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     Charlie Horn

    Thank you Brittany for creating it. I was excited to meet people from the other teams. Sabrina has told me twice maybe even three times that I should enroll our team in being on co-coaching. What I got most out of the call was hearing how valuable co Coaching was. And that if we were playing on a LDP team I would have been on co coaching already. I am going to bring an enrollment post because I now see that the only reason I am not on co coaching is me. Thank you Sabrina for seeing it for me. You are the reason I even heard it on the call.
    Aaaaand I will bring it by Friday 😉

    Aaaaaaand  I will bring it by 3 pm on Friday.

    One more thing I like is the team calls that are specifically around supporting each persons goals. That sounds amazing. No opportunity to hide with that structure.

    And my Sweet Brown time context is also looking for ways to show me it will take too much time and I should just ride off into the sunset and live my life free from the commitment, but then I’m reminded that time is just a context. And I spend more time unconsciously in long winded  story than what I will spend on the additional structures of the LDP.
    It sounds great and my only reservation to committing to another year is me not seeing how being in a program designed to support coaches building coaching businesses is where I belong. And I also see the context in the “where I belong”.


     Sabrina Pratt

    I am so excited for LDP. I realized that I have become so clear on what I am here for. And having some structure to support not only the identifying of that vision, keeping it forefront in mind and realizing it sounds awesome. I am excited for the structure of the LDP, pumped about additional calls and just all around stoked. Even the parts I feel resistance toward have me excited to take on.

    For me, my resistance to taking on LDP shows up in the form of objections that I regularly coach myself around: time and money.

    I am concerned about taking more time away from what I want to do. (so that concern was spoken directly to in how the LDP is structured to support the things you want to be creating in your life- I was pumped to hear that!)


    I am concerned about the costs associated (travel, taking time ‘away’ from work, paying a fee) the LDP. (as I create more and more breakthrough in generating and managing my money I notice that this objection gets further and further away until I can barely hear it in the distance).

    I just won’t have money or time (or anything else for that matter) stopping me getting what I want in life and what I want is to continue to be a part of this work and this team. I am also not-so-secretly very excited to play on a team with some of our participants next year…(Steve & Lauren are signing up for LDP, right?!)


    I am PUMPED for LDP. I am so excited about the next phase of my (and all of our) leadership. Having some structure around it sounds almost too good to be true. I loved what Liz mentioned about “Covert Leadership Development”. Because, yeah… I get that I’m getting a lot out of this experience toward my growth. But the intentionality behind it is just so exciting.

    Thanks for creating the space for us to learn about it and get enrolled in it. When do we get to share with our participants?

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all!

    I wanted to thank our team for showing up powerfully on our LDP call yesterday! I would love to hear what people got out of it!


     Juliana Sih

    Aligned on 4/28 at 3pm!

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Charlie! I love how at cause you are being to create this!

    I currently have an LIT from Victoria, and a PC from NYS who are enrolled. Just have to work out scheduling! If Mick wants to join, I’m all for it, AND my intention is to bring someone who has been in the LDP and been experiencing it for themselves. Mick’s program hasn’t started the LDP yet, so while I see benefit in him bringing knowledge of the beginning steps, I’m really committed to the people we have on the call being able to support and speak to what it is to live and breath it 🙂


     Charlie Horn

    Mick Carbo is interested in supporting us with this. Is anyone not enrolled or aligned with Mick being one of the people to support us? As soon as we are all aligned on the day and time I can check in with him on logistics

     Charlie Horn

    4/28 at 3 is good for me.

     Jeff Miller

    I am aligned for 4/28 at 3pm PST.

     Tiffany Turner

    Perfect. It’s on my cal. Thanks for getting some other leaders to join. I’m looking forward to hearing from them.

    And I’d love to see people at different levels of LDP join, can we play for one person on a PC level and one person on an LIT level? And please let me know if you need support in creating it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 21 total)
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