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     Sabrina Pratt
    Hi Sabrina,
    Since I have a little extra time now before our call, I wanted to send an update. I’m just going to bullet point it:
    ** Committed to and have been engaging with the team a lot more which is a positive thing.
    **Been talking with the team in general and a couple teammates specifically about money a lot recently.  I’m extremely sick of this discussion.  I want to be excited about module because I heard it was about relationships and intimacy.  But then I saw Jeff’s post on the forum and I’m scared it’s going to be four miserable days on Zoom again with my favorite creditors tearing me down.
    ** I am aware my shut down isn’t totally about the money talk.  It’s that on top of something else much bigger. I am having a breakdown around relationships right now.  I know it’s my survival mechanism driving.  I get it, and I’m trying to figure out a different way to come out of this.   It feels overwhelming to talk about but I’m afraid I’m doing a disservice if I don’t begin to address this.  Otherwise, I’m getting everything in my life into a better spot only to have a gaping hole disempowering the hell out of me sitting there like the elephant in the room.  I am also scared to get complete on this, scared to touch it at all and I’m in a place where I am asking myself if I even want to and if I’m ready.  I feel I’m afraid to face what I”m scared I’ll have to do something about, because it would break my heart.  My coaching request today is to help identify (so I can overcome) what’s preventing me from wanting a change with something that’s left me unhappy for years.
    ** I’ve had a couple leads on Your Girl Friday (neither were jobs I’m willing to expose myself to due to safety during coronavirus) but that’s still positive because it’s generating response and that will only increase. I’ve also made an agreement with my friend who I partnered with in her business Socially Yours that if she’s contracted back on with the resort/casino group I used to write for, I’m going to take over that account as a side hustle again.  This is on hold due to everything being closed right now.  But this will not last forever.  And when it opens back up, that’s a side gig too.
    I think that’s all for now:)
     Juliana Sih

    Name: Bree Date: 5/4/20

    Request for Coaching This Week: How to stop being triggered so much and meeting people where they are.

    Practices I completed: Still working on the practices

    Practices that are incomplete: Not sure

    Project #1: Get Into Action & Out of Debt:  

    What by When: I am out of debt and making at least $10,000 a month between both of my businesses by 12/31/20

    Next Project Milestone: 3 full-pay clients by 4/1/20

    Update/Progress this Week: Nothing

     Brittany Cotton


     Tiffany Turner



    Coaching request: what is My relationship to stubbornness, and what practices can I put in place to make sure I’m being more open to other input.

    Money protect: have $5,000 in savings by end of year
    Milestone: $1,000 payment to AC
    Next step: $1,200 laykentbrk AC by end of day Tuesday the 5th. $100 into savings

    Coaching project: 5,000 followers and 5 clients
    Milestone: 306 followers and one client
    Next step: book sample season by the end of the week.

     Tiffany Turner


     Sabrina Pratt

    El Don Andrew

    Name: Andrew Mai


    Date: 5/5/2020


    Request for Coaching this Week: 

    • Breakdown: actually get into gear of getting project designs together
      • What’s stopping me? (It feels useless)
    • Rally for more SS this week!
    • Go over dating fear (what happened with Trinh) (may skip over this)


    Accomplished: Getting vulnerable with lady. Acting QUICK to get clients.


    Practices I completed:

    • Booked 2 SS, organically.
    • Messaged 5x daily on networks (but not 15)
    • Accountability with SWAT Team
    • Used Top 6 consistently.


    Practices that are incomplete:     

    • Message more on networks.
    • Get project designs TOGETHER.
    • Cleaning Room.
    • Organizing emails and phone.


    Project #1: 2 Life Coach Clients

    What by When:       2 Full Pay Clients by 5/9/2020

    Next Project Milestone:      5/9/2020

    Update/Progress this Week:  Completed 1 sample sessions 



    Project #2: Be Politically/News Aware

    What by When:      

    Next Project Milestone:      

    Update/Progress this Week:  


    Project #3: Dating

    What by When:       Be in relationship with a fun, purposeful, hardworking woman by 5/25/2020

    Next Project Milestone:     1 more “hangout”

    Update/Progress this Week:     3 Zoom calls!


