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    3-4pm on Monday I’d love a break so as to attend a meeting with my daughter’s school regarding reopening etc.

    Aside from this, I’m actually open to the 2 hr break being when others don’t have conflicts. Later in the day on Sunday or Monday would be preferable.

     Tiffany Turner

    Jeff, I’m having a hard time choosing my breaks via this thread because I want to design and create them as Team and be conscious of who is out when. And trying to keep that all straight through a forum thread is difficult. Being able to see it in a graph like we usually do makes it way easier.

    Can you either share the Google Link now so that those of us who haven’t scheduled our breaks, can do so with awareness of who else is on breaks and when?

    If that doesn’t work for you, I’ll plug in exactly what I want which is 4-5pm Saturday, 10-noon Sunday, and 3-4pm Monday.

     Brittany Cotton

    Correct Charlie- on 3 day modules we have a 2hr break one day instead of a half day, and 1 hr break the other days.. Just to be clear you are requesting an extra hour  hour break Saturday afternoon, and then a 1 hr break Sunday and monday after lunch?

    We will need all hands on deck Sunday after lunch- guests arrive at 130, and first coaching begins at 1:45. Charlie as we will all be listening, are you open to Owning the main zoom line so someone is always there if people come back with questions/support? And then taking your break when the Orals are finished? Or taking it before lunch?

    Reminder that those coaching live will be in breakout rooms, and those who are recording will be offing off the main zoom to get on another one. The guests will be receiving all of this information this afternoon.

    T- guest clients are Saturday after lunch and Distinguished Sharing, so ball park is between 245 ish-4ish.


     Charlie Horn

    To verify….half day breaks are not happening and instead we are doing a 2 hour break? I would like my 2 hour break Saturday afternoon. I will check the google docs for a form to Fill in times. I would like to combine my one hour Saturday break and have a full 3 hours from 1 to 4

    sunday and Monday I would like to break after lunch.

    is anyone not aligned?
    thanks Jeff

     Juliana Sih

    No I don’t need anything around the links, just wanted to take a look and made sure I have everything. I would like to take my break Sunday before the final orals. 10-12pm

     Jeff Miller


    I am aligned in your breaks being separate and sourcing yourself. Will you put your desired break times on this thread by noon tomorrow?


    Do you need anything around the links? I have the doc with all of the links on it? I will be adding everyone to the Google Doc tomorrow that has all the timeline. I will be finalizing some things tonight and should be good by noon tomorrow at the latest.


     Juliana Sih

    Final Oral is Sunday afternoon 1:30 and 3pm.

    Can we get the timeline? I am owning links and would like to get it organized in one place.

     Tiffany Turner

    Can someone remind me what time guest clients are, and what time oral exams are?

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Nichole.

    I am aligned on this, and you getting what you need.  BUT MOSTLY you not counting these as your breaks! 🙂

    My only tid bit is rather than be on the zoom with your video off listening (during Bippy’s appointment), per our stand that if you aren’t leading or at “Source Table” you are playing reg, my request would be that you are on that zoom supporting reg or Juliana with qualification or x y z.






    Team, I have two commitments that I need to tend to during module and I am a stand for myself that they not be considered my breaks, but that I actually take breaks in addition to these tasks.

    On Saturday, I have to take Bippy to her orthopedic surgeon at 10:30. She is limping again on the leg she had surgery on two years ago and it needs to get x-rayed. I don’t know how much time it will take. I can’t go into the office anyway, and I’ll just have to sit in my car while she is getting x-rayed, so my thought was to drive her there, and then once I get settled I’ll join the room with video off so that I can listen in while I’m waiting for her appointment to be done. Then I will take my official break later in the day.

    Monday I have an investor pitch at 1:00. I originally thought I would use my break for this, but I’d like to not do that. I’ll need a break break after the pitch.

    I’d like to take my two-hour break on Sunday and I’m flexible about the time. I just know I want to do some reading and have some rest time on Sunday.

    Is there any of this that y’all see to bring something around or need anything additional from me?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)
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