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     Charlie Horn


    Have you all had the experience I am having of hearing the same thing for the X number of times and then having it mean something different, deeper or being in willingness to be with it from a undefended place?

    The things I am hearing over and over are my familiar patterns of being in the context of overwhelm, isolation, its too hard, ain’t nobody got time for that,  I can’t, Im not good enough/a failure, Im bad. Something new I am hearing is looking for relationship from need for support, relationship from the place of being well into “I can’t do it Im overwhelmed”.

    Things Im sitting with from Sabrina’s questions of  “Do I know I can have intimacy and support without upset” “Am I creating the overwhelm to get supported”

    What I’m sitting with is, Relationship from the opposite of Isolation. What is the other place to come from in order to get supported. generating support from connection and relationship rather than overwhelm and I can’t do it.

    Im holding myself in the framework of whole, perfect, complete, worthy more than ever. My practice has been asking for what I need. My next practice is “Knowing” what I need from decisive leader. Instead of isolate when I don’t know what I need, Pause, Own it with the person, Ask permission to work it out WITH them and get clear on what I need.

    What I see for me in taking on relationship clips is opportunity to be in relationship and supported before I step into my automatic SM. Creating and practicing structures for relationship on a regular basis that has me sourced in a more continuos way. Filling the love/relationship tank before it hits empty. Practicing technology in service of positive reinforcing experiences that bankrupt my current reality/lens/filter around how hard and overwhelming and time consuming it is.

    What I have heard from others is they have regular support calls. I want that.

    My request of team is to be on a support call in the morning with someone from this team every day until next module. No more than 15 minutes. What I need from the call is to generate support from connection and relationship, Have my tank filled, accountability to BE in action. The structure of the call will be to 1) celebrate wins 2) give and receive acknowledgment 3) Share what is working and what is not working 4)Feedback  and or whatever we decide to create.

    What I see for you all and our team is to be more connected, more sourced, more supported more accountability and have some fun with it too. Who wants to get on the Charlie train in the mornings and get connected? Kerry, That means you too!!


     Juliana Sih

    Charlie! I am enrolled in you taking on this accountability if you own it 100%. I know you are smart and fully capable of learning new things. Often when it comes to technology, you seem at affect to it. Like its rocket science and unlearnable. What’s that about? From out here it seems like you are resigned or unwilling. I wonder where else this plays out.. Your anti-technology preamble has me unenrolled.

    Willing to swing again?


     Tiffany Turner

    Charlie – will you please swing again at your last post. It’s long, and I suspect it holds a lot of story, and we committed as a team to support you in setting that down and bringing your leadership. I’m not going to read your last post, and I look forward to reading what you post next.

    I’m currently aligned with Sabrina in that I’m not enrolled in you owning Relationship Clips. I love you lots and lots, and I felt like a babysitter last week, checking in with you each day about where we were at for scanning, having the same conversation about scanning, and progress not being made day-to-day, until it was all done Friday (why not have just done it Monday?). It was hugely challenging not to step in and do it myself, ultimately, I’m not clear that you created a breakthrough for yourself in owning scanning, and it created extra work on team in having you own it.

    Charlie, I’ve personally trained you on scanning three times now. It makes me want to slam my head against a wall because I don’t know how else to support you and your leadership here. I love you, I think you’re the most charming human that ever was, I love spending time with you, and you’re making me want to quit on you. So will you please bring your leadership here consistently?

    We really need you, we need your support, and I won’t babysit you anymore.

     Charlie Horn

    Sabrina, thanks for speaking your truth. I totally have a habit of taking on too much from my current context of “I can do it all”, and then let my SM (overwhelm) have me stuck. In other areas of my life outside of AC I will commit to something, just do it and make it happen with my SM having me in action until I can’t move from exhaustion. Leaving a trail of carnage and tears in my wake. Crazy right!? How can frightened little internal Charlie have me in action and out of action from the same fear of not being enough.

    I see my post was lacking enrollment, I lobbed my hat in the ring on this accountability from SM. scarcity. fear of not being enough for this team and for not pulling my weight.

    Pretty hopeless right? I’m either doing on my own or not doing on my own. I see that from this place I have gotten what I have given. I am engaging from SM, fear, scarcity. It makes perfect sense my marriage didn’t work. Relationships had an expiration date on them. Either I am out or they are out. Eventually. Across the board. When I am being my fears and scarcity and lack of self worth.

    That is not how I want my life to go any longer. I am committed to having different outcomes full of support, love, peace and ease.  Doing from relationship and partnership is a breakthrough for me. It is a breakthrough in generating the romantic relationship I desire where I am sourcing myself in the arms of my lover and friend, huge exponential financial gains at work from next level leadership, getting clients to maintain qualification, being a natural inspiration to all the people I love, giving back to my community in a way that isn’t a draw on my capacity, instead sources and adds to my capacity. I see this accountability as an opportunity to create relationship and partnership. Not only with relationship clips but translating into the rest of my life. Are you enrolled in me having that breakthrough?

    Who else is enrolled in me taking on relationship clips from a place of generating relationship and partnership in the doing?

    From there I need support and accountability and training. I am deserving and a demand for it.

    I absolutely despise learning new technology. It has me freaking out. Literally I get anxious and loose patience so quickly. I can feel the anxiety at the ready in this very moment. Something goes sideways for me around technology.

