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     Juliana Sih

    I am happy for you in this new chapter that was created powerfully. Thanks for taking your time, really considering all aspects and then choosing. I am a heart broken that you will not be with us next year. You have been there since I first started AC, so its weird to think of not having you there for support, guidance and most of all your Being.

    Brittany pointed out on our co-coaching call that you competing likely opened a back door for me around AC. Which it did and it’s not surprising. I will share around that on a separate post.

    I am aligned with you supporting the team until module 2 with your accountabilities. Let’s connect so I can support you on your other structures 🙂

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks LKT.

    I hold you, and this choice as complete and perfect. I am enrolled in what you and Jeremy are diligently working on together, and I am present to a breath of fresh air. Thanks for choosing and empowering your choice, and being willing and ready to model a powerful completion.

    I know you will continue to own Ambassador, and play reg until the end of Module two (wahoo!) and I’m curious how else you see to leave the team better? What will you give or provide in your completion? Not from a have to, but I know your intention to leave us powerfully, and I’m curious what else you see.

    I love you and I don’t want you to go. And I am relieved you are. My relief is simply around you choosing and empowering a choice, and I am such a stand that you get to experience yourself, your life, and your marriage different. And if this is the way you see right now, I empower and stand with you.

    We will greatly miss you.


    Thanks for the responses here – I’ve since been able to connect separately as well with Juliana and T. JuSih, will you bring your voice here too? KZ I know was just in Seattle and Charlie and Britt off the grid for a few days. I’m eager to connect with you all tomorrow.

    As I be with the decision and be in action in various areas of my life I’m present to a bunch of feelings, but also to an immense gratitude for myself. Like, in taking my time, allowing support, allowing inquiry, I’ve found a new layer of self-trust that is new, and a faith in my journey that is grounded and home.


     Sabrina Pratt

    LKT!!! I have this knot in my throat!!! I just need to fully own that I was like “She’s not leaving our team, she will work it out and it will be just great.” So, when I first read your post I was gobsmacked. Even writing this now I want to cry. I love you so much, I am going to miss you AND I know that it is past time for you to create something very different and Be a very different way about your life. I have observed the competing commitments and the breakdowns this year and felt helpless and wanting to save you. And, you don’t need saving. I get that, too. I am totally writing this “off the cuff” over here. I will get complete AND I kind of wanted to show up incomplete to let you know just how much I truly care about and will miss you.

    I am aligned in everything you bring here. AND I am so enrolled in you having the most full and loving beautiful radiant life ever!!!

    Can we please keep being friends? I really love and value our friendship.

    I really love and value you. I’m crying now for reals. Danggit! I am in some denial.

    Ok, I will stop now. Jeff is right (for once! just kidding 🙂 You are extremely loved and supported and that will never change.

    All my heart;


     Jeff Miller


    Not going to lie, part of me is sad and frustrated. But the other part of me is extremely happy! I will definitely miss who you have been for me and for team over the years, but I want to acknowledge you for really doing/being the work here. You took your time and have had many conversations with lots of people around this. AND our team stand has been that you not go through another year like it has been. That you create from a place of having your entire life work. Thanks for taking all the things on and getting super clear on what you want to produce. The only thing I need is to remain in partnership and in connection. And it will definitely take something extra from us in creating that. I am more than willing to keep standing for you and continue to create possibility (like Jeremy potentially returning back to AC!). You are extremely loved and supported and that will never change.

    -1/3 of the Infinity Triangle


    LKT, I’m going to let this marinate a little longer to see if I have anything else for you, but my initial reaction is one of relief. I feel relieved that after taking so much time to decide what’s next for you that you have a decision that you feel good about. I can see and feel the space you are creating and I’m so curious about (and excited for) what you’ll create with all that support. And I’m sad. Sending you so much love! I know this choice was a journey.

