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    I commented here about the notes because Kerry made a point to request that we write down literally everything that people say even if it seems weird. We had four people taking notes and those notes to make sure we got everything. I’m just curious why our notes were encouraged to be so thorough if we didn’t need them. Kerry didn’t say anything about capturing four things (this is the first I’ve heard of that), but to capture everything. Your wanting to get the notes typed up so quickly is why I wanted to just sit and type them without your added rules around formatting. I notice this has me feeling defensive and annoyed.

     Tiffany Turner

    I have them! We only needed 4 things for each person. I extracted from the notes you shared with me, and if you feel anything is missing, please add whatever you see!

    I haven’t fully distinguished this yet, so please share what you see here. There’s something that I’m present to around Team for you, Nichole. I can see it in spirituality display – on one hand, amazing and insanely supportive for you to have taken that on – AND I can also see how it was not necessarily a representation of Team, but moreso a representation of Nichole.

    Similarly, the conversation I brought to you about meditation notes when we were typing them, left me feeling dismissed by you, and it occurs that now we’re in a misunderstanding about meditation notes.

    I can’t fully distinguish the commonality between the two. Do you see anything there?

    If you’re willing, I’d love to know what your relationship to Team is, and how you play on team.

    Please share if you see a breakthrough here for Nichole!


    I don’t know what happened to all the notes I typed up. T, did you see the document I shared with you? I have a lot more notes than what is here. I can paste separately when I get back to San Diego. At the airport now.

     Tiffany Turner
    1. Nancy
      1. Overall Experience:
        1. That was awful, starling.
        2. All I wanted to do was get out of there.
    • My heart was tense
    1. Message from Self: I don’t have to have everything figured out. It’s okay.
    2. Message from Others: I touch people for a short or long time.
    3. Message from Spirit: Permission to run. (disempowered)
    1. Lesa
      1. Overall Experience:
        1. All emotions were present
      2. Message from Self: Open. This experience as human is temporary.
      3. Message from Others: Connection comes from within
      4. Message from Spirit: Open.
    2. Jonathan
      1. Overall Experience:
        1. My garden was beautiful
        2. Veggies in the garden
      2. Message from Self: Represented by my brother. We were laughing, smiling. Experienced Joy and Sadness.
      3. Message from Others: Me standing on top of a pyramid gazing into the abyss, the message I received was “To sing”
      4. Message from Spirit: Experienced joy, compassion, and love for people. I saw blue, which symbolized revelation. The message was, “To Love”
    3. Ryan MacDonald
      1. Message from Self: Kid version of me, waste of potential. Told me to “always be a kid”
      2. Message from Others: Told me how wise I already am
      3. Message from Spirit: Showed up as Oden, tough love and encouragement. At weakest, still strong
    4. Steve
      1. Message from Self: Myself as a child, represented love for others. Message, “keep doing that”
      2. Message from Others: “To not be afraid”
      3. Message from Spirit: It was palpable and powerful, it said to “step in and step forward” (into self).
    5. Don
      1. Message from Self: Appeared as self, message was, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t worry, it’s okay.” It gave me comfort.
      2. Message from Others: Appeared as little girl. Message was, “We love you. We all love you. We all love you.”
      3. Message from Spirit: Came as light. “We are all one. No separation, division, limits, we’re one.”
    6. Vicky
      1. Message from Self: “All that triggers me, is for me”
      2. Message from Others: Intelligence of mind and body – integrating the two. Names flushed in my head. Called to Iowsaka in South America. Mission to share with others and to connect. Stop battling my job, I don’t have to fight.
      3. Message from Spirit: Where there is darkness, there is also power.
    7. Lauren
      1. Overall Experience:
        1. Message not individual
        2. Work here is powerful and influential
    • Reassurance to relax
    1. I want to be on this side.
    1. Message from Self:
    2. Message from Others:
    3. Message from Spirit:
    1. Sarah
      1. Overall Experience:
        1. Garden was indoor, underground garden with hanging plants everywhere
        2. Swirling tornados represented messages
      2. Message from Self: Gennie in a lamp
      3. Message from Others: Golden Box
      4. Message from Spirit: Witches caldron – obedience is not creation, I don’t have to follow a straight path, I can swirl any which way.
    2. Valerie
      1. Overall Experience: Overwhelming experience and still trying to process it.
      2. Message from Self: Use my voice
      3. Message from Others: Stop fighting my own voice
      4. Message from Spirit: Love is infinite and cannot be destroyed.
    3. Doon
      1. Message from Self: Me dressed in black. Put arm on shoulder, said, “you’re not even trying”. Then disintegrated into the ground.
      2. Message from Others: Met myself, I was constantly shifting, always in red, told me to, “be good”
      3. Message from Spirit: Older self, he had nothing to offer me. We sat in good silence until he vanished.
    4. Andrew
      1. Message from Self: Let things go. Let it be. The things you want and need will come.
      2. Message from Others: Self with hair dyed blonde. Wild goofy, aloof, shook head. “Don’t be afraid to be connected to others. Be community. Be warm. Don’t hold back.
      3. Message from Spirit: Let go of what doesn’t serve as soon as possible. Take action. Lots of people will be affected from what I do.
    5. Brittany
      1. Overall Experience:
        1. Closing my eyes and trusting someone’s voice is challenging
        2. Searching “What do they want us to get out of this?”
    • I fell asleep and decided that that’s what I needed. I’m loved where I am. It’s beautiful no matter what.
    1. Message from Self:
    2. Message from Others:
    3. Message from Spirit:
    1. Bree
      1. Overall Experience:
        1. Angry
        2. Disempowered
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