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    I see a lot in your sharing, T. I am going to resist asking for permission to say what I see and go in.

    You say you want 10-15 clients at $1100/month and that your hire rate is 5%. So is the unwillingness coming from doing the 200-300 sample sessions it might take to get hired 10-15 times? Or is it in shifting something that might make that percentage go up? Have you played around with different rates, and if so how did that affect the percentage? Did you derive that percentage after doing 20 ss and getting hired once, or after doing 60 ss and getting hired 3 times? In other words, how accurate is that?

    I notice I have a lot more questions like… How many ss have you done in the last month? Two months? How are you tracking it? What else have you done to reach out to people and connect? Do you follow up after each of your ss? If so, how? I could go on. But you get the point.

    It makes me curious about if you’ve brought this to your coach and what the outcome was. Were practice areas generated? Were they empowered? Are you working with the right coach?

    It’s possible to create this if you want to create it. I am not convinced it’s what you want. If it was, you would be trying everything, wouldn’t you? What am I missing?

     Juliana Sih


    I hear a wobblyness in your client game. You have switched it up what you want to create several times. It’s like you are playing chess but keep moving the pieces around, making it complicated, hard and impossible to win at. Also I hear an unwillingness or resignation to take “different” action around your client game. Whats that about?

    I totally hear and see you about the struggle-town, I have been and am in a similar place.

    But in knowing your pattern around wobble, since this played out in AC last year, what do you see would be different if you got SUPER complete about your client game, kinda like you did with AC on India? What would that shift (if anything)? What would be possible from that crystal squeaky clean place?

    I love you, you are a badass coach, and have no doubt in my mind you can have your dream practice, if thats what you want. And if it’s not, I also know a company will be very lucky to have you.

     Tiffany Turner

    Yes, I would love for coaching to be my primary source of income. In two years, I haven’t generated steady income, and I see L&D or OD roles at companies being a great way to use my coaching skills, be paid steadily for work I enjoy doing, and not have to “get clients” which I’ve been in struggle-town around since my program year.


    Sharing back what I read… You’re saying that you would love to have coaching be your primary source of income. But you’re not willing to take action around it. So you’re choosing a steady job instead. You feel this will give you everything you want.

    Is that right?

     Tiffany Turner

    Thank you all for your thoughtful responses! I’m going to respond to the bits that most landed for me, and the questions that provoked thought in a new area for me (so new awarenesses/conversation).

    Jeff, you’re spot on that this is more of the same pattern of mine in protecting against a breakdown. I can celebrate that I the Protection piece isn’t as charged or freaked out as it used to be, but it’s still Protection. I’m going to take a request to my coach around What For Protect from Breakdowns.

    I have very few structures in place in service of my client game. I’m mostly cruising along, letting my client game go however it goes. When I feel like it, I follow up with prior, Yes Buts. When I feel like it, I reach out to people to offer sample sessions. And when I feel like it, I ask someone for a referral. All happen randomly based on my own willingness. From this place, I don’t see a breakthrough in client game available. And I’m not willing to be in more action. I choose a steady job where I make steady income so as to support this upcoming chapter.

    I also love coaching and have no intention of giving it up. I see myself in a 25-30 hour/week Organizational Development-type role where coaching is an integrated part of my day-to-day, and from that place, I get to have it all: the income, coaching people, and flexibility of schedule.

    Nichole & Mike, thanks for the acknowledgement inside your reflections. I would love to have 10-15 clients at $1100/month, and for that to be my primary source of income. Recently I haven’t had sample sessions very often, and last I checked my hire rate was 5%. So one hire for every 20 SS. One of the things I get taken out by in client game is that I think I’m a great coach! And yet, I have this evidence that I must not be because I don’t have a booming practice, and then my stubbornness has me completely unwilling to create it differently. This is my normal quitting pattern, loud and clear.

    One thing I can see in all this that I want to share, is that I don’t have any feeling of “needing to figure it out.” I’m clear on what I want to create, and I’m clear that there’s a lot of ways to create it, and I’m open and willing to receive it however it goes.

     Aarti Mallya

    T. thanks for letting us in.

    I am confused your worried about falling below program coach qualification of 3 clients, talking about declaring Lit which needs 4 clients min, and then you want to stop after this year is up. Also you talk about getting a job. I see and know you as such a great coach that could totally get 10 to 15 clients paying $1,100 a month or whatever you want and to be making over $100,000 a year. Is that just me or what do you see there T. I thought you just had your self at a full practice of 4 because you wanted time for other things. Can you clarify that?

