Module 5 Reflections

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     Jeff Miller

    I love this! Sounds amazing LKT and thanks for playing out loud with what you are up to. Thanks for sharing your insights Charlie and for be willing to shift things in service of creating something new. Nichole, I can’t wait to see what a breakthrough in time will look like for you. Could be in time for the next presidential race =).

    For myself, I see something around playing a bigger game and creating abundance. I want to focus on shattering limits and creating massive impact. Now seems like a good time for this.


    Let’s all post our breakthroughs for the next module here, so that when we have conversations about accountabilities we are looking through the lens of breakthrough.

    My next breakthrough is my relationship with time.


    I am so here for your Project Basta ya! I like the reframe from Integration to Enough. Is this the same breakthrough in putting down performance?

    I am excited to go into the next module upping the gradient in supporting each other’s breakthroughs. Today’s reg email had me wondering what my next breakthrough is. I wasn’t sure, but duh… It just popped in my head: TIME!

    What I took from module five that pertains to my breakthrough for the year is that taking things personally is a choice. I got so much from the “automatic commitment” conversation (was that how it was worded?). My breakthrough for the year is being and in being un-gettable. It now feels really at choice for me and so doable. Like, I’m already there.

     Charlie Horn

    I want to add something that one of the guys in my group Shared with me. It’s around self talk. He said everything we listen to we repeat in our minds. We are actually saying in our minds what we are listening to. It was a huge aha moment for me to eliminate any negative or disempowering conversation that I tolerate now. And for me it has me doubly intending to feed my internal self repeating mind only the things that are sourcing and empowering on a more regular basis. Daily multiple times a day.
    All of this is within my breakthrough self love from last module. Wow what an incredible Couple of weeks leading up to two days of generating positive loving internal dialogue with myself, meeting my needs to be IN, SAFE, ACCEPTED. What I really saw was I make it up. If I believe I am in, I’m right and if I believe that I’m out……, I’m right. I will find the reinforcing evidence for what I’m looking for and to see it all play out over and over and choose to shift my belief through consistent positive self talk was huge.
    to now have that experience and see that what I allow myself to hear and be exposed to is also (Even if in a small way) shaping my internal beliefs, I am doubly excited to look at what is possible in self worth, ownership, leadership, influence and the being of greatness.


    Hi!! My understanding is that part of the LDP there is a team call following each module that gives space for reflections and training around how a leader showed up, what was created and what’s next for each member of the team, all with an eye to their declared breakthrough for the year. I imagine teams are doing this differently and I see value in having a team conversation around this as we gear up for a year of LDP.

    What I see is an extension of the PC/LiT evaluation forms (and if you didn’t send yours please do!) and I’d love to hear from everyone  – What you’re taking on from the Module on Commitment and Relationship as it pertains to your breakthrough for the year?

    I’m looking at relationship – starting with the one I have with myself and my integrity. I brought to my coach during our first post session module a conversation around the breakthrough I’m playing for which I retitled from one in Integration to a breakthrough in Enough. It’s called Project Basta ya! In Spanish Basta means “That’s Enough!” or “That Will Do!” and I’m creating it to include lots of ways I shore up my wellbeing, my mindset+self talk, my visibility and use of voice, and my money integrity – all by June 17th so as to allow for my next level in places I have yet to reach! I will share more and request support from you all in service of relationship + Commitment.

    Who else will share?

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