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     Juliana Sih


    Name: Bree Date: 8/25/20

    Request for Coaching This Week: Don’t have a request yet. Been a little down this week.

    Practices I completed: Just focusing on getting hours for certification. Updated my project design around money and my coaching business. 

    Practices that are incomplete

    Project #1: Get Into Action & Out of Debt ~ Magical Money Creation:  

    What by When: I am out of debt and making at least $10,000 a month by 12/31/20

    Next Project Milestone: Have 3 month coaching program ready to offer by 9/5/20

    Update/Progress this Week: 

    Practice Areas

    ~Note: Self-love isn’t conditional

    ~Use the Top 6 & acknowledge myself for what I do when I’m not feeling well

    ~Project design around money by August 1st. (Behind on this)

    ~Exercise every day even if it’s just a quick walk or dancing

    ~See how many hours I have each week per Andrew’s morning OR evening schedule 

    ~Completion around time scarcity

    ~Talk to in-law’s about Wednesday 12-4pm

    ~Time Chunking

    ~Notice when I’m limiting possibility

    ~Create my ideal schedule and post it and start manifesting it

    ~Give myself grace and patience and know that is a normal part of growth

    ~Post-It-”Stay in coach” after acknowledgements when asking to hire me

    ~Record voice affirmations about owning my power and worth


    ~Create some questions about the possibilities they can create if they hire me

    ~Project Design

    ~Get Clear on my vision/mission-what’s it going to provide for me, what it’s going to provide for the other person-Post my vision

     Juliana Sih


    Name: Sarah Bolton 

    Date: 8/27/20

    Request for Coaching this Week:

    1. Night Owl Schedule
    2. Consistency…I dropped off Jonathan’s video challenge after 9 days. 

    Practices I Completed:

    1. My practice of 3 things per day!! No money to Trump
    2. Getting complete today with Andrew about a fear of “being foolish” with money and how this overflows into other areas (my LDP application).

    Practices that are Incomplete: 

    1. Practicing my “elevator pitch” (will do today!)

    Project #1: The Van Plan

    What, by when?: $20,000 raised for my van and renovations by Burning Man 2020 😀

    Next Project Milestone: $1000 raised by 2/1/2020 for the Van Plan fund.

    Update/Progress this Week: $250 raised/$1000 goal by Feb. 1, 2020

    Project #2 Badass $$$ Project (TBD) 

    What, by when? Begin paying down $25,000 in credit card debts and have $10,000/month coming in from business ventures

    Next Project Milestone:

    Update/Progress this Week:




    Name: Lauren Steely

    Date: 6/1

    Request for Coaching This Week: 

    I’d like to receive coaching to be more in connection with my inner being so that I operate without having to know or figure out what’s next for me. I’ll simply be in the moment and making decisions based on what I desire to happen, feel, experience.


    Practices I completed:

    1. Complete and post the “Avoiding Possibility for Coach and Client” handout. Check off items as you notice yourself doing them, both as coach and as client.
    2. Review the handout “Client Behavior Examples – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.” Share with your coach what you see.
    3. Practice making powerful requests and demands and labeling them as such. 
    4. Have two individuals confirmed to receive a free coaching session from another coach (not you) for your oral exams on Sunday of Module 6 – July 19th. Group 1 arrive by 1:45pm and Group 2 arrive by 3:15pm. 
    5. Keep updating your integrity list. Take action. Complete at least 6 items. 

    Required viewing: “Gandhi” 

    1. Required reading: The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness by Stephen Covey. 
    2. List your commitments in life. Practice making a declaration and taking one bold action per day that moves at least one of your commitments forward.
    3. Make a list of the people in your life that hook you and what it is you can’t be with about them. Post to the blog: What do they reflect that you can’t tolerate in yourself? 
    4. Each week, review the questions from this weekend’s movie clips, add to your answers and take action on at least one of the items from any of the reflections (from the questions from the movie clips) you made in the weekend. 


    Practices that are incomplete:


    1. and “American Movie” (sometimes found in the documentary section). 

    Recommended: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers: Reclaiming Your Power, Creativity, Brilliance and Dreams by Debbie Ford. 