    Project #4: Greater Online Presence

    What by When:       400 Followers on IG by 5/8

    Next Project Milestone:       3 More IG Posts

    Update/Progress this Week:     Made one solid post on better self.


    Number of Clients

    Full Pay Clients: 0

    Partial Pay Clients: 0

    Pro-Bono Clients: 0

    Total current # of clients: 0


    Coaching Hrs to Date

    Pro-Bono Hours:      0

    Paid Client Hours: 0


    MOPAS (March):


    Not Started: 22


    In Progress: 0


    Completed: 0



    Love the subject line. ?



    Name: Lauren Steely

    Date: 5/4

    Request for Coaching This Week: 

    I’d like to receive coaching to leverage team and resources to receive more from my investment and opportunity.


    Practices I completed:

    1. Create a Leader Care Checklist and practice tracking this month. 
    2. Review Coaching on a Gradient handout. Practice raising and lowering the gradient with yourself and your clients, on purpose. 
    3. Declare yourself a No Complaint Zone for the month. Notice the impact. 
    4. Practice making promises and keeping them without burden. 
    5. Practice deep breathing as an access to being present whenever you’re waiting (on hold, red lights, water cooler, etc.)
    6. Go intentionally do something – we recommend play – and notice when you “lose track of time” and when you get back on track. What is the condition of being so focused that time flies by? 
    7. Play at finding ways to fall in love with your Survival Mechanism. Notice that what you resist persists.
    8. Use the “Plan Tomorrow Today” tool for at least one week. Also, use it with a client. 
    9. Drive the speed limit three consecutive days. 
    10. Post your Integrity List and practice moving one item forward each day while continuously adding to your list. 
    11. Distinguish your overwhelm cycle with your coach and use this tool with one client. 
    12. Complete and post your self-sabotage list and review it regularly. Check off items as you notice yourself doing them.
    13. Consider that being late always sends a message. That message is either “screw you” or “screw me.” Either “you’re not valuable” or “I’m not valuable.” Notice when and where you are late and what the message is that you are sending. 
    14. Post the Relationship to Results handout. Notice your relationship to the results you are out to produce. 
    15. Practice Oral – Confirm 13 guests to receive a one-hour coaching session on Sunday May 10th at 2pm. 
    16. Required Viewing: “Crash” (with Don Cheadle) and “Shawshank Redemption.” 
    17. 15 minutes before coaching calls (including with your coach): (A) Practice being grounded/cleared. (B) Be prepared (with your request for coaching or client notes). (C) Be on time. 


    Practices that are incomplete:

    1. Do and be whatever it takes to deliver on your individual and group promises for client, MOPA and guest games. 
    2. List the positive and negative consequences of your Seduction Strategy. Share what you see with 3 people unaffiliated with the CTP.
    3. Use the Income/Savings Thermometer handout and track your income and savings this month. 
    4. Required Reading: Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others, by James Flaherty (third edition). Recommended: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. 


    1. In at least one session with a client this month, practice only asking questions. 
    2. Schedule and attend a discussion group with your team to discuss this month’s books and movies. 
    3. Mandatory: If you haven’t already, submit your third recorded cocoaching session and review it with your coach before Module 5.


    Project #1 Successful Coaching Practice

    What by When: Consistently guide 6 clients into becoming creative leaders who live passionately above their perceived limitations by 6/30/20


    Next Project Milestone: 5/7/2020: Sign 1st client

    Update/Progress this Week: 

    • Had 2 discovery calls last week
    • Signed up for lead generation site Thumbtack
    • Will create 3 advertisements and post today.


    Project #2 KWWM

    What by When: To create an inviting entry port toward personal growth and development toward living a life full of love, freedom, peace, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, and wisdom using creativity and laughter.


    Next Project Milestone: 5/2020 Complete business plan

    Update/Progress this Week: 

    • Completed vision, key players, target market and goals.


    Number of Clients 

    Pro Bono: 0

    Partial Pay: 0

    Full Pay: 0


    Coaching Hrs to Date:

    Pro Bono: 33

    Partial Pay: 0

    Full Pay: 0

     Jeff Miller

    Senorita Vicky.

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