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     Aarti Mallya

    For me declaring out. On one had I am really sorry to be doing this now of all times and to not finish out til the last day of the last minute. On the other hand of not kicking the can down the road, struggling though, and having little value. It has become apparent to me that this decision needed to be made and was not an easy one. But in service of you, the participants, and for me I believe this is the best decision right now.

    For starters I have made this decision and am sticking to. My request is you still read this so you can understand where I am coming from. Also if your open to it I would really like to talk to each of you on the phone to see if there’s anything I need to/can clean up. To express my graduate and acknowledge you for you being you and everything you’ve been for me. I would really like to have a conversation around what you see for me that I may not be seeing and how to best set myself up for my future. Last but not least I would like to see about being friends and if we can be there for each other in any way shape or form even with me not part of AC.

    1. I decided this before I knew my person that was going to pay for 3 months upfront was changing to a not now. Also I AM NOT GIVING UP, I AM A COACH, AND I  AM A LEADER.
    2. Like I said I feel like I have been a hindrance/not valuable on team. Which is not entirely true cause there’s value in everything if you look for it. Like I have already talked for 15 min with T. and she got to practice her leadership with stand, support, call forwards, and be with is one thing I gathered from our conversation along with other things. But none the less that’s not who I am or am going to be where people have to keep trying to find ways to stand for me and pull me up.
    3. I see two major values in AC, which the first one is in leader communication. Enrollment and “getting across the bridge.” With this I see AC a great place to practice, get challenged, learn, and grow.

    Second is creating and using what’s possible with the team members for structures, support, accountability, and stand requested.

    With both of these I see more so the leader communications as indirect places to grow. What I mean by that is I can practice my speaking with video’s to put on-line, speaking spots where I present, networking events, one to one’s, and more consistent phone calls.

    I can and will set up structures, support, and accountabilites with my community around me that I need to be more involved with that are outside of AC. With these they can also be sources of cross promotion and referral sources while playing with all the things.

    With leader communication and enrollment I say we are all on a path. Where either going forward or backwards, growing or dying. With AC were doing it in the confines of AC, more of safe place to practice, and there are a bunch of amazing bad asses (you) that will challenge the fuck out of you and have your grow if your willing. Totally valuable not doubt. Outside of AC it is public, it can be riskier, one could hurt their credibility. But one could be seen, be felt, be heard, and create interest, a following, and buyers for coaching, group coaching, products/programs, events, etc… All of what I want to do. So what I am going to do is put more time, attention, and focus on what I’m already doing and what I intend on doing just mentioned here.

    1. Even though I have recently seen the gold in AC and shifted my perspectives I feel it still is and still will take too much of my mental and physical capacity. I feel I need be using my mental and physical capacity from/instead of AC out in the world outside of AC. Let’s face it none of you are going to hired me anytime in the near future nor will any participant.

    I hope this all makes sense and I hope to talk to you soon.

     Aarti Mallya

    Team I feel like I’m on a roller coaster and going back into my patterns. But doing better than I have done in the past. The last two full weeks from Monday to Sunday have been quite a ride and now I am getting scared and spiky.

    The first week I requested for people to check in as I’m not usually reliable to say when I’m down or going down. I was making calls, going though the easier ones and then started requesting power hours for the harder one and to just keep me going. There were some really cool things that happen which are great things to remind me of.

    A friend and her husband were in town and we ended up meeting up. She said I looked better than ever. Also may be able to connect me with some leads. I will be following up with her this weekend. Another guy and I are talking about me joining his mini workshops he already does where he now wants to present for an hour and then I would for an hour. I’ve been in some conversations with some financial ad-visors about being referral sources for each other. The first week I really focused on my being, didn’t drive for Lyft at all, and took a lot of breaks.

    The second week I didn’t do any Lyft driving either. I tried something different with my sample sessions and have follow ups. The amount of reaching out I did went a little down. The request and the support diminished. I felt like I was on a good path and it didn’t seem like the power hours were fitting with schedules anymore. Which I’m just saying to take ownership and I’m trying to blame or shame anyone. Like I should keep requesting power hours even with a low result rate. Also may be try something different for the result.

    So I feel like I’ve gotten into some story and was about to get into more to show I’m in action and maybe even bring up “winning strategy of having people fell sorry for me…”

    What’s next:

    – I have a follow up on Friday that I’m excited about and feeling great about. I’m getting hired on Friday.

    – I have a follow up on Sunday that is going to be challenging with the money. But he is so enrolled in me. He may be good for group.

    – I am going skip out on reg in service of me being in action

    – I am going to only focus on a few things on the forum that are feel are most important like responding to this thread and anything that has to do with the module.

    – I am going to get back to requesting power hours.

