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     Juliana Sih

    I will be at my cousin house tomorrow and can confirm the number of blankets/pillows.

    ME ME ME! I would love to be the one for the meditation! I think I have the script and will review it.  I nominate myself 🙂


    Hey Charlie thanks for your leadership and owning this. And thanks for being at cause to move the vision forward!

    Reminder, as we spoke about on production call that the voice of the meditation script and owner of music will be confirmed day of and it’s an enrollment conversation. In other words, who is bringing the being? who has been at cause to familiarize yourself with the script itself and the various components of the meditation process? Do you have a vision for holding the space and will you bring it to team? These are not rules or how tos, simply invitations if you see something for yourself through the lens of a breakthrough definitely speak and be known! Or nominate a teammate! =)

    Charlie as owner of this, you might bring a vision you have. From leader, take a look at our team. Take a look at our space. What’s the experience you envision we could create for the participants? How do you see it could go? If you weren’t stopped by fear of mistakes in the meditation or anywhere, what is present? Love you!


     Charlie Horn

    Team thanks for all of your commitments to bringing in what we need. With mikes additional quilt it makes 7 more needed. I will grab them tomorrow and we are complete on the materials portion. What doesn’t feel complete for me is who wants to lead the meditation and be responsible for music. It would make sense to me to have a couple people rehearsed and familiar with the script and music training going into this weekend. Who has something for us here around what is in it to be the voice of the meditation and the support to make it happen with the music. I’m scared to volunteer to be the voice because I don’t want to make a mistake and take away from the experience the participants. What do you all say? Let’s get this conversation flat by end of day tomorrow. What else is left unsaid? What else is there to air out?
    see you all soon!!! Woohoo!!

     Aarti Mallya

    Update I have 1 comforter 1 quilt I’m told which seems almost like a comforter to me and 4 pillows


    Kerry asked me what to bring, so I’ll tell her one pillow and four blankets. That leaves 8. Can you handle that, Charlie? I can also bring a couple more. Then we may not need to involve monthly.

     Charlie Horn

    I forgot to add who will volunteer along with mike to manage logistics and lead participants into the room?

     Charlie Horn


    thanks all who have committed to bring blankets and pillows. Here is where we are at.
    Nichole 10 blankets and 5 pillows

    Tiffany 2 sheets 1 pillow and some plants

    Mike 1 blanket 4 pillows

    Brittany 2 blankets 2 sheets 2 pillows 20 tea lights

    Sabrina 1 comforter 2 pillows tea lights

    Jeff 4 blankets 2 pillows

    Charlie 10 blankets 5 pillows one palm tree

    That’s 32 blankets/sheets  21 pillows

    we need 12 blankets and one more pillow and I have access to them if needed.

    Who will support me by reaching out to the monthly team and see who can bring pillows and blankets?

    who wants to lead the speaking part of the meditation?
    who wants to own the music?
    let’s get a couple of people to volunteer for this up front so they can get familiar with the script and training. who sees an opportunity for themselves to be on deck for this?



     Jeff Miller

    I will bring 4 blankets and 2 pillows.

     Sabrina Pratt

    I also have some battery operated and regular ole tea lights so will bring those for back up. I can commit to 2 pillows and one comforter for sure. If I end up in a super generous hotel then maybe more (that’s what happened last time 🙂

    Charlie- would you be willing to reach out to the monthly team for support in our comforter/pillow meditation situation? We had their back their weekend and I know they will have ours coming up.


     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Charlie!

    I will bring 20 tea candles to light the way for the meditation. I also have 2 pillows, 2 sheets, and 2 blankets.

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