    Put me on a piece of heavy equipment and give me a grading project to do and I’m happy as a clam. Want me to fix your car? Let me at it I will rebuild your engine. Give me a welding hood and something to fix or repair and I will make quick work of it with a smile. Give me something tangible to work with, something I can build and create, something I can see and feel and I’m fulfilled, happy and feeling accomplished.

    I would love to shift my interpretation around technology. I see an opportunity to have a win with technology here. To give me a reinforcing experience that will have me more willing to engage with technology.

    I want and need someone to partner with me on this. I want to say that I can’t do it by myself but I know I could by grinding it out alone. That is not going to lead to next level breakthrough for me and I don’t want to do things that way any more. Not here and not in the rest of my life. Life is too short. I’m tired of it being so hard. I’m tired of my old ways of doing and being that have me in the same cycles. Getting the same outcomes.

    Who will support me? Who sees a breakthrough for themselves in generating partnership and relationship and let’s throw some fun in there as well. Let’s make a game out of it. Who will win with me at relationship clips? It can be the whole stinking team as well. It doesn’t have to be one person. I will generate it with all of you!!!

    What I need to fully own this responsibility is reassurance that I am not alone. That I am not out when it doesn’t go right. That I am supported and valued and considered a part of the team. That I won’t be judged or rejected. I will make it up that I’m a failure and I should just give up. I need ata boys. I need acknowlagement and encouragement. Criticism was in abundance for me for a greater part of my life. As Brene brown says “after a few hits we begin to play small as to be a smaller target”

    I’m tired of playing small and I realize I have made it all up around what it means when someone else has a reaction followed up with a critical comment. So I am a little boy over here half the time just not wanting to be criticized. And that little guy needs some encouragement.  That is where I thrive from. “Give me a fine reputation to live up to”. Dale Carnegie


    I have a reflection for you. From love and respect and gratitude and leader. And you are an amazing, intuitive, beautiful, gift to all that have the privilege to know you. Especially me.

    In service of your leadership…….

    I have a knee jerk reaction from your reflection that has me defended. There is a flavor of us (team) vs me in it. What had me let go of the defense was you said you are enroll-able. Thank you. I am totally enrolled in you bringing it. And I want more. What landed off for me was the part about me using the “too much” as an opportunity to pull attention my way. Ouch. That’s just not at all my intention or even in my wheel house to use in any part of my life. And I’m also pretty sure you didn’t mean for it to land that way. And I totally own my reaction as mine.

    In service of relationship……what do you see in my reflection?


    Sabs, let’s partner on it! #relationship

     Sabrina Pratt


    Nichole & team. I have some ideas for relationship display. I love a good challenge. So happy to bring those ideas- would love to see the COS and hear Nichole’s vision and then see how my ideas compliment.

    Charlie, I am not enrolled in you owning this accountability. I am enroll-able but not currently enrolled. I notice a pattern of you taking on “too much” or, more accurately, taking something on and then having it become “too much” and using that as an opportunity to pull attention your way. I see that in your overwhelm you either get supported by team  briefly in the moment like a bandaid (and later beat yourself up for a long time) or suffer silently and get “supported” by team at the last minute via a scramble to know what you need and help you out seemingly ‘against your will’ because we have to because that thing needs to get done, etc. What do you see for yourself here?

    Admittedly you are taking something on and then immediately calling out for ‘heavy duty support’. I am sure we as a team are willing to support you and also, from leader, Charlie- what do you see going on here? What is there for you to bring that would have you fully own and be at cause for this accountability?

     Charlie Horn

    Well team. Since I am the anti technology person there is a breakthrough for me to own the relationship clips. Who will partner with me? I’m going to need some Heavy duty support with this. And I’m sure a lot of training and practice. I’m totally up for the job and it will take something of me to create a breakthrough in technology and relationship.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks all!

    YES- to your question LKT. The leader team has been non stop at looking at clips being rolled out, how people respond, whats missing, whats working, etc. All teams, to my knowledge are currently using the same New clips, and taking note of how it goes, the response, as so forth.

    The opportunity for someone to own the clips, is to be the ONE for all things technology (this will look much different as we will be showing them virtually). And I see a great opportunity for who ever owns this, getting into RELATIONSHIP (you hear that, RELATIONSHIP) with other teams on how it went, and what it can look like. For example Monthly was in Relationship last weekend, and while they weren’t fully virtual while showing the clips, they might have some insight. The owner will also be supported by LKT in how to get the clips, etc.

    So LKT for your leadership of production, please be at cause to get this training.

    What I see in this opportunity is creating the space for the clips, much like Nichole will be creating the same for the display.



    very cool. Thanks all. Please be at cause to reach out for the CoS, which I can share – and then beyond that – bring your creativity, innovation, and full power to the vision – there is no way this goes – especially if we create this virtually, which we’ll have a better sense of in a few weeks.

    My vision is that all the owners bring a powerful vision for how you see this going and the outcomes it will produce for us and the participants!

    Also, relationship clips will be kinda cool this year! Remember last year we beta’d a whole new collection of clips for the first time after having used the same ones for years and recognizing a need to bring more diversity in all it’s forms to those clips. So whoever takes this one will get some really great support. Britt, you owned this last year. Anything you’d share with the team around the opportunity of owning this accountability?

     Juliana Sih

    I will take the Midterm written exam! I see a breakthrough in Trust for me in taking this on.

    Relationship module was the weekend I realized that I wasn’t all that jazzed about Michael, the guy I was dating at the time.  Shortly after I met Josh at Burning Man and then had to break it off with Michael. That was a weird time.. Any who, I’m excited about this upcoming module and for my next breakthrough in relationship and connection.

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