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     Charlie Horn

    Nichole, what a powerful experience for Jonathan and YOU. Thanks for believing in that guy and yourself. I can’t wait to see him getting acknowledged at the graduation dinner.


    Yes, thanks, T. Jonathan and I had a really powerful call today. He’s SO got this and I SO have him. We re-confirmed the declaration to be caught up by March. He will be making $350 payments each week, and needs to get two clients to supplement the extra money he needs. That’s it! It was way more insurmountable in his head but we got it really flat and he got re-aligned with his vision today, which was a much different experience of him than I’ve had in the past. The way he talked about it — when he took the money breakdown and the idea of quitting off the table — was so beautiful. His being completely shifted, even his voice. He kept using the words, “From my heart,” when he described his vision. He’s such a beautiful being and powerful leader. I’m so stoked for him.

     Tiffany Turner

    Nichole, did you get enough support on yesterday’s calls around Jonathan? Including who to be to him and referrals for quitting pot?


    To bring more of what I see for and with Jonathan, and in response to Sabrina’s message, I am coming back to provide more context and content to this conversation. ?

    If you didn’t see Sabrina’s message, she shared a text from Shawna that said, “Jonathan told me he’s quitting AC today. I don’t think that’s what will happen just that’s where he’s at. If he’s on on t-time can I request you stand for the team to reach out to him.”

    First, in response to that, I have a few thoughts. This is not a new conversation with Jonathan. It may be a new conversation he’s having with Shawna,  but I’ve had this conversation with him a minimum of three times. I do not see that he is wobbly in his commitment to the program or transformation (or I would have brought that sooner), but wobbly in his belief that he can make it work financially, which we already know. His SM response to that is to quit, and it’s not just with AC. It’s a cycle he repeats all over his life and while he communicates a desire to have a breakthrough there, he is not empowering the structures that we have created together on his calls.

    As far as a call for the team to stand for him if he’s not there, I think this conversation is not just about Jonathan. He’s not the only one who is not showing up to T-time. I see stand for the participant team to get up underneath each other, like we have been practicing on our leadership team, and knowing what is going on with each other. His absence from T-time and the forum has gone mostly unaddressed. I’m thinking of Kerry’s comment to Sabrina about the team’s voices being louder than hers. I see that Jonathan needs the same thing, and he’s not the only one.

    As for his money breakdown, he is at affect of his limiting beliefs around worthiness and competency. He waffles between believing that he can create and deserves a thriving coaching practice and “Why would anyone hire me?” What he needs is to be reminded of his greatness. He forgets easily. We created structures to be reminded, which he is not empowering, and I believe this is a result of his dependency on marijuana. He admittedly is high “most of the time”. It’s making him depressed (not his words, but what I’m hearing). When he is in that down place, which is most of the time, he stays there and forgets what he said he wanted or believed for himself.

    He reliably shows up to all of our calls and is prepared with a request. Tomorrow we are going to talk about a referral for professional help quitting pot. Our declaration around money is that he will make consistent and small payments each week, or multiple times a week so that he is caught up on November, December, and January by February so he can pay February throughout the month and then be ready to pay March on March 1, and each first of the month after that. This has him paying $6900 by the end of February, which feels impossible to him. Breaking it into as many small payments as he needs had him seeing possibility.

    I think that’s about it for now, I need to get ready for co-coaching. Let me know if anyone has any other questions or needs anything else around this topic.


    Thank you, T & B. I get it. I can be with this feedback and call forth, and rise to the occasion. I have my annual shareholder meeting tomorrow and I’ve been nervous about it all day. I’m trying to wrap my mind around not approaching it from a reporting place, but sharing and connecting. I feel they expect something specific from me and I always want to say the right things to make everyone feel confident in me. Describe, manage, and report has been the name of the game in this part of my business forever. I am channeling my inner believer in magic and impossible goals, and acknowledgment of myself for all I have created. It really was perfect timing for this conversation. And I’ll come back with more around Jonathan. Right now I’m bleeding out of my forehead trying to get all my financial documents ready for tomorrow sans accounting team. Whoooosa.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Nichole!

