office are working hard. I am not questioning anyone’s work ethic. It’s the system in place that is not providing a good service, in my opinion. And predictably my concerns are met with pointing to completion. I knew when I posted this that would be the response. So yes, I can get complete on my experience with AC and with the responses that I got to my concerns.

    I still have questions about the contract. I think AC is relying a lot on the fact that the people involved have tools for completion as long as they wrap everything in an opportunity for a breakthrough. I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass or dramatic. I just notice that a lot of valid concerns are ignored in place of some teachable moment. It seems deflective. I’ll work myself out and come back in.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Word. Already in communication with Andrew & Lesa regarding payments. Andrew will be paid by EOD (probs by 8p as we have an evening call) and Lesa declaration asap.

    I didn’t realize that our payments don’t come to us until our participants pay. Interesting.


    Oh yea. Completion. “Worth the price of admission”, as Jeremy always says.

     Jeff Miller

    This is some good stuff! Thank Nichole for bringing your authenticity and Brittany thank you for bringing some solid content and amazing context to this conversation. I don’t have anything to add regarding the content. Brittany did a great job with that. I would also echo that the frustration you are feeling Nichole is completely normal and something we have all felt. Similar to Brittany, I have met the AC office folks on several occasions. They are amazing people who really work hard to have the “system” work for everyone. And if there is anything we can count on with AC is that they are always exploring better ways to improve things.

    For you Nichole, I would consider doing weekly or even daily completion. I believe it was LKT who took on daily completion last year and she can speak to the massive shifts that it made. I know for myself, I will be talking on weekly completion consistently from here on out. What I notice with myself is that if I don’t small things become big things and that shows up as resentment for me. Hear anything for yourself or anyone else on team?

    I also love what Brittany pointed to about the point of us being here is for the participants to get there breakthroughs. EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECOND. I actually love this idea. It brings me back to service and the whole reason I signed on as a mentor/program coach. Through that lens I always get what I came for and more.


    Thanks, Brittany. I double checked, because I didn’t recall seeing it before, and I still don’t see anything in the program coaching paperwork or contract that explains (or has us agree) that we are responsible for our participants’ payments or that our payment for coaching is contingent upon the participant being paid. Why is that? Or am I missing it?

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Nichole-

    Some information for you regarding AC Payments:

    -The checks for us coaching our participants go out around the 14th of the month, so if you have your checks mailed expect them to arrive a few days after that.

    -To be paid for your participant your participant must also be paid up. (i.e. As soon as Jonathan is paid for the months he owes, you will also get those checks).

    -Regarding payment for November and Lauren, my guess is it was an oversight as the office was getting on track with us on who was coaching who. I suggest writing Carmi/Tiffany (finance/programs) and letting them know.

    For you personally-

    1. Completion. Sounds like you are holding some stuff on the office/AC which has you at effect of how its gone, and like you are being done to, versus this simply being a result of some miscommunications.

    2. I hear your frustration, and I totally get it- I get frustrated when breakdowns occur and I don’t get paid, especially when it involves  a “middle man.” I appreciate your honesty, and what my ears perked up on was the context I hear in- “we have to be so responsible for making sure AC gets paid, but we don’t have the same courtesy of getting paid.” I hear story, at effect, us versus them, complaint, etc. I wonder what is available for you if you don’t look at this like AC getting paid, but Jonathan and all our participants having breakthroughs in how it goes for them. Yes they have to pay to be in the program, but the thing we are standing for is way bigger than their payment- its what it represents for them, the breakthrough available, and so forth.

    If you look at your responsibility being to Jonathan, and serving him and his life, what becomes available? We often say “AC isn’t the thing, its the structure to create the thing.” My suspicion is this isn’t the only thing about AC that you hold, or have complaints about (I’m sure we all have a few), and Im interested in what it gets in the way of. If  AC or the back office is “the problem” how does that blind you? What conversation does that keep you in? What incompletions? This is for the rest of our team as well** please share if you hear something for you!

    I can assure you every person in the AC office works their booty off to ensure the system works the way intended, and as we have all seen, it doesn’t always go perfectly. One of the things I love about living in SD is getting to meet all of them, and see the offices. I know we can get taken out by the breakdowns, but having spent time with everyone there, I know they really are on our side. In fact we are in the process of creating/launching an entirely new hub/platform/system for payments, contracts, etc, that is completely designed with us and our clients in mind!

    What else do you need to be complete and empowered?


    I’ve checked in with Jonathan and have not heard back about whether he stayed or is staying on his payment plan we agreed upon. I’ll have his payment update on Wednesday.

    Speaking of payments… What is the deal with getting paid by AC? I have only received one check and it was for Lauren. It was for December, but I didn’t receive it until December 26. I didn’t receive anything for November or January and no payments for Jonathan. I also have not received some of my client payments that I know have been made. I’m frustrated with the notion that we have to be so responsible for making sure AC gets paid but we don’t have the same courtesy of getting paid in a timely manner. What is AC’s stance about paying coaches and affiliates? It seems all over the place.


    Don is paid in full as if today

    Brittany will confirm when January payment is flat and by Tuesday 12/31.

    Let’s get on top of this month’s payments and model what powerfully supporting clients being in integrity can look like! I am taking the opportunity to have all payments in my practice and to my coach flat by 12/31 as well.

    Tean, if you don’t know that your participants are paid for January please post your stand for by when it will be flat and the action you’re taking in service of that, plus any support you need.

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