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     Juliana Sih

    Name: Bree Date: 8/17/20

    Request for Coaching This Week: My hesitations about the LDP-mostly more about my money context. 

    Go over Intended Results for the week

    Practices I completed: Just focusing on getting hours for certification. Didn’t do as many of the practices yet but am being mindful of them.

    Practices that are incomplete

    Project #1: Get Into Action & Out of Debt:  

    What by When: I am out of debt and making at least $10,000 a month between both of my businesses by 12/31/20

    Next Project Milestone: 3 full-pay clients by 7/1/20

    Update/Progress this Week: 

    Practice Areas

    ~Note: Self-love isn’t conditional

    ~Use the Top 6 & acknowledge myself for what I do when I’m not feeling well

    ~Project design around money by August 1st. (Behind on this)

    ~Exercise every day even if it’s just a quick walk or dancing

    ~See how many hours I have each week per Andrew’s morning OR evening schedule 

    ~Completion around time scarcity

    ~Talk to in-law’s about Wednesday 12-4pm

    ~Time Chunking

    ~Notice when I’m limiting possibility

    ~Create my ideal schedule and post it and start manifesting it

    ~Give myself grace and patience and know that is a normal part of growth

    ~Post-It-”Stay in coach” after acknowledgements when asking to hire me

    ~Record voice affirmations about owning my power and worth


    ~Create some questions about the possibilities they can create if they hire me

    ~Project Design

    ~Get Clear on my vision/mission-what’s it going to provide for me, what it’s going to provide for the other person-Post my vision

     Sabrina Pratt

    Name: Andrew Mai


    Date: 8/18/2020


    Request for Coaching this Week: 

    • Have closer relationships with 2 cousins, Eddie, college friends
    • Understand the block with new friends.



    • Completion x4
    • VM Lauren each morning and each evening on progress.
    • Spoke with 2 people just to talk with them.
    • Post picture of rock climbing

    XX: put up the whiteboard, Roth IRA Beneficiaries, etc.



    Project #1: 5 Life Coach Clients

    What by When:       5 FP Clients by 8/10/2020

    Next Project Milestone:      Book 6 SS by 7/14

    Update/Progress this Week:  Discovered niche.


    Project 1A: 1 Life Coach Client

    1 FP Client by 8/4/2020

    Next Project Milestone: 

    Update/Progress this Week: 


    Project #2: Decluttered: Physically and Digitally (nothin’)

    What by When:       Room full of only essential belongings by ???. Phone w/ only essential tools, Email 

    with only essential messages.

    Next Project Milestone:    ??? – Decluttered, functional room.  

    Update/Progress this Week:  Table decluttered.


    Project #3: Content Creation for building Community and Clients (nothin’)

    What by When:       

    Next Project Milestone:       

    Update/Progress this Week:     


    Project #4: Dating

    What by When:       Full on, Broken in relationship by 7/11/2020 – COMPLETE

    Next Project Milestone:       Create common visions, boundaries, agreements with Trinh

    Update/Progress this Week:     Discussed COVID boundaries (physical distancing, etc). Briefly went over expectations, what our vision is. Discussed where we’re heading on relationship.


    Number of Clients

    Full Pay Clients: 0

    Partial Pay Clients: 1

    Pro-Bono Clients: 2

    Total current # of clients: 3


    Coaching Hrs to Date

    Pro-Bono Hours:      16/30

    Paid Client Hours: 6/70


    MOPAS (July):


    In Progress: 2/19


    Completed: 8/19


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