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     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Charlie!

    The timing of Graduation module is posted on the forum. And as a team, at our last module, Kerry and I enrolled the peeps, and our team, in how it would look.  Thanks for seeing its not about a breakthrough in technology but a breakthrough in support. I also wonder what would have you present to what is said in a way that keeps it available to you?

    Graduation module times are both on our forum , and the participants. High level: We will do a few hours of the program Friday afternoon (pst), then have a few hours Saturday morning (pst), a 2 hour break, and then a 3-hr graduation celebration. Sunday will be a regular program day.

    I really appreciate how out loud you are playing the last week, especially on forum. What is causing the difference? Is it empowered? Disempowered?


     Charlie Horn

    Thanks for calling me out T,

    I see it as a breakthrough for me to actually ask before Friday morning when I have waited in silence for the answer to appear through some communication I hope will pop up. I spent an hour  looking for where this information could be before I asked. And I just asked instead of hiding. I remember us talking about it. No amnesia around that. Based on something read in Nichole’s request to miss part of Friday I made it up that we have a full day or even a module day on Friday. I don’t remember that. I verified (or I think I did) that the last module is only two days (Saturday and Sunday) so I’m just wondering what is so right now.
    I know I can do a better job of reading everything on the forum and being a part of producing and playing on team and for everyone here and the participants and the company that is AC but that doesn’t actually serve me where I am at right now. I have been unwilling to give up my time with Lillian and work and my friends and family and all the other things I want to do And also the suffering and rumination that I spend my time in. I’m working on it. Could I have come further faster……..absolutely. Could I have spit the hook and quit……..absolutely. I am in an enrollment conversation with myself every morning and every day to do things differently. I turn the corner more quickly than I ever have and I spend less time in my head about it all than I ever have as well.
    so for me asking is a breakthrough and asking after I spent a reasonable amount of time doing what I think I know to do on my own before I ask for help is is a breakthrough as well.
    There is a breakthrough In consistency for me and it is in process. And I am moving forward.

    I also have it that there are structures at different levels in AC that has some of us in conversations that don’t get aired out and I don’t want to spend time looking for a ghost when I can just simply ask and get a quick answer.

    the stand you can all be of me is to continue to play out loud. Be qualified and be in more conversations that have me knowing more about what is so. I see this as one of those conversations.
    I am also curious where the breakdown happened for me. Did I miss it in a forum post? Did I miss it in a conversation on production? Did I miss it in an email?
    It’s no secret I have resistance to technology. I’m sitting here right now freaking out in my body just thinking about how long it would take me to find this information if I were left to do it on my own. I’m not willing to do that when I know I can just ask.
    we have the forum, emails, google docs sheets, what’s app, group me, there are multiple online things that we do and I think it is reasonable to just ask and eliminate the pain and suffering I put on myself. I’m not going to become proficient at using technology unless I put in the time. And I put in more than I have.
    From here what do you see for me?

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Charlie – before answering I’d like to check in with you around something.

    What demand could we be of you to know what’s so about the program, and be fully responsible for what’s shared on forum, so that we’re not playing into the Amnesia context?

    I’m tempted to take a stand that Team not answer any questions you ask, for which the answers are on forum. I see that this could demand that you be At Cause to be consistently up to speed on forum (rather than popping on when you’re not in overwhelm), and I have it it would create an experience of you being more fully on our team.

    Otherwise, I see that we’ll continue to answer your questions, even though we’ve already discussed them, and continue to feed whatever this context is that has you not remember/not be present/not be at cause/etc. I have it that’s not serving you in life. It’s been a year, my friend. What’s it gonna take to bust this up?

     Charlie Horn

    Team. I need help. I am making it up that we have a module day on Friday. What I remember is we are getting together outside of regular scheduled Saturday and sunday modules for a Friday pre module event. Will someone help me by saying what is so about our schedule for friday and what we will be up to in addition to the video clips.

     Tiffany Turner

    Britt I think that’s a great idea, it also supports Nichole’s both/and of attending her award ceremony without missing this.

    So team, can you align on spending 10-15 minutes of morning clearing watching our morning videos? We have 9 people, and can watch 3 each morning. I suggest we take this on before the start of module each day as I see us getting present to our transformation and breakthroughs as a clearing for the peeps to get present to theirs.

    Anyone not aligned?

     Juliana Sih

    Oh I like the sprinkling of it throughout the days so we can be present to our transformation everyday.

    Either way, aligned!

     Brittany Cotton

    Yes I am aligned. AND!!! As an alternative (regardless of what we choose) the idea that just came to me was what if we did this throughout the weekend? So like 10/15 minutes was dedicated to this in our clearings, so that this transformation of our team was present through each day and not just all at the beginning???

    Either way aligned on creating time for this!


    T, will you see my post about Sept. 11 and let me know if you can plan the clips around my absence from 12-1pm?

     Charlie Horn

    This is really awesome T. Thank you for making those videos.

     Sabrina Pratt

    I love this!!! So aligned!!! And scared ? ?

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