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     Tiffany Turner

    I read this three times. I love your vision for mothers, and what I haven’t been able to separate myself from is this vision you have for mothers and what you stand for in the birthing experience, and I’m sitting in some hurt that these are the gifts you want to share and give the world, and I haven’t felt that as your teammate and friend, that you’ve shared them or extended them to me.

    If I QTIP and really look at this post from a place of you and what you want, I’m fully behind you. Beautiful vision, and I want a lot of those same things. I absolutely believe you can be an LIT and have 8 FP clients. The current cycles seems to be reliable to a different set of results, so I hold it that the gaps for you are clear.

    In the completion work I’ve done over the last week, I was able to see a really challenging Be With for me, which is that I was relating to your breakdowns as my breakdown/team breakdowns. And I think I need more practice at owning my lane, and letting other people own theirs.

    So Laura, I fully support you. I know that you can create this, and I think the biggest unknown is simply, By When? (like for real by when).

    You have a commitment from me to only give to you unconditionally, and if I become aware of conditional giving, to own that out loud and create a boundary. I’m sorry that how I’ve been giving to you was inside a condition that you generate new results. I didn’t tell you that was a condition of my giving, and it was a survival mechanism set-up, if I’ve ever seen one.

    I’ll continue to stand for you and invite you to be your word from a place of relationship and connection.


    Me again with a megaphone <))))) Please read the below and let it in, as this is where my heart lives and breathes from every day and what the fuck for I do this work.

    I believe that giving birth is the single most transformational experience of a woman’s life, and here’s why:
    Our limiting core beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world can be completely transformed by the way we give birth and the way we experience early stages of motherhood. Or they can be reinforced.

    The process of growing and birthing and keeping alive an entire new life with our own bodies is miraculous, 
    and if we can experience ourselves fully in our creative feminine power around that event we cannot un-know it.  

    So while a powerful birth experience where women are fully informed, supported, in charge and in touch with their bodies is normal and totally possible,
    some of the most common limiting core beliefs I hear women speak of are that:

       – our bodies not already equipped with what we need to birth our baby

       – birth is dangerous and we are unsafe during labor and delivery

       – because we’ve never experienced it before we can’t trust ourselves  

       – we must either comply or take at face value what the experts say

    When we carry fears like this into the birthing room, we say yes to things we don’t fully understand and we hand over our power. 

    If all babies were born to mothers who knew their power and were feeling supported it would change the neurology of our future generation.

    I am committed to the next generation of humans being born to women who relate to support as an access point to their power. Instead of fearing that it means we are somehow insufficient, what if we trusted we can ask for and receive the support we need?
    The women I coach are not simply designing the lives of their dreams and the family experiences they crave, they are giving birth to new outlets for their creativity, to thriving relationships and to whole health. 
    TODAY more than 350,000 women gave birth to new life.
    I have a goal of reaching 350,000 women through coaching and postpartum wellness work by my 40th birthday.

    “We have been surviving as Mothers and infants in modern times – but on a whole we have not been thriving. Maternal health is foundational to society’s health, and so, to tend to children’s health – our future generations – we must begin by tending to the Mothers….and thus [we tend to] the necessary requirements in the creation of a thriving human culture.” -Rachelle Garcia Seliga 

    Here’s what’s so for me, how I’ve been relating to my qualification, and what I would like you to be enrolled in.

    1. I have 5+1 FP clients. My brand new client is now paid and 1 client is unpaid and declared for Friday.
    2. My floor to be Qualified as a Program Coach is 4, having fallen below 3 at one time.
    3. My floor to be Qualified as LiT is 6, as I’ve fallen below the baseline stand for LiT of 5 and having consistency in my 6 is key for us all to be enrolled.
    4. For my $$ to really work, I’d like to be at 8 FP and I will be at 8 by the start of next program year.
    I apologize for the confusion this put in the space over the last few weeks. I’ve been playing for LiT out loud with you all and during integrity check-ins. I am Qualified as a PC at 4, and I am not yet qualified for LiT until I’m at 6. I am officially in the LiT qualifying process and am submitting calls, working toward the breakthroughs that would have me producing different results from a different place so as to create the world I envision above.
    What else does team have for me and need to be enrolled in this?

    Hey Team – I am mapping out my client game pattern and bringing a support request to Kerry as my sponsor later today. I will update this thread with my enrollment by end of day today. Can anyone not align?


    Thanks and yes to all of it.

    T, I get your stand and your anger are from love and I love your heart so so much!

    Charlie, yes! I will have 6+ clients by 6/24 and 3+ warm leads in my pipeline OR ELSE! And – I’ll keep going.

    Nichole, it does not serve our leadership for me or any of us to default to complicated hyper-vigilance around client game!

    I’ll do a quick inventory of my client game since Em was born – I’m curious now! – and create with you all from there.



    I am just reading this thread. Sorry for the delay. I see some stuff for LKT and for T.

    T, we talked about this some this morning, but whoa, you are so attached to LKT’s journey. And I see/hear you acknowledging that you created it. I think this is such a perfect and beautiful opportunity for you to imagine yourself as a mother. Blueberry is going to have his own journey. There’s only so much you’re going to be able to control. You’re going to see so much for him and want to support his dreams. And you have no idea how it’s going to go! I hear the unconditional love you have for LKT, much like you would have for Blueberry. What else can you bring from “unconditional” besides love? Or I should say, in addition to love?

    LKT, something occurred to me after production call when we were talking about floors, and I’m still not 100% clear because, wasn’t your floor already 6 and you currently have 5 clients? So wouldn’t that bring your floor to 7? Not trying to be nitpicky, and I’m wondering if my memory is off here.

