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     Brittany Cotton

    Hi! Yes!

    They aren’t posted yet, though we are officially live in terms of registration on the site.

    Here they are:

    October 10-12
    November 14-17
    January 16-19
    March 13-16
    May 8-11
    July 10-12
    September  11-12



    Do we have program dates yet? I looked on the website and they aren’t up yet that I can see. I have a Yes, But (she says Fall won’t “work for her” and wants to look at Spring) and rather than explain how doable it is, I want her to just see the dates and how they won’t conflict at all with her objection (she works in the Halloween industry and travels a lot during that time).


    Objective: Create massive amounts of breakthroughs that we haven’t even thought of yet.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all! Heard some voices here, which is awesome!! and guess what IT’S JUNE FIRST!!! YAY!!

    My request is that each of you think about this for a second and respond. We know what the measure is. What is the result we are looking to create? And I don’t mean the number or by when. I mean like who will we be, what will we create that will have this measure be automatically generated?

    Please respond to this thread with one or two words that encapsulates what you see, and I will use these to create the Objective. My request is that everyone respond by Production tomorrow!

    For me:  “a being of This shall be”

     Sabrina Pratt

    We already have 24 people waiting!!! I have it that our program is full by end of July- if not before! I have 2 current clients who I am going to speak with on Monday about registration specifically. One of them asked me today, “When can I register for the San Diego Program you work with?” And I was like, “Monday!!!” She was like, “I’m jittery with excitement! I’m gonna do it!!!” So- I have Tarah in by EOD Monday!!! Who wants to race to have the first registration for our new participant year? PARTAY.

    Britt, I read this entire post first thing this morning and got so freaking stoked. I have been buzzing with joy and enthusiasm all day!

    So enrolled. So stoked to play. Can’t wait to get started!!!

     Jeff Miller

    Love this Brittany! For some reason I have this gut feeling that we totally have 24 people waiting to get into our next program. In previous Reg games it has felt a little daunting and an ultimate declare and fulfill. This time it is definitely a declare and fulfill but feels like it is a perfect match with our team. We totally have got this!

    Potential objective: To play a Reg game that is a reflection of our power as a team in this world. Bringing consistency, rigor, heart and love everywhere we go in pursuit of impacting hundreds of lives over the next year.

    Who is next?

     Charlie Horn

    Wow…Brittany this is so cool to be a part of. It has me inside of our team and doubly seeing my responsibility in creating what it is I want through AC.

    one thing I see to beef up is there will be a waiting list of 10 people who will either choose another city to do the program or wait for the next year to join San Diego. These wait list participants will hire coaches. Which has them in the work and supported to be gaining exponentially when they start the next program.

    when we set the bar higher we go higher. Let’s aim for a wait list and if we enroll 25 then great. And if we partner with 34 great. And if we generate relationship with 24 great. And let’s shoot for 34. Let’s be abundance.



    24 humans.

    It’s on. It is so on.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hello my loves.

    Guess what…. OUR PROGRAM OPENS FOR REGISTRATION on Sunday. Can you believe it?! Please just take a second to think where we started, and where we are. All the breakthroughs. All the stands. All the commitment. Y’all we are freaking badass. And I just realized something- you all so beautifully supported me in my breakthrough in Team- more on that in a second.

    We have a new opportunity with our reg game. To truly play a city game through and through with both programs open. This will take partnership. Trust. Patience. Communication. Lather rinse repeat.

    With that said, its time to create the project design for the game! And I want your support. The breakthrough I spoke of a second ago just was realized when I finished writing the future vision. It was completely We based. I am so proud and present to how different that is from the one I wrote last year. And I don’t want to stop there. I want to hear what you all say our Objective is. So please respond with what you see the objective ought to be, and with anything you would like me to add.



    1. Intended Result:


    Measure: By October 5th, 2020 the San Diego Intensive Program will have 24 participants registered, a new junior leader, and an empowered and qualified leader team.

    2. Future Vision:

    It is October 5th, and I could practically die of happiness and pride. Our team, in the face of Covid, in the face of a changing world and economy, in the face of any and all circumstances, showed up in their power, in their essence, and in complete love and being to produce a result San Diego hasn’t seen in years. We filled a program. WE FILLED A MOTHERFUCKING PROGRAM. My team showed up with rigor like I have never seen. With stand to change the world. And with heart that had us all brought to our knees. Sabrina brought her humor and vision for a dream program; Nichole brought her super powers of marketing, and Being; T demanded a level of play within all of us that pulled us forward; Charlie registered the people he has seen possibility for, and was our reminder of grace through and through; Juliana had her breakthrough in power, and reminded us all to speak and be known; LKT generated her leadership with consistency, courage, and resilience, and invited us to take on the mother in each of us; and Jeff brought his dry humor, and rigorous commitment that was the dose of possibility each of us needed when we lost sight.

    Because of this team, and this city, we are changing 24 lives directly, and 1000s indirectly. I generated breakthroughs in authentic and vulnerable leadership, and held the space for my team in a way that caused all of our breakthroughs. We are the team that continues to go beyond what is expected, we are the team that powerfully shows up time and time again, we are the team that changed the face of registration in San Diego.

    It is October 5th, our entire team is qualified. We are here, we are ready. This is us fully expressed in the world. Our enrollment is at the level of grand orators and world leaders. Nichole will be president because of this. Sabrina will be rich in love, business, and laughter because of this. Charlie will fall madly in love with himself and his partner because of this. LKT will have the business she always wanted because of this. Juliana will be the loudest leader of all of us because of this. Jeff will be land a massive corporate client because of this. Tiffany will be the happiest, most supported mother because of this. And I will be junior leader because of this. This is our year. Our team. The result of us simply Being in the world.

    3. Reverse Milestones:

    October 5th- 24
    September 28th- 23
    September 21st- 21
    September 14th – 19
    August 31st- 17
    August 17th – 15
    August 7th – 13
    July 31st – 11
    July 20th- 9
    July 10th – 7
    June 30th 5
    June 15th – 3
    June 5th -1

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