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     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Charlie –

    im present to your breakthrough of Not Stopping! Thanks for being a sponge for feedback, and coming back in again and again!

    thanks for sharing what’s so. I’m aligned.

     Charlie Horn


    Yes that is what the underlying way of being I was in when I wrote the email. Your reflection makes sense to me. I am not sure what there is to do about it to create partnership other than request of everyone to continue to give me feedback so I may practice sitting with it and practice how leader will be about it. One thing I will take on is to be in action from vision and possibility instead of getting it write or having to prove. Boom!! another breakthrough.


    Your acknowledgment, is supportive. I am going to create a marco polo group with our team. My vision is to have a space where we can access our being through visual and auditory presence. What I see for all of us is a space for only specific intentional requests for acknowledgement and to have that request for support be met in a timely manner by at least one of our team. Marco polo is a quick simple easy ( and FUN!!!:) app where ewe can sprinkle the support to serve our well being. Can you feel the LOVE now as you get acknowledged by video? Can you feel the team flavor of being WITH each other  even though we may not be physically present in the moment. Can you see how powerful having access to acknowledgment on the fly can fan the flames of being in essence more deeply and for longer periods of time. Can you feel the life preserver being tossed to you from team when you call out for support in acknowledgment. My request for support is each of you download marco polo (yes….. they give me a kicker for everyone i sign up. LOL just kidding) keep the boundary of making it simply about requesting support in acknowledgment and acknowledging as a way to stay WITH each other and HAVE each others backs to fuel the fire of Unconditional Love and support.

    Here is where we are at with massage therapist’s.

    I have been texting with sarabeth and been getting mucho support from T. Thanks T.

    All of this is from sara beth. I have not confirmed with Stephanie or Nico. I am practicing trust and willing to get it wrong. Instead of my default of trust but verify which has the flavor of not trusting and a power leak and time suck for me. My breakthrough around this is to open up the space between event or stimulus and response (instead of reaction).

    Sara beth (858) 472-9835

    Stephanie (619) 994-6825

    Nico, I emailed Nico for his phone number [email protected] and (619) 786-2936 is the number on the inter web I L/M

    I have a email from sarabeth with verification of license, insurance and an invoice for payment.

    I have a email from T with Sarabeths W-9

    Sara beth has all the info for parking, location, timeline.

    what do you all see in this for me and you?



     Juliana Sih

    Thanks for bringing it Charlie, and being with all of it. That rejection death grip sounds intense and we got you.

    Similar to LKT, I get a similar flavor. Questions that come to mind are: Whats the next step for the massage therapist? Is it waiting for Sarabeth to call back? Could team support Sarabeth in finding one more person? How can we support?


    Thanks for the update, Charlie! I have a couple of things for you (congratulations, woo boo! Feedback!)

    I have no idea what “everything is flat accept…” actually means. What is flat and what is confirmed for Monday?

    I’m sort of left with a flavor of “ok I guess he’s got it, but maybe not, but we’ll see.” It occurs like there’s an unspoken “the end” or “and now leave me alone” in the space and I’m looking for where to partner with you in whatever you see is next for us from here.

    Will you own this fully and all the way to the end?

    Team, what else do you see to put in?

     Charlie Horn

    Here is the update. Everything is flat accept Sara Beth has one of the massage therapists not able to make Monday and she is finding the replacement. I will check in with her tomorrow by noon to verify she has found someone.

     Charlie Horn


    To address Laura’s post first

    I am nervous to call sarabeth. There is a breakthrough for me to work through that fear. I am conflicted in how I communicate because on one hand I feel the need to share all that I am going through (in search of validation for how big and heavy and hard things are for me) and I see that as reaching out for support which has a team flavor to it. I also see it as passive and not actually asking for support in what I need (this is another breakthrough for me) and I see in this moment long story from an unmet need of validation has zero leader flavor to it and that can be handled somewhere other than the place where I am being leader. I invite each of you to get clear about what unmet need is lingering that will likely create a power leak and suck the well being tank dry this module, what well being support that need is requesting and air it out here on this thread. I would love to see this list on the wall at the beginning of the first or second day. What do you say leaders, will that conflict with anything or distract from the container we are creating for the participants? And now on the other hand the doing part that I cycle into and have been trying to breakthrough since I hired Melaina.  I am going to call sarabeth as soon as I’m done here. What I am seeing as another breakthrough is simply my relationship with doing. the question I have to ask myself is where the doing is coming from. Is it fear and scarcity or is it from an empowered place. I have been thinking about how to be leader about this. Is delegating being leader or manager? Is it ok for a leader to do? What are the qualities of a good leader? My growth and breakthrough lays in really opening up the space between owning the thing to be a leader of and where action is taken. To allow for the exploration and curiosity to hear from others and then the call to action from an inspired place. To create enrollment in my vision so the doing is empowered. Me calling sarabeth doesn’t feel empowered in this moment.

    Now to address Brittanys post


    Will you each have a check at the ready to pay AC for your massage. If you don’t have a check I will put your payment on my check and you can pay me in your preferred way.

    I will call sarabeth and own my practice in leadership and apologize for the confusion my process may have created. (from my breakthrough in empowered choice to do) I will report back here as soon as we are flat.