    That aside, my wish for you and our entire team (and what I brought to J yesterday) is to have such thriving client games that anyone coming into the program or considering the program will go, “I want some of that!” They’re not going to want breakdown and raised floors and complicated conversations about qualification. They’re going to want to see that we are a group of super badass thriving coaches that have our shit together and are crushing it, and want to create the same thing for themselves. This is sort of that “behind the curtain” thing. When someone peeks behind the curtain of our AC team, what do we want them to see? What would have them enrolled in plunking down $625 to register in this program so that they can have you as a leader?

     Tiffany Turner

    I’ve been crying a lot today. I’m so present to my anger and frustration and sadness, and I’m present to how I created exactly where I’m at.

    Laura, what you shared seems exactly the same as what you always share when our team stands for you. You step into your power and bring us a vision that’s delicious. I don’t want to be tempted by it again because I see it as a part of the cycle. Once we align as a team on the powerful vision you brought us, you’ll be a demand for tremendous support from our team, not be reliable to production of the program, and at whatever point you arrive to breakdown again, we’ll stand, you’ll step back into your power, and the cycle repeats (this is not the truth, this is only my experience).

    What I realized between all my energy and tears and emotions today, is that I’ve been standing for you, reflecting to you, and supporting you at the ridiculous levels you’ve requested for so long, that I’ve accidentally compromised what I’m here for. And in this moment, it feels like it was all for nothing, because my experience is that you are exactly where you were 8 months ago. And, I created this. I chose to invest the time focusing on you and your projects, I chose to spend time finding different vantage points to reflect to you, I chose to meet you where you were at in your requests for support, and I chose to take the spotlight off me and my commitments here and in this work. I created this.

    Laura, I really love you, and I also really want to give up on you.

    If AC we’re my employer, and you my coworker, this would be my reflection, “my coworker Laura shows up late, doesn’t have enough time to do her work, and then misses her deadlines and the rest of us have to pick up the extra work so that she doesn’t get fired.”

    I’m so tired of carrying you in the ways I feel I have. And that was my choice, I chose and created this weight and responsibility. And I gotta take a break. I cannot continue to carry this weight without it compromising my life working, and enabling your life to continue to not work (again, not the truth, only my experience).

    I’m going to leave you here for a while and put the spotlight on me and my pregnancy and the people in this work who are willing to hear me, be stood for by me, and move their lives forward in partnership with me. This is always available to you too, just let me know when you’re ready to for reals do this different (and give me a few weeks to just not be the one for you, I need the rest).

    I love you (and I’m sad and angry and frustrated at you in this moment),


     Charlie Horn

    Here is what I have for you Laura. The gauntlet is being thrown down.

    my challenge is to either be at 6 FP clients by your set date of June 24 AND have 3 warm leads in your pipeline (wether it be reg or client game or a speaking event or anything that has your impact be known in the world) or you have to donate 2 hours of your time to Donald trumps reelection campaign.
    will you accept my challenge?
    I believe in you. You will have what you want.


    <3 Charlie. Two things come to mind – – The Arts…..Dance (especially latin and especially Flamenco) and Spoken word — And my children. The first is what I get fired up to see be produced, and participate in what happens in me when I watch or participate. I want to hear all about what El or Em did or said or created.

    ^^^^Oh snap, I just re-read your question. I answered a different one: What I can’t WAIT to see or hear about. Well……take that too! To answer your Q: I can’t stand to hear about or see abuse or misuse of women’s rights – especially reproductive rights. I can’t stand to hear about or see the pain that comes with parents separated from their kids whether at the time of birth or others, and I’m fired up about the industry that profits from the ways to separate a woman’s intuition from what she knows matters for her body, her mental and emotional health and her family’s thriving. What do you hear?

     Charlie Horn

    Laura, what gets you fired up out in the world that you absolutely Can’t stand to hear about or see?

    T. thanks for this degree of stand!

    You are a total gift to me and your stand is powerful and your leadership causes mine.
    Your invitation to leave the Accomplishment Coaching structure so as to have my life work….It’s an option Jeremy invites me to consider often. I’m open to your reflections too. I am willing to put something on the line, but currently, I see quitting as a quick fix and an easy out and I’m not enrolled =)
    My head could run with the out offer, my heart and my gut say there’s more for me here. What I see is this training supports my commitment and vision that the next generation of babies be born to women who know and experience their power in the time leading up to and through becoming mothers, and my vision has crystalized over the years. I see this community serving and supporting the vision coming to life as well as my leadership of it.
    I could just live my life as an accomplished and independent woman, right about stuff, pretty happy, and mostly fulfilled. But my default story of Motherhood is that it’s a trap and the beginning of the end. Within this structure, I have gotten to generate my business, have a client game, and become a mother simultaneously and every attempt to sabotage my greatness has been met with love and an invitation to transform the fear. It’s allowed me to embody busting up all my fears about motherhood and modeling that as possible to the world. This said, my commitment will require me to have a greater impact. I want the breakthroughs in being that will tip the scales
    These are the gaps I see that seem in line with your exposé:
    – My business needs a consistently full pipeline to grow.
    – My relationship to time needs to make room for that full pipeline.
    – My heart craves all the love and passion and connection and partnership with Jeremy and our kids.
    – My soul yearns to trust I am enough with or without Jeremy’s approval or liking of my choices.
    The support I need is toward those outcomes, so I can “shit” rather than “get off the pot” 🙂 and I’d really love to invite and allow more of team’s support around it, cuz I couldn’t be right that I’m trapped and unsupported with team’s support.
    I want to graduate this program having caused my promotion – or better…by my declaration of June 24th, having returned to my floor of 6 and being in action towards my commitments as a mother and a leader, for mothers and leaders. I am willing to put something on the line…will you support me on declaring what that is?
    What of this declared future are you and/or team (I’d love this to be a team win!) still not enrolled in? What would you need to be enrolled?
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