    1. Attend a discussion group with your fellow participants re: the books and movies. 
    2. Create a “10 to get 5 to get 50” initiative and your “Project 100” list. Make a date with your buddy for a weekly Hour of Power as a structure for fulfillment. 
    3. Do the Context Exercise around your relationship to commitment. 
    4. Review the Declaration as a Tool handout. Notice doing life from “Describe & Manage.” Practice “Declare & Fulfill.” 
    5. Practice doing whatever it takes to a) keep your promises and b) keep the group promises for the MoPA and Client Games. Discover the action that it actually takes to keep your promises this month. 
    6. Work with your coach to distinguish your relationship pattern and post it on the forum. List the costs and payoffs of that pattern. Identify where you are in your (disempowering) pattern of relationship. Choose a new way of doing and being to interrupt the pattern. 
    7. Using the Four Corners of Relationship tool, rate your most important relationships currently. Identify and re-establish relationships in your own life, practicing the Four Corners. Also, practice using the Four Corners tool with a client. 
    8. Write about “How I sabotage relationship.” Share with your coach. 
    9. If going for ICF Certification, make sure you have what you need to submit your application by Saturday, July 18th, 2020.


    Project #1  Successful Coaching Practice (needs revision)

    What by When: Coach people to unblock their creative energy so that they can tap into the energy that will positively impact their personal wellbeing, their relationships, and their communities. 


    Next Project Milestone: Revise project design plan 6/3/20


    Project #1  Impurfect Creative Variety Show 

    What by When: Host a virtual (and soon physical) platform for people to showcase the ways they express their creativity, expose to others new ways to access their creativity, celebrate the vulnerability and braveness to share. Burst those bubbles.


    Next Project Milestone: Create project design plan by 6/3/20


    Number of Clients 

    Pro Bono: 0

    Partial Pay: 0

    Full Pay: 0


    Coaching Hrs to Date:

    Pro Bono: 35

    Partial Pay: 0

    Full Pay: 0

     Sabrina Pratt

    Name: Andrew Mai


    Date: 8/18/2020


    Request for Coaching this Week: 

    • Context shift with time so it doesn’t have hold on me.
      • See and understand abundance in time.



    • Completion x3
    • 2 Sample Sessions Completed
    • Hired Marketing Strategist

    XX: put up the whiteboard, Roth IRA Beneficiaries, etc.



    Project #1: 5 Life Coach Clients

    What by When:       

    Next Project Milestone:      

    Update/Progress this Week: 


    Project 1A: 1 Life Coach Client

    1 FP Client by 8/4/2020

    Next Project Milestone: 

    Update/Progress this Week: 


    Project #2: Decluttered: Physically and Digitally (nothin’)

    What by When:       Room full of only essential belongings by ???. Phone w/ only essential tools, Email 

    with only essential messages.

    Next Project Milestone:    ??? – Decluttered, functional room.  

    Update/Progress this Week:  Table decluttered.


    Project #3: Content Creation for building Community and Clients (nothin’)

    What by When:       

    Next Project Milestone:       

    Update/Progress this Week:     


    Project #4: Dating

    What by When:       Full on, Broken in relationship by 7/11/2020 – COMPLETE

    Next Project Milestone:       Create common visions, boundaries, agreements with Trinh

    Update/Progress this Week:     Discussed COVID boundaries (physical distancing, etc). Briefly went over expectations, what our vision is. Discussed where we’re heading on relationship.


    Number of Clients

    Full Pay Clients: 0

    Partial Pay Clients: 2

    Pro-Bono Clients: 0

    Total current # of clients: 2


    Coaching Hrs to Date

    Pro-Bono Hours:      16/30

    Paid Client Hours: 6/70


    MOPAS (July):


    In Progress: 2/19

    Completed: 8/19

     Tiffany Turner



    Coaching request: keep with possibility of building coaching business in a fast manner or get second job? I’m all about possibility but I’m in do or die life right now and finding a second job seems more reliable to pay the bills.

    Money protect: have $5,000 in savings by end of year
    Next step: find second job

    Coaching project: 5,000 followers and 5 clients

    Milestone: 673 followers, increased by over 200 in just a week

    Next step: interview for travel blog.

     Tiffany Turner


     Jeff Miller

    Ms. Aldana’s check-in sheet

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