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     Juliana Sih

    I declare 1/1/1/1. Going to be call at least 3 people today and share the gift of obs/wks


    Hey Charlie, which of the 6 people you are courting to hire you will you bring to obs?

    I have none confirmed yet, several invites out I am standing for, and I declare 2 at Saturdays and Monday’s obs.

    Brittany Kinard has 2 people coming from her life! Let’s get clear on what’s so with our participants as well!

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Mike. It occurs like you didn’t understand or read my question. As a leader, and a coach in the world, what would have us challenge our clients to NOT declare 0s? Why would we stand for them to not stop there?

    (You might start with looking at your response. You say what would have you not declare 0s would be particular circumstances, can you hear the victim and at effect-ness?)

     Aarti Mallya

    Brittany I feel what would not have me declare 0’s is know more people that want to become coaches. Also maybe more people in my life I care to have them see a deeper look into what I’m up. Well and maybe potential coaching clients. But my challenge is the same as I posted in the reg emails today which is.

    I am struggling to play reg. First I want to start with I am in action to building my coaching business and making an impact in the world. With this year starting to speak at 1 place a week for all of Q1 on myself and coaching. Along with going to at least 3 networking groups a week to say the least right now.

    Second besides the need for money and all the things I’m working towards and feeling challenged with those besides Reg. I think my big blockage of having this all in one game is I am not seeing it as that anymore. Because I see AC as the worlds finest coaches training program. With that, even though it is a great structure for getting the things one wants in life whatever that is for someone and great for leadership and development. I don’t see AC specifically for those things without wanting to be a coach.

    So right now I don’t know what my breakthrough or vision is here.

    So I am using my space and playing loud with the many hands as…

    I don’t want to not play, I don’t want to keep hiding, and I want to be truthful. So this is where I’m at right now

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Mike-

    Training question in disguise (but not well since I just outed myself 😉 )

    What would have us not declare 0s? As coaches and leaders what do you see?


    I posted an invite on social media and tagged people who I know will get a lot out of it. I’ll keep thinking/tagging. 🙂

     Aarti Mallya

    Right now I have 1 for Saturday observation. Which is Sophia.

    I currently have 2 sample session, 2 networking groups and 1 of them I am speaking at set up for the rest of the week. so I will have those things, Lyft rides, and any other parts of my day to hit my declaration of 2/2/0/0

     Tiffany Turner

    Bumping this thread back up!

    We’re going into Completion and Spirituality weekends, and when I look at these two buckets of my life, it’s so clear how life changing Completion has been. I used to carry everything that ever happened to me, they were my battle wounds, and how I could prove to people that I’ve seen shit…

    Now, from a transformed place, those things that happened are so loved, so celebrated, and a non negotiable part of my path and story.

    Who do you know who needs the tool of completion to move their life forward?

    Will you call those people now, and invite them to Saturday’s observation and workshop?

    More tomorrow on Spirituality <3

     Charlie Horn

    I declare 4 for observation and 2 for workshop.

     Sabrina Pratt

    I have 2 for observation and workshop on the saturday- they’re my group coaching peeps!!! 🙂 I am also inviting my friend Wade to obs and workshop on Saturday and my current Client, Jill. So, my declaration is 4 overall for the weekend- not sure what days they will be on, yet.

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