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     Brittany Cotton

    Love you Sabs 🙂

     Sabrina Pratt

    Also Britt literally even says “Please read this carefully, and save it some where for yourself so you are aware of how to name files.” 


    “save it some where for yourself so you are aware of how to name files”


    What a novel concept, Sabs. LMAO. I am so ridiculous. Thanks for being patient with me.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Ummm. Guess. What?! I just finished reviewing Ryan Mac’s Final AND I was like, “let me just go make sure I label this thing properly so I went and found this thread and I CAN NOT BELIEVE it is ONLY 3 months ago!” I was so taken out by file naming. wha happened?

    Anyway, it was pretty cute to read through these posts. AND I saw them in a completely different light. Huh. Awesome.


    A breath of fresh air. Now if Naming “Files” was always infused with as much love AND rigor as in this complete thread =)

     Jeff Miller

    Hey T,

    Thanks for reflecting that. Here is what I have observed individually and from a higher level that is what my gut says about our team right now. WE ARE MISSING EACH OTHER! We are used to seeing each other in person and have casual fun time every 8 weeks. And we haven’t had that due to circumstances and us not creating it. Sabs did get us together for a zoom hangout and that was awesome. THANKS SABS! And I have this feeling that we are all roommates and our house is a mess and we are picking each other a part. I would love for us to have a both/and with reflecting our gaps and highlighting our strengths.

    Sabs – You are raw heart and power! You care about the world and are a bold yes to being a leader. Thanks for always being willing to speak up and stand up for yourself and everyone around you. Continue to get CPR (like I know you have been doing) and continue to lean on the team. You are creating your future now with a full practice and consider practicing with however we show up will be practice for your leadership.

    Charlie – You are a freaking breath of fresh air! You are a truly great human being. Your intentions are pure and have a gigantic heart. Please keep leaning into your breakthrough of constant action everywhere in your life. And continue to create what YOUR coaching practice looks like in service of yourself and the future you want to create.

    Nichole – I can see your being shifting and it is amazing! You already had all of the doing aspects of leadership, and now you are integrating the being. You have let us in more and I love your reflections. Keep letting us support you in creating the life you really want! I want to see Nichole the coach, leader and President all at once!

    Juliana – Thanks for always being willing to take on thing in and out of the program. Thank you for being willing to hear and be with feedback (even if it takes you out). I can see you trying new things in service of your next level of leadership. I am looking forward to you putting down “confused” and picking up “bold leader.” When you show up as bold leader it looks really good. We have your back and truly want you to succeed.

    T – YOU ARE SO MUCH HEART!!!!! It is really cool to see you open up your heart and let us in. Thanks for always willing to say the thing and owning your impact everywhere. Thank you for saying yes, when you wanted to say no. Thanks for your communication and your rigor. I am very excited to see this new chapter for you and for Jack. Please continue to create from love, heart and empowerment. Your Power is contagious.

    LKT – So much BEING in one person! Can you just bottle this up and give it me please? Thanks for being willing to get messy and to not be perfect. Thank you for swimming in the uncomfortable and continuing to show up again and again. Thanks for trust and partnership. Please create your life in abundance right after this sentence. Make life SIMPLY work for everything you have going on. You have a good life, and I know you want a great life. How about now? Love that you are willing to reinvent your structures to enhance your world.

    Britt – Thanks for showing what is possible. Your sky rocket in transformation is noted and the fact that you aren’t perfect is as well. Thanks for being human about your experience and willing to try different approaches. Thanks for leaning back more and for giving trust. Keep letting others lead under your leadership and we will all be in good hands. Continue to lead with your heart in your coaching and in your relationships. Trust yourself in this process.

    Kerry – SO GREAT TO REALLY SEE YOU! I own that this has been mostly on my side. I created the teacher/student thing and carried that around for too long. Thank you for having SM’s so that we all can see that everyone has them. And thanks for owning them and leading regardless. Thank you for leaning back and trusting more. Thank you for your ridiculous leadership everywhere and being a walking inspiration billboard.

    Jeff – Thanks for leaning back in, when it wasn’t easy or predictable. Thank you for getting uncomfortable and really looking for the gold. I am looking forward to you stepping out more in your leadership and swimming in new waters. Keep sharing vulnerable and connecting with humans on the planet. The world needs your heart more than it needs your head.

     Juliana Sih

    Sharing our voices yay! I gift you all my trust that if I/you get taken you out, we can clean it up and that if I/you get angry, we can mend things.

    1 reflection I have is for Sabs. I find that you have so much gold to offer and it gets diluted with all the explanation after. In your last post on this thread, I totally got you 2-3 sentences in and the rest was explaining and justifying. Can you see where I am pointing? Its not a good/bad, right/wrong, I want to fully get you and end up getting lost towards the end or zone out.


     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Jeff – I think you did the thing you’re talking about right now. Talking about it instead of doing it. Will you actually bring what you see to this thread (or another one) and get messy with us?

     Jeff Miller

    I am loving how willing our team is in getting messy. Man if the whole world could look at this and start having these types of conversations! Thank you everyone for being willing to say the thing and be with the thing. Britt, pointed out to me the other day how I am trained in “putting things in” later. And that has me dim my leaderships and also not give the training in the moment. I am very open to being trained and hearing reflections in the moment and yet I am not as open to giving it. Something for me to look at and seeing this thread and being on this team is a call forth.

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for coming back in when you were ready, Sabs.

    Will you share more around the reflection you brought for me in this post? I hold and see myself as very open to and able to receive feedback and team reflections, and that when I’m not, I’m able to own where I’m at and say some flavor of, “I can’t hear you” or “I feel defensive” and take on the work on my side of the street, and reliably come back in. What am I missing that you’re seeing?


    I’m also going to think on all your reflections and come back. But just wanted to say: Game on. And thanks.

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