    First- No, there is no specific protocol around supporting our participants in getting a therapist. If we have someone we know and trust, awesome. And if not you can support the participant in accountability, research, etc. You bringing it here is awesome, in case someone days have a great referral. But other than that there is no specific way to go about this.

    Second- what is missing for me is a declaration from you and him on when his payment will be flat. I don’t find it coincidence that there isn’t one here, and you yourself are working on declare and fulfill– something in fact our whole team is looking at!! Other than that, I would also love to know what he is putting in place moving forward other than therapy, and different money spending choices, in terms of getting ahead of this. Or are those the two big structures you two were looking at? I just wasn’t clear.

    Third- I don’t know why I’m counting these…

    Four- Similar to what T put in, I notice you have a pattern of bringing us what has occurred and then asking whats next or what we see. In service of your leadership I challenge you to bring what you see, and then open it up to us. I get that with this scenario you were looking for specific protocol you may not be privy to, AND I know that you have ideas and ways of looking/doing things that are fucking amazing, that we are may occasionally miss out on if you go right to how we would/might do it. Not from make wrong, but from literally being the person who now has me looking at stuff differently all the time, I love that about you, and welcome it. As we have spoken before, I think given this company over to you, we would have 24 participants in every program. So I SO SO SO see the power and magic of your brand of vision mixed with ACs being incredibly epic.

    Love Britt


     Aarti Mallya

    I can’t answer the question in it self. But I do want to say I would be willing to converse with him on the subject. From 13 to 31 I probably smoked 75% of that all day every day. From 14 to 30 probably 75% of that I sold it. It was one of the hardest things for me to give up. I still smoke once in great blue moon but it is very very rare. So I know a thing or two about the subject.


    Thanks. I would love to hear what anyone else sees for Jonathan and I can certainly share what I see for him as well. And I have a specific training question. It frustrates me when questions don’t get answered in service of putting in a practice. I would like an answer to my question so I can get back to him sooner than later. Does someone have an answer for me about whether there is a protocol for referring a participant to a therapist? He’s waiting for me to get back to him. I started to refer him to someone and stopped myself wondering if that’s something I should bring to team first. Is it? Or should I proceed? Anyone know?

     Tiffany Turner

    I’m really glad to hear that Jonathan has self-identified how pot usage is in the way of some of his goals, and I’m excited to see the transformation available in his sobriety!

    Nichole, would you be willing to practice your leadership by sharing what you see, and then asking team for what else they see? I notice a pattern of sharing with you that lands as reporting – “this is what Jon said, this is what I said, now what rule/parameter do I follow next?”

    Reporting isn’t bad or wrong, we’re just up to leadership in a different way in AC, and I wonder what becomes available in your businesses and relationships when reporting is just one of the ways you communicate information, and not the default.

    I’m happy to share what I see for him, and I’ll leave a little space for you to swing again before I bring what I have.

    LOVE YOU!!


    I had a great call with Jonathan. He is going to make a payment today of $100 and another on Monday for $550 and continue looking at ways every day he can make different choices about spending money in service of putting those savings toward his tuition. He planned up some big goals for money breakthroughs and client game. This was his coaching request, so we spent the whole time on it. It was great!! He’s feeling very empowered and committed, and has declared regular payments to get caught up. I’m really happy with how the call went, and I have one thing that I need training on.

    He brought up wanting to see a therapist to help him quit smoking pot. He said it’s not a coaching conversation because he sees that it’s in the way of him being able to create a coaching practice and it is hindering his ability to function normally. He wants the support from a professional to quit. I told him I had a recommendation for him but that I’d also bring it to the team to see if there is a protocol for this type of referral with a participant or if I can give him my recommendation. What should I do? What is the training around this/what do I need to know to support him?

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