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     Charlie Horn

    I am aligned T, I am also curious about the participant/program leaders dual relationship. There is an invitation to join there zoom happy hour thing and I made it up that it wasn’t something we do. I also see that we get to make it what we want. And I love the opportunity for enrollment in what we see is and isn’t appropriate. What I see is full transparency and airing out of what is so as the procedure (if there is one). Are there any hard stops on participant/program involvement other than romantic/sexual?


    I’m unclear as well. Thanks for bringing it.

     Tiffany Turner

    Thank you! Sorry for the misunderstanding! Mostly I see that this years participants are eager to be in relationship with the leader team, and I love that they’re being at cause to create this, AND I’m feeling unclear where the lines are for dual relationship vs. team/partnership, so I wanted to bring it.


    Hey T! Real quick I just want to clear up that I did not bring Bolty onto Lash.Live. She did a talk about confidence on my Facebook live stream. It didn’t involve money or anything.

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for having an eye on supporting me, Sabs. I actually haven’t gotten clear on what support I need right now. During the module, I felt unsupported as an effect of team breakdowns. My terminal uniqueness had me feeling, at times, that if I didn’t do it, no one was going to do it. And the module breakdowns had me in my righteousness and SM about planning and controlling. On the other side of completion I’m clear that it was all perfect and that the messiness was great access to release and emotional expansion for me. I don’t think I’ve cried that much since my scream/cry calls to Jeff/Juliana/Nichole when my first trimester symptoms took over my life. And before that, probably years. I got what I needed from module 5, and I have some stands for team moving forward that I will post on forum from the place of being both Bold + Compassionate (which is the problem with being me).

    For production tomorrow, I see for us to look at:

    • Guest Clients (team, I haven’t connected with Sabrina to put in the training I have, and I will by EOD tomorrow)
    • Midterms (have we all communicating scores and who’s owning retake?)
    • Sabs qualification (I have it that it’s a team breakdown that we didn’t have a convo about this at module and have an enrollment from Sabs around her continuing to keep participants out of qualification)
    • Charlie’s qualification (Charlie just got hired, and he went out of qual, does he now have a floor of 2?)
    • Relationship display (I’ll be sending Charlie and Brittany’s items back to them this week)
    • Dual relationships (Lauren called me to invite me to be on her podcast, Bolty was just featured on Nichole’s Lash.Live platform. This is all new space for me, and it feels dual-relationshipy and I’d like to open it up to a team convo)

    That’s all I got for now. Thank you for the support of me business goals and life purpose goals! I’d love to watch the recording if y’all take one.


     Brittany Cotton

    Hey T!

    Also enrolled and aligned in your absence from us, and your presence out in the world!

    Similar to Sabs- will you post here what you SEE ought to be an agenda item, and anything you have around a specific one?


     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi T!

    I am totally aligned and enrolled and excited for you!!!

    Would you be willing to share here what you see for us to take to production tomorrow in your stead? I am particularly thinking of how on the last day of the last module- Tuesday- you shared that you felt unsupported. I have it that some of production tomorrow will be debrief from module so I would love to hear your feedback/thoughts on all things last module, etc. and on the sensation of unsupported you experienced so that we can address on production. I certainly don’t want you or anyone on our team feeling unsupported during module, or ever.

    Also, team, I see opportunity for us to record tomorrow’s production call to share with T. What do you see around this?

    All my love;


     Tiffany Turner

    Team, part of my 2020 business goal is to impact/touch 400 unique lives. One of the ways I’m creating this is through leading workshops and public speaking.

    a prior client referred me to a program to speak at an event of theirs, and it’s this Tuesday 5/19. I’m sorry for the breakdown I’m not bringing this sooner. The event details were confirmed early last week and in my overwhelm from the shooting and moving and module, I simply put it off.

    the attendees of this presentation are all Salesforce administrators (a highly trained and technical role that many tech companies require if using Salesforce software), who have been laid off and are transitioning between jobs.

    This presentation is expected to have 20-30 attendees and I’ll be presenting for 45 minutes on content I’ve not yet created!! (That’s figure out-able 🙂


    Every time I’ve spoken in a group the last year, I’ve been hired. So this would double support my client game.

    Can y’all align on me missing production this week and getting caught up by forum notes + I’ll be at cause to call someone for additional details?

    Again, I’m sorry for the last minuteness of my enrollment!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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