    Will each of you create a powerful well being structure that is reliable to source your access to essence, share your experience of what will or has taken you out and the internal or external needs that can be met from your powerful well being structure. My vision is to model we all have fears we all have the responsibility to ourselves to meet our own needs and we all have the responsibility to ask others to meet our needs (team support). Who sees something in it for themselves to take on capturing that information and scribing it onto one of those giant post it notes and displaying it in a place that is cohesive with the container we are creating for the participants? At minimum it should be available for us all to review at times throughout the day in service of supporting each other as a whole in generating massive waves of unconditional love from essence and naturally, simply and easily presence the participants to the power of wellbeing as foundation to access essence and further, all that they wish to create for themselves in the next year and for the rest of there lives.

    I am reliable to get stuck in my head about what others are judging me about. It shows up as glossy eyed and ruminating. From there my fear of rejection takes on a death grip choking the being right out of me.  My well being structure will be to take my time with 3 full breaths and look inward at what part of me is calling out for validation and reassure that part of me that I’m a big boy now and am responsible to keep me safe. My request for support from you all is to tell me “We are on your side. What Can be scribed on the giant post it is three columns what will take me out, what I need from me, what I need from team. From all of that I will write

    Fear of rejection / 3 full breaths / We are on your side

    Can everyone align with this vision and participate?



    What a beautiful vision to wake up to, thanks for taking on the work to get there. In addition to what B put in around the details of what’s so, I would love to hear what made the difference?

    What are you getting from this experience that you can share with us in service of your leadership in this game, and all your games going forward so we can stand for that as a team?

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Charlie,

    Thanks so much for creating a beautiful vision of well being that we all get to step into as a team and create. I really hear the call forth, and I’m fully enrolled.

    Whats missing for me is your leadership of the brass tacks. I hear you say you will call sarabeth- what does that mean? To confirm her? Say no thanks?

    Please respond with what your vision is of who and what the breakthrough is so we can support. The stand and intention is for this to be flat by EOD, such that everyone can have a day of well being before walking into module.

    I see a breakthrough in clear succinct and bottom lined communication so that your team knows what’s so and how to support.

     Charlie Horn


    massage therapist represents modeling well being for the participant coaches and for the program and leader coaches as well. I see us parlaying the well being generated from the massage therapist conversation into a all encompassing module of well being. I see this conversation as a place to start to air out our breakdowns in well being and a place to generate support and powerful first module stand for each other’s well being moving through the weekend into next week. The best way to learn is to teach and this is an opportunity to teach at the highest level. What is possible for our community as a whole from well being. What are the ripple affects of the well being we will generate this weekend. How open will our hearts be when they are sourced exceptionally well throughout the module. What will each of our experiences be like when we trust each other to hold us each to a higher level of taking care of our being in the moment from a simple easy perspective. What games can we create around well being this weekend. Quinn you have points games. How can we incorporate points games into well being. Imagine each participant (and each of us) held all module in a space of unconditional love respect and care to the point that there is no where for survival mechanism to hide and the walls of protection and defense are toppled from the waves of being that flow from us all. What if we crossed the streams of being like the ghost busters crossing the streams of there proton packs to kill the stay puff marshmallow man. My call out to each of us is to really think about what will source your being most effectively in the moment. Will we each generate a fail safe being source. Will it be a picture on your phone? A request for a hug? A 10 minute break. What will we each put in place each day to have at the ready to open our hearts and be reminded of how lucky we are to be humans first and  alive in a time where we can spend four days in a space with air conditioning and all the comforts living in 2019?

    I will call sarabeth tomorrow. Thanks T for freakin modeling what relentless powerful stand looks like and pushing your growth edge around your breakthrough. Thank you all for your phone calls and messages. Thanks for showing me the way to this email. Thanks team for looking at what will bring the fun and excitement to well being. I am pumped for the possibility in my leadership and my willingness to let go of doing, to make slow fast by being in patient conversation in all my relationships and allow the space for partnership to flourish. To source and make possible my life’s purpose  of connection with other humans through well being from which all is possible and without the foundation of well being possibility lessens. What I see for you all is to shelter the flame of possibility throughout the module by setting up here the awareness in what could take you out of being and what you will create as a source in those moments. What can we all know about each other here and now so we can best stand for each other when the flame flickers. Can we create a team container of support for well being for the module? I say yes.

     Aarti Mallya

    I talked with Charlie earlier and I’m curious what he says here before I put in anything from our conversation.

    I will say what I didn’t put in with Charlie and I see for myself is I could be playing and standing for Charlie at the same time. I haven’t called any massage therapist cause of my fears and breakdowns. I have it that I’ve been taking more actions, saying what’s so more and I’ve reached out for more support than I would usually. But I have still have been selective and trying to calculate things. I am playing for abundance and having it all. Well actually I feel like I’ve been playing weak and in lots of fear. My commitment is to bring more, More, and MORE of me.

    Back to team I say I’m excited to see Charlie brings and takes away with all of this and we can all play without waiting for him to direct us. My declaration is to connect with 3 message therapist tomorrow.

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