May Module, and Getting Creative

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     Sabrina Pratt

    OOOO! My stomach just flipped with excitement!!!

    Nichole and I are planning to hop on a call and chat tomorrow. I am bursting with ideas AND I am at the end of a long, productive work day so it would be best for me to respond later- definitely before Monday. So exciting!

     Brittany Cotton


    Something for this current place the world is in.

    Not replacing or adjusting what we currently have, but an additional resource in the time of Covid-19. So it could be a call based on x, a call around y, a way for people to come together, a way for people to share their thoughts.

    Anything creative you see would serve our community right now!




    Can you clarify for me what you mean by resources for graduates and affiliates? What are the current resources that you are looking to replace/adjust?  Or are you looking for entirely new resources? Or both? Cuuuuuz, yeah I already have ideas but I may need to be wrangled a bit. ?

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all!

    Here is the post I just brought to the Participants thread:

    Hello Leaders and Coaches,

    Coming to you with some updates on what Accomplishment Coaching is creating as we step into the great unknown and continue our work. As you all know one of the main tenets of our work is being At Cause in the face of any circumstance. With that being said we have decided to empower a new structure regarding decision making as we face the uncertainty of our times.

    Moving forward on the first of each month we will decide what the next month will look like, i.e. on April 1st we will declare what May will look like. So that being said, May Module will be All Virtual. And come May 1st, we will look at what will be next for June, and so on and so forth.

    We really appreciate who our participant and leader teams are being, as we navigate the unprecedented.

    As always please continue to get support from your team, and your coach. And remember that it’s absolutely normal that our survival mechanisms are more easily triggered and louder in these times. So please continue to hold yourself in compassion and love, and we will do the same!


    With that said, we all know times are not usual, though our work is 🙂 AC is starting to look at what we can create as resource in this time for our graduates and affiliates. Kerry will be bringing this topic to the Senior Leader and Executive team next week, and we need some of your creative juices and support!

    What ideas to you have of what we could offer our graduates and affiliates in this time? What kinds of calls? Resources? What is there to be created for community, support, facing the great unknown?

    Nichole my suspicion is this is your bread and butter, and Sabs too. Will everyone please respond to this thread by EOD Monday, on ideas and what we could create as a company for our community?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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