     Aarti Mallya

    Brittany asked on Sabrina’s thread that I’m taking here, “Do I get that we want more from you, and that only us getting more from you will allow us to support you in all the things you want?”

    I get that bring more of me will allow for more support and growth. But for “we” wanting more, no I truly don’t get that sense from most, I don’t feel it, and it is a gift as well. I almost wish Christopher was here to poke me, piss me off, put a fire under my ass, and call me out and forward. But I have it that would take me to the next level and may enable me as well to keep doing more of the same. Which is seeking others approval, getting my feelings of being needed/wanted by others, and just doing things because others need it/want it and or to shut them up.

    Along with that coming from my essence I take full ownership. You can only help the willing. Another breakthrough or a few is to stop trying to do many things alone. To connection, collaborate, get supported, give support, live life, have fun, and prosper together. Which is what I am all about a belief.

    Pondering more I am seeing other times I have been called out. So I can definitely see me not being receptive at times with my circumstances and putting myself in my overwhelm. There has been different levels of calling me out and supporting me in different forms and fashions from everyone with the forum and one on one.I am don’t discard that and I do appreciated all of it very much so Thank You. Even if it’s I don’t belief you or whatever it is I appreciate it. If I get mad or irritated I appreciate it and it’s probably a good thing. Much Love 🙂


    LKT for your comment Mike, your “so as to not distract from….” may be more of what Britt’s reflecting?

    I’m not seeing that. I was just setting the intention that I will bring what I have at a later date and in a different place. I felt it was out of respect of Sabrina to not mix up conversations on the thread she created for a purpose. Also to keep things more clean and clear. I’m open if you have any thing else

     Aarti Mallya

    Team I am out of qualification as you know as of Feb 27. My deceleration was to have 3 hires by Feb 29. I did get hired once but wasn’t considered a full pay because I am only doing two sessions a month with this person.

    My new deceleration I am playing for is to get hired with two full pays by March 13th before the module starts and once after before March 31st.

    I have request and thank you for letting be on productions yesterday and to continue with being the leader for the lawyer. As I mentioned yesterday I am seeing/viewing AC, team, support, and all of it in whole new way that has me much more empowered and wanting to be here.

    For consequences I say is if I don’t have a FP hire by module I just work on qualification during unless I am needed for support in any way. The module and being in the room is my favorite part so this would be very upsetting to me to say the lease. If I don’t get qualified by the end of module then I will excuse myself from all calls minus the lawyer/account call. If I do not get a FP hire by March 31st I will excuse myself from team.

    What I know is I have been in a whole new level of being and action. I meet with a friend from IL that was in town the other day. She said this look is good on me and that I am glowing. She said she has never seen me like this ever before. I have known her for about 8 years back when I start my I.T. company.

    I am seeing more and more value and opportunity with team, support, and AC. So I am not looking for an easy out of AC I am looking and am going to stay in. To gain more growth, provide more value, and keep working on making a big impact in the world.

    What do you hear, what else if anything do you need to be enrolled in me with this extension of qualification?

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks Britt. I got Mike. And I have it that the 30 days conversation is best to be an out loud conversation. So I will put the training here and connect with Mike around it as well. So, the 30 days was modeled extremely well by Mike. Mike put it on loud speaker when his client put in a request to complete 30 days in advance. Ideally this is how it “should” go but doesn’t always happen. During this time, it is best to play all out to getting supported for qualification. At the end of this time (where we are out now with Mike), is an enrollment conversation on a 30-day extension. These are not hard and fast rules, as we have seen people in the past go over this. This comes down to full ownership around qualification, you’re being and what are you producing. I know for this first year as a program coach this was not clear. I am hoping this is super clear. Please let me know if this is not.

    So Mike, want to do a swing at enrolling your team in an extension?

    And I want to acknowledge you for putting in the work on yourself and be willing to play out loud. Thank you for your ability to do/be things differently. You are a compassionate leader who wants everyone around you to win. Now it is your turn. What will you be creating so you win?

     Brittany Cotton

    Mike- I acknowledge what it takes for you to show up over and over, in the face of our stand for you, in the face of everything else going on, in the face of your SM. All of it.

    Thanks for speaking your intention, and what you see for yourself.

    I know LKT asked whats next around client game and qual, and I do see that you chose not to wrap it up in a bow but do something different. Thank you. And when you have what you need: whats next, and how do we support you?

    LKT,Jeff- as being the one’s for Team, I’m curious what you see, and if Mike has been given training and support re the 30 days? Which one of you has him?

     Aarti Mallya

    – AC – My being and being with all things AC.

    Truth is I have been dreading most everything AC just feel like I’m in quick sand so to speak. I feel like I can’t say anything without anyone having something to say like I can’t get anything right. I can’t even share without it feeling I did that wrong and or like I’m complaining. The only thing I have really enjoyed is being at the modules when I’m on camera. This has taken up a lot of energy and I make it all bigger and harder than it all is. But I am now seeing and viewing things from a different lens. I have talked about some of this in my coaching with Jeff and others. The breakthroughs for me is having AC work for me and all the things I want is my life and there’s really many breakthroughs for me within all of it.