    With the subbing I see it could be a great and cool opportunity to play and learn with others for sure. In regards to what you say about the judgments/holdings/expectations. I have it that is our commitment of  everyone to not be having judgments and holding against each other and expectations are to be out in the with any of that. Along with expectations of standing for each others greatness. Now not to say those don’t go differently but that’s part of the point I think for the real life, real relations, real team stuff and growth opportunities. Is it that you want go play with another team for the learning and… or is there more to say on the judgement/holdings/expectations that your not say? Also I see going to play with another team even just for a weekend along with the phone calls has you taken away from creating more clients or the job you want. I see you taking on a lot with a lot of AC things which may be preventing you from gaining more clients and having a breakthrough for you there. As well as getting you a desired job.

    Hope all that lands and didn’t get confusing.


    T!! You beautiful thing, you.

    Thanks for sharing all of this. I am kind of stunned reading this. What’s got me hooked is this idea of getting a job. I’m like, whaaaa?? I am hearing it’s because you need money and haven’t had a client game breakthrough. If you could wave your magic Harry Potter wand, what exactly would your source of income be? Would it still be another job or would it be a coaching practice? Or both?

     Jeff Miller

    Hey T,

    Thank you for continuously playing out loud. Some exciting things coming in the future for you! I notice in your post that you are working towards a breakthrough and also avoiding a breakdown in the future. What kind of structures do you have setup in order to generate your client game breakthrough? Is the intention to create your client game prior to getting a job?

    As far as the declared LIT stuff, what do you notice about the commitment in other LIT’s that you are speaking with? You “intended” to complete with AC last year and here you are. I wonder where you are choosing your intention from?

    What if you had an ideal relationship with time and overwhelm? What would be possible for you in all areas of your life?

    That’s what I got for now and happy to support along the way. Thanks for having this be a team conversation.

     Charlie Horn

    T, thanks for sharing all of that. Big changes are happening and it sounds like you are clear about the move and new job for both you and jack. What support do you need? I hear you have committed to AC for this year and are considering continue if on with AC to become a lit. What has shifted for you that has you looking at your commitment to complete with AC after this year? Is it just that you haven’t had the breakthrough you were looking for in CG or is there more? And if you are in need of a sounding board around rental properties I would love to support you and Jack when you are on the hunt. I love talking about real estate.

     Tiffany Turner

    Fam, I’m gonna take to a Sabrina-Style bullet-point updates on some stuff happening with me. It’s all wonderful and amazing, and my intention of sharing is to play my life out loud inside my commitment to this team!

    • It’s looking more and more likely that Jack will be offered a job transfer to Austin, and we have every intention of taking it. We’ve booked flights for January to head out and explore the city, look at neighborhoods/housing, etc.
    • As a result of leaving Oakland (which we’ll do regardless of how Austin pans out, because we live in a dangerous neighborhood and don’t feel comfortable raising our children here), I need to make more money. We have a retirement plan of having 3 homes that are rentals, and living off the rent from those homes once the mortgages are paid off. Last year I made $27k coaching, this year I made $28k. It’s enough to maintain our current life, but it’s not enough to support the longer-term vision of purchasing more homes, and so I’m clear that going back to a steady income is part of the next chapter for me.
    • In going back to work, I’m taking on two important things: 1) I’m making a CoS for this job, and how it’ll sit inside a both/and of all the things I currently love about my life (my plants, cooking during the week, AC), and 2) I’m writing my resume from the place of: This is what I love and am passionate about doing. What I’m manifesting in this job is a role where I’m related to as Coach, and am supported in coaching internally at the company as a part of my role.
    • What I’m worried about is that I haven’t had a breakthrough in Client Game in a long time, and it’s on my radar that I could fall out of qualification, and be too overwhelmed or At Effect of Time in a way that gets me kicked off team for falling out of qual. I want to be clear that I don’t want this to happen. I want to create a new job that I love and feel fulfilled in, while maintaining my commitment to 3 FP clients, team calls, modules, and playing full out with AC. I know this will expand my Be With, and I know it’s going to take something.
    • Completely unrelated – I’m in touch with LITs across the company to go sub on another team for a program weekend. I see SO much available in everyone doing this. Mainly, that we have Team Thought – we train each other over time, and a new team of new people for 2-4 days will not have any of that self-created-training, they’ll have no judgements/holdings/expectations, and what we can see and reflect to one another from that place, would be magical for each of us. Then we can bring all that goodness back.
    • Declaring LIT – I notice I’m continuing to step into higher leadership in AC and on our team, and I feel that I’m related to as an LIT without the formalities of it. I’m on the line of declaring LIT, and feel out of integrity declaring it, knowing that I intend to complete with AC at the end of this program year. Wanting to share this out loud so as to get support from team. Please share what you see for me.

    That’s it for now. Love y’all.

    <3 T.

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