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     Aarti Mallya

    FYI if I don’t do anything about it on Feb 27th I will be out of qualification which won’t happen.

    – This week I will be talking with my current client about continuing on or completing on Feb 27th.

    Either way it is not going to change my actions I’m on and always improving.

    – I have put a ton of focus and attention on having a schedule and check list that has me being able to get it all. (I have been working on that a lot the last few months and I’m really liking where I’m at with it now).

    – I am to be attending 3 to 5 networking groups a week. (Have been 2 to 4 since start of year)

    – I had the goal of speaking every week all of Q1 for more than 5 min and in front of at least 5 people or more. I didn’t the first two weeks and then have since. I had a great presentation and some sample sessions scheduled from it. But I felt like my message didn’t convey my coaching enough set me up for the right success. I am working on changing my speech this week and getting back out there.

    – I started 30 days of completion Tuesday the 21st. I’ve done some with team members and most with self.

    – Sophia and I have started this past weekend working on (putting on paper) our goals, intentions, and commitments. For us together and separately. With bigger and smaller travels, date ideas, personal goals, together goals, house things, my coaching business, Finances and health stuff. We got started going though a lot of these things and still working. We scheduled Sunday 1 hour to go though goals. We also scheduled 1 hour Wednesday and Fridays to work with me on my business since Sophia does types of business consulting to say the least.

    Also we have a trip scheduled to go to the Grand Canyon in AZ and then Colorado where will do a house sit with some skiing and snowboarding.

    Even better we booked our plan tickets for mid May to mid July for Costa Rica. So big inspiration/need for me to get clients.

    – Support I need is with completion. Also what I more so don’t want to say is checking in with and asking how things are going, whats so…. Plus ask what don’t you want to tell me or what’s really going on. As I will probably answer with my automatic and say things are great. Which they may very well be great but digging behind what’s being said and the actions and results needed. Also some encouragement and acknowledgement is always great.

    I think these conversations for the most part will be good to have though GroupMe so team in involved and sees the support going around-being inspiring for others.

    What do you think about more support, check in, and accountability messages though GroupMe?

     Tiffany Turner

    Mike! I got you on Wednesday 1/22. Any chance you could do the half hour before reg? 12-12:30?

     Charlie Horn


    Dude you are on fire man!! Way to be in action and a demand for support. I am excited to be there for you and partner with you in the completion process. Sign me up for a Wednesday for the next three weeks and either Wednesday or Friday after that. I’m also willing to create another day or time on the fly if it serves you.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thats awesome Mike!!!

    I can do next Friday the 17th at 10!

     Aarti Mallya

    Speaking overall went great this past Friday. Got 2 sample sessions schedule that day. It didn’t quite go as planned as I skipped over some stuff  from being a little nervous and forgetting what I was going to say but it worked out and ended at 11 min and 45 seconds and had a 12 min slot. I have another one set up for this Thursday. I also just yesterday set up another sample session partially from my Friday speaking thing.

    What I’m committed to, to keep up progress in part is going to at least 3 networking groups a week. Speaking at least once a week all of Q1 in front of at least 5 people or more and for at least 8 minutes or more. Those are two solid things I have right now.

    Also I have put a request on this thread for support with a completion diet til the end of January with two at week for all the great things we know completion provides. To help keep me in my being, especially with all the new levels of actions. I will continue be a stand for support with this. My request is that each person on team participates once in doing a 30 min completion with me. So if you could pick 1 to 2 dates and we put it in our calendars so we follow though that would be greatly appreciated. (PT time)

    My requested days and time are:

    Wednesday after reg so 1 to 1:30

    and Friday 10 to 10:30

    As always if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please say so.


     Jeff Miller

    Hey Mike,

    Thank you for continuously playing out loud more. Thank you for choosing to create your life on your terms even when it doesn’t feel good. Thank you for getting support and leaning on team. I am always down to support you in whatever you need.


    Mike, it’s so great to hear you in so much action around generating your coaching practice. How’s it going? Sounds like you and Sophie make a great team. I’m so happy for you!! What’s next for you to keep up progress?

     Aarti Mallya

    The last two weeks have been really great and a lot has happened.

    I had 10 hours total of in person coaching for speaking and branding with my business. Which I would say we would consider consulting so I’m going to start using that term now. Anyway what came of that was working on a main speech that can be shorten or extended. I signed up for 12 min speaking spot for Jan 3rd so that is a big focus right now. The big picture of this is the content.

    As of right now I came up with The 5 step play book to always have you moving forward to a live true to your self. This includes utilizing People, Tools, Structures, Attitude, and Honesty. This will be foundation and core peace to my coaching business.

    I have made the deceleration to speak once a week for all of Q1 for at least 8 min and in front of 5 people or more.

    I meet all of Sophia’s family. Me and Sophia’s were not suppose to get each other anything for Christmas but I got her a card and filled it up with some sweet words from the heart. She read it and started balling tears of gratitude to say the least. Another cool thing about it was after I wrote it I looked in a folder I have for finding my soulmate of things I have came up with over the last 2 and half years. (That I haven’t look at in a while). Everything in the card encompassed a lot of or all the main things in my fold that I desire.

    Oh and we booked a house sit in Boulder Colorado for March 22nd to 27th. Were planing on leave like two days early and going to the grand Canyon. On top of that we converted my house and pet sitting profile to a couples one. AND we have applied to places in Australia as well as were looking at other country’s. AND I’m moving in with her starting Jan 5th.

    I have communicated just about everything if not everything and then some with Sophia. We both know some things about each others money situations. She knows I need clients and all things around that. My needs, concerns, fears, and so on. I found out she works in the start up world. Was with a company in house for sale enablement. Now just got a job with business consulting company she’s gong to be doing the same thing for with multiple companies. Purpose here is were talking about ways to help me get clients. She connecting me with some a amazing sales guy to see what he may be able to help with. She gave me a great book I’m reading and we could discuss on. We talked about role playing but haven’t done it.

    I have been working with my schedule a lot and how I can best make everything work for me. I am feel pretty good about moving forward with a lot of things. I’m sure there’s some things I’m missing cause so much greatness going on. But either way I have said a lot so I’ll leave it here.

     Charlie Horn

    Great stand for yourself to get supported mike!!! Team let’s show mike what becomes possible from leaning into his request.

     Aarti Mallya

    T. I can work with that, thank you. I’ll send text now to lock it in.

    Who’s next please?

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