    Thanks Nichole – and Thanks Team for holding me and my family through the ups and downs I brought, and the ones I didn’t.
    Here it is September 4th and I come as promised, to share what I see is next for me  – and my intention of completing this leg of my Accomplishment Coaching Journey. What I mean is that I intend to complete with the San Diego Intensive Team at our Completion Module next week.
    The lengthy process has allowed me to see the extent of the either/or context I’ve been in. I’ve been calling in all these pieces of my life and moving them around like furniture, calling it a both/and or having it all, but experiencing it all as competing commitments and either/or and overwhelm. I’ve been practicing being in a both/and contextually, which blasted me out of the IN/OUT conversation and into the what do I want conversation. Halle-fucking-lujah.
    Please hear that I don’t hold Accomplishment Coaching as in the way of my life. I am head over heels with the company, the people in it and the value of the structure. I’ve had some big breakthroughs in both/and and in partnership that have me clear how neither AC nor Jeremy – or anything really is in the way of my life working. Jeremy’s “No” was a reflection of my own. I no longer hold him as the one in the way. I see how my own limited time and partnership and either-or contexts had me unable to create with him.
    I hold completing as the way I want to be about the wellbeing of a couple areas of my life. In my business and finances, my marriage, and my community support. When breakdowns occur in these areas I take myself out of my commitment to leader and the being of leader, and the wellbeing of each of these suffers. I currently don’t want to put the energy to keep fighting to have these breakthroughs, and I want to create a new way of being about the breakdowns and the breakthroughs.
    So I’m calling it completion – and I hold it as a leave of absence during which my focus will be on these areas, and my commitment to practicing and leading this work will be as present as when I went on maternity leave, and my intention to come back having transformed something big and ready to enroll you in something bigger.
    I truly get that no leave of absence will shift my time context or overwhelm, it may in fact reinforce it if I relate to the leave as absence as the fix or the way to have it all, but I also get that holding onto the content pieces of a life where both/and is possible, while standing in a context of either/or doesn’t serve me anymore. I want to go out, shift some key aspects of my being and my life – and look and what being back in could be and enroll from that place.
    I know how committed and present I’ve been through 4+ years of doing this work while building a business, healing my marriage, and bringing my babies onto this planet that I have been and am doing the work – and I know that I am perfect and I am loved!
    Some cool wins recently in partnership with Jeremy: In the last two weeks he sourced and vetted a nanny and his mother as a regular support structure and we’ve talked about coming back to AC together (!!!), to him re-affilliating, and to us exploring the coaching landscape together as an adventure as partners. All that is in process, but very actively so.
    Structures I will lean on:
    • My Ontological Coach
    • My Soul Coach, a Shamanic Reiki Healer working with me and Mama Anita
    • Marriage Counselor
    • Sustained Affiliation with Accomplishment Coaching (and I want to enroll you all and Schneids that I remain on the DEI team as an affiliate)
    • Fearless Force Visionary Women Speakers Community
    What does Team need to align on my completing this year and support me in what’s next?
    I would love your stand and support in creating more specificity and by whens for various items in these, and some additional structures I will lean on. Because I know the power, the heart, and the possibility of this team.
    I am also willing and reliable to continue owning and sourcing our Registration Game by way of the Ambassador Program and Welcome Calls, and to playing reg through Module 2 in November. Can anyone not align on this?

    LKT, just wanted to let you know I’m reading these posts and looking forward to hearing what you decide on Friday! Let us know if you need support. xo


    Hey All quick me update:

    Last week as I worked to replace myself on the Leader Summit production team something knocked me upside the head: I could spend the energy I was giving to clean up my breakdown on creating what I want. So I went back in with Britt, Jeff, and KZ, and stood for myself to attend the Summit from my commitment, and not my feelings. The breakthrough I saw available was for me to lean into partnership – how I relate to myself as a partner and bringing my whole part to the relationship. And secondly, for how I relate to my partners – instead of in opposition to me, as my allies. This created some both-and for me in being present for my mom and sister at home while Mama was hospitalized, in being partner with Jeremy despite my physical absence, in being partner with the rest of our teammates at the Summit regardless of “position at the table” – and it was powerful.

    The result that produced is a willingness in me to choose – once and for all by Friday the 4th – what teams I play on and where – for the next year of my life. I realize that’s not firm and decisive. But I am willing to be with myself and in partnership through the full impact of whatever I choose and however that goes.


    Hey Team –

    I am in NJ currently at my mama’s house, tomorrow morning I’ll be supporting her with Day 1 of Round 2 of chemo.

    You all know I’m in process toward a partnership breakthrough with Jeremy and it’s had an impact on my declaration for my leadership here in the company, and the next year in LDP and getting the paperwork flat.

    I want to share what’s currently so around all that, specifically as it pertains to my involvement at the Leader Summit this year.

    Because of the nature of my Out conversation, and with support and reflections from Jeff and Britt, I am withdrawing my attendance at this week’s Leader Summit. It’s clear to me that in this current moment my attendance would be from automatic, and not from an empowered place that I’m generating.

    I will be at cause to bring that to the leaders of the summit production team, and be responsible around getting my accountabilities supported.

    Beyond that, I spent a good portion of this past weekend getting clear on what life outside of AC could look like – as a thought exercise – to explore that conversation a little more than I have allowed myself to to date, and I’m super clear that whether I chose a life supported by Accomplishment Coaching or not, that I will have a beautiful life. Whatever I’m up to, AC will support it and me big time. And whatever I’m up to doesn’t need AC.

    But Jeremy and I still haven’t had the partnership breakthrough that has us crystal on where we’re headed as a team and a family. That’s the breakthrough I want right now.

    Looking forward to our calls tomorrow.

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