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     Charlie Horn

    Congratulations Laura. I can feel your passion and excitement for this work. Your share is so real, vulnerable, raw and authentic.
    you are and will continue to be more than just support for mothers. You are truly the catalyst for the shift in generational spiraling up. At the hinge point for so much impact in the human development cycle. Your love and commitment to your family and yourself are expansive and timeless. I am so proud of you.

     Sabrina Pratt

    I got tingles!!! I can not wait for the rest!!! Congratulations LKT!!!

     Jeff Miller

    This is so freaking awesome LKT! I just love how you are enrolling people everywhere from your Leadership!


    Congratulations! Keep us posted on how it’s going to wind up being produced. I would love to be able to tune into a virtual version of it! Woo!

     Juliana Sih

    How exciting!! and Congrats 🙂

    I have it this is just another expression of your motherhood and passion to serve mothers. Please keep us posted on what happens and what you create.


    I am IN! I got chosen to be one of 13 out of 40+ people who auditioned for this event, ya’ll. Remember that day I told you all that I was auditioning and then that I showed up on the wrong day at the right time. Well! I made it into an audition spot, read my piece and got accepted.

    Listen To Your Mother is an annual spoken word event that celebrates, on Mother’s Day Eve (most years) being a mother, having a mother, losing a mother, and the lifetime journey of motherhood.

    I AM SO EXCITED. This event is BIG in Rochester, it’s BIG with publicity, with well-known organizations, sponsors, and I’m declaring my participation in the cast as a pivotal moment for my marriage, my business, and for EVERYONE.

    The event was scheduled for Saturday, May 9th – which would have created another cool opportunity for me to create something magical given the conflict with our program weekend.  The event’s production team brought all of us cast members together for a virtual meet n greet this past weekend and shared that the event is on pause until further notice – No known rescheduled date still, because the event’s identity has been built around the power of the in-person energies. This said, I’ve just begun enrolling the production team in creating a virtual offering – in service of our voices being shared NOW.

    A both-and. Being who I know to be.

    I will keep sharing with ya’ll around the opportunities I create from my membership on this cast and I’m even feeling like I want to produce one of these – somewhere in the world…..Sabs, I want to talk to you about this given your theater background. =)

    Here’s a snapshot from the intro of my story:

    “We’d been trying to get pregnant without much actual trying to get pregnant – if you know what I mean – we were career driven, independent, adventurous, and into our 30s….we weren’t ready, didn’t have time – – but it was time. Add the shame and judgment I wrapped myself in from 8 months of trying with no results and to escape the tyranny of my own worst critic, I fell for a man who was not my husband. Ladies….not the way to do this!

    Thankfully I never fell into bed with him so the question of whose child I’d been blessed with never plagued me……but May 11th was only 10 days after I’d called it off with the other man- and confessed to my husband.. To call it a hot mess would be an understatement …….That story is long – and it is good! –

    In the end I kept my man, we kept our babe and today I’m here to tell about the metamorphosis of a woman who stared motherhood in the face for the first time with a positive pregnancy test in one hand and a beer in the other. Who faced the possibilities of divorce, abortion, and single motherhood all before the real mothering started – and through that initiation – I could face my real power, and be a woman who would model that for my children, and for mothers everywhere.”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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