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    I would say my biggest gaps are vision and overcommitting. I think overcommitting is a result of the lack of vision. Integration is a theme for me… Having it all work and source me versus deplete me. My vision for that is lacking and therefore I take it all on and burn myself out, which leaves areas where I am out of integrity (action).

     Juliana Sih

    Love these and feeling like I’m getting to know team much better. Here are the gaps I see:

    – Ownership from beginning to end: I can be the type of person that will own something but will leave some gaps. I do like 70-80% and then be like “I’m good”. This year I am committed to thorough work, not just when its convenient or I feel like it.

    – Asking for support and trusting team: Sometimes I’m afraid to bring all of me to team because I might be too much, be a debbie downer, be perceived as selfish or feel shamed for asking a stupid question and then being judged as incompetent. I am committed to asking for support and providing support all over the place with team and in my life.

    -Empowering relationship with declare and fulfill: I don’t usually believe that I will fulfill on my declarations. I take a few actions steps and then get resigned or think “I’ve done enough”. I’m committed to breaking that up and discovering what it will actually take for me to fulfill.

    -Speaking up: Its easy for me to wallflower, let other leaders talk, and for me to be left just silently observing. When you see me being super quiet, poke me, request that I just say whats on my mind no matter what.

    -Owning my impact: When my SM is around I don’t think I am that important or that I make much difference. I tend to think others will handle it which leaves me as a lean back participant, almost out of the game. My commitment is believe that I am the one and be with all of the feelings that come with that.

    There are probably more and going to continue expand this list!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Thanks for starting this thread, Jeff. I guess I had a dream where I updated but I now see that that was indeed a dream. I’ve had more exciting dreams 🙂

    My leadership gaps are:

    1. Speaking with intention at appropriate times. Figuring out what I want to say prior to opening my mouth. Sharing with intentionality and decisiveness rather than babbling my way through something and working it out on loudspeaker in front of a crowd. I have a lifetime’s worth of experience doing this in my comedy world so this is a tough habit to break in some ways. I see so much room for my growth as a leader in speaking with more intentionality. Right along those lines- asking less questions. When I speak with more intention I won’t have to question if this is appropriate or not.

    2. Speaking of being intentional about my speaking- limiting my sharing of jokes and personal stories to more appropriate times. I bring a lot of myself into the space and just kind of launch it at the room. I am committed to practicing servant leader and discovering the power there is in that (and breaking up the story that servant leader means a lot of hard work for no pay/no credit/it’s demeaning). I see room for myself to “step back” and more powerfully “step in” to my leadership role. I thought a lot about this one and I don’t see it as diminishing my power in any way but actually collecting and stepping into my power. Often my verbal word vomit and diatribes actually reduce the power of what I have to share.

    3. Collaborating with my team and honestly sharing what is up with me/being in integrity out loud instead of quietly “cleaning up my messes” before they’re noticed or interfere in some way. I want to bring everything to team, even when it is messy. Even when it is embarrassing or I feel “Wrong” about it. I am ready to practice vulnerability in asking for help and admitting when I am “in over my head.”

    4. Actually doing the work. No fair knowing the tools and then not using them. This oddly shows up all over my life- see curtain hung in my office by a thumbtack when I have a hammer and nails literally feet away from me. So, using the right tool to actually get the job completely done. I see room for me to stop half-assing it and just getting far enough into the work to slap a smile on my face and get by. Leading by heart requires something different of me- let’s call that something actually forgiving myself and others.

    5. Uh. My appearance! I can see that my appearance in the last few years has become sloppy. Perhaps it is my way of saying “f the man” you can’t tell me how to dress/act/speak etc. and that is actually diminishing my power and dulling my shine. I am practicing loving myself, setting down the pain all over the place and am ready to fully step into my power as leader. I want to play with what is up for me in terms of how I treat my body and that includes showing up as leader v. high school drama teacher on her day off….speaking of setting down the pain, sometimes I just have to do tennis shoes but I have access to nice, comfy shoes that the dog hasn’t chewed on, so I will commit to wearing those to my coaching engagements.

     Tiffany Turner

    I LOVE READING THESE! Thanks Jeff for starting this.

    • Breakthrough for the year: SUPPORT (give and get). What this means to me is not making myself feel like I need to be The One to everyone, and really trusting the support of a team to be The One to each other, in every direction. And also in receiving support from everyone, I have some giant blind spots around where I can allow support, because I can’t see it.
    • Reflecting something BIG & BOLD, without partnership/relationship. I’m reliable to reflect something and land sideways because there’s a gap in relationship/partnership.
    • Generating this program – Being At Case to generate this year and this team, simply because I’m a leader of the work, and say so. Letting go of “Rules” and “Permission” in service of my growth as a leader. If you notice me pinging or asking for permission, please reflect the opportunity available to me in choosing something from my own Choice and Leadership.
    • Being Ontological. I’m easily seduced by Doing, and can easily step into facilitative coaching, rather than ontological coaching. These’s a growth edge available to me in being simple, clear, and context-based. And there’s something available in pace for me as well, my “Doing” will have me coach and speak so fast that it leaves people feeling like we gotta get somewhere, and that’s because underneath, I’m in a rush to get somewhere.

    I’m sure there’s more, and I’ll continue posting here as they come to mind!

     Charlie Horn

    My leadership gaps are;

    • false starts, I start something and then squirrel out with whatever distraction is in sight.
    • lacking vision of including everyone and just doing things on my own, fast is slow.
    • structures, I am not reliable to create and follow through with project design, well being, record keeping, organization, I tend to go where the wind blows. Even now I realize there are other threads here that I should prioritize and do before this one.
     Brittany Cotton

    I would!

    My gaps:

    -In the past I have been reliable to put people into the program from my life or my coaching practice- this has not been the case for the last 8 months or so. I know where I stop is the meaning I make up about why not that person, or why I can’t call them, or what they will think of me.

    -Leading the room/conversation from the viewpoint of the entire room. I am reliable to go in with someone from coach, versus zoom out and lead conversations where everyone is involved.

    -Relying on my ability as Coach, versus Leader and Trainer

    -There is still some work to be done on Self trust and not needing to be told or given the answer before speaking/acting

    -Owning my power from authenticity versus performance or reliability.

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Team,

    From last module I took on getting us started on creating a thread about our Leadership Gaps. I see this as a tremendous opportunity to really get up under each other and really support everyone in each other’s breakthroughs. We have such an amazing team with some serious leaders and my wish for everyone and myself is that we get what we came for. Is everyone willing to play?

    I will start. Here are my leadership gaps. My request is that you partner with me to call me out and stand for me to close these gaps in service of my leadership and what I am playing for.


    • Not acting on what I see, especially for team. This would look like taking more initiave and being a leader without being prompted.
    • Using humor or sarcasm as a shield or a weapon. This is something that I have been working on and I see a lot of improvement. This looks like me intentionally using my humor and taking a few seconds before I speak.
    • With my coaching specifically, leaning back and really getting into partnership. This is all around self trust, which leads to trusting others.
    • Adding more of ME in my leadership. Again, I do this individually, but no so much in a group setting. This would look like more distinguish sharing and creating conversations.
    • Creating strong relationships like I have with others in the world and on team. Really opening myself and being vulnerable with everyone.
    • Supporting team and being support with Client Game. Really making myself available in any way I can.
    • More registrations into the program with people from my life from start to finish.

    Okay, I think that is enough for now. Who else would like to play?

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