    – I have start talking to some of you about what you see in AC and get out of it/make it work for your life’s. So that can help me see things from a different lens. I will be talking to 1 to 2 people a week to keep getting more insights and gold for my breakthroughs.

    – I haven’t been setting myself up for success by trying to do everything on my own. I am now seeing AC and everything with it being a great place to practice speaking from essence and leader. Where I am empowering and clear where my voice is received. To get feed back and challenged so that I keep growing even more.

    – I am seeing more possible support opportunities so that I keep moving forward and or do things differently to achieve results. Like power hours to be accountable for making calls, can get support in the moment to keep moving forward, and a good place to make the more challenging calls. I can set up speaking spots at networking groups so I am “required” to speak in front of people. (I am speaking in front of a small group tomorrow Tuesday the 3rd.)

    – I have been working on my being all over the place, coming from my essence, not being so rigid, and lightening up all over with everything. Being in the being and doing departments, doing things differently. The things I put a lot of efforts in everywhere (some more than others of course) Sophia, Lyft, AC, Coaching, speaking and branding for coaching, exercise, don’t really have fun with anyone but Sophia, and networking. What I need to do is do things differently so I work the urgent and import. Not the not urgent and not important.

    – I have been working on stopping by 6 or 7pm unless I go networking in the evening which can be anywhere between 1 and 4 times the weekdays.

    – This past week I didn’t do any Lyft driving, I contacted many people and way more than I have on any given week I can remember back to, and I have taken more breaks than ever to get back to being in different ways… Walks to the beach for 15 to 30 min, listening to motivational video’s, connecting with other for support, and more.

    – I am paying more attention to voice tone, mood, and lightness.

    I have much more gold I’m getting. I was intending to wrap this up into a pretty bow and say what else I see for me with and AC and moving forward but I have spent just over an hour on this and need to stop. So that over thing, running on with too much fluff, and time to be in other actions to get me hired and back qualified.


    Mike my experience of you over the last couple of posts and the last week is that you’re here. You’re not just in the forum (ta da!) or a Zoom line, but you’re in my texts and your forum posts come with a being that is a demand that you be heard. So much less being “Loiterer” much more being “Leader” so thanks.

    But please don’t “leave it there for now” – what’s next? Where are you headed? What do you need today and into the week? What do you say about your client game and your qualification?


    Mike, challenge accepted. I will bring more fun and play to my leadership.

    YOUR TURN! Will you??? Dude, I feel like that’s what’s missing for me and it only now dawned on me when I saw this post.

    You talk about overwhelm a lot and I’m over here thinking, what does this dude have to be so overwhelmed about? And maybe there’s a bunch that I don’t know, so that is a judgement. But I’m just thinking… what if you practiced reframing that and swapping it out for a new possibility of play or fun or literally anything else?

     Aarti Mallya

    Nichole thanks.

    1st Nichole absolutely would love to hang out socially, baseball games, bbq, and whatever. You are so much fun socially with your energy, laughter, and playfulness. Come to think of it my challenge for you is to bring more of that with all areas of AC.

    2nd I’m not sure what you mean/the difference is outside the current structure we have in place and not wanting to connect with and support me. But regardless… I’m sure your not the only one and rightful so. I have it that it’s me and my being. As T. has pointed out in so many words before I have trained team and a may be my winning strategy/speciality of mine is to have me look like I’m really giving it all I got, look what I have done and feel my pain, have people feel sorry for me so as to get what I want and or to get back in the comfort zone. The bigger things I play for, my what for, and being with powerful bad asses, that shit is not going to cut it. I am a man with a fishing pole and I need to flippin fish not be tossed fish by my hook.

    My new request is to NOT send me referrals unless one truly fells that I am a good fit for someone they know. Also with that I think referrals should go to 2 or 3 peeps providing the referred person wants a few different experiences to make best decision. Or if one truly feels I am the one than cool. Points being it should be in best interest and service of the person being referred. 2nd point the breakthrough for me is getting out my comfort zone, doing “the bold thing,” and handling myself. This is NOT the support breakthrough I need in team handing me over referrals and going to work for me.

    I am going to leave it here for now. I have been getting so much gold as you have seen on Marco Polo for starters. I will come back with my breakthroughs and what I’m doing for those with my being with all things AC and in general. Support and setting myself up for success. Along with whats so and what’s next for who I am going be moving forward for me and this team to stay on this team. For now I feel I have to reply to a few more forum post, play some client/qual game, hang out with Sophia before she leaves tomorrow morning for 11 days.

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