Next Week Tuesday Reg Call

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     Charlie Horn

    How cool Brittany. Have a great time with it 🙂 I’m aligned

     Juliana Sih




     Jeff Miller

    Aligned and enrolled. Sounds amazing!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Super enrolled! Not only aligned but stoked! Go for it Britt!!!

     Tiffany Turner


     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all!

    It’s perfect that we are about to have our practice orals with what I am about to share. I think I may have mentioned this before in some way or another, but I am still in communication with the person I had one of my final oral’s with when I was in the program!

    You know those little machines that give you candy, or the ones with the claw at the front of restaurants or at arcades? He owns a line/brand of these, and he travels all over the world getting HIS machines into places. He has had coaching throughout his life, and still to this day claims our session was the most impactful one he has ever had.

    I would say we talk every few months just to check in, and see how each other’s business is doing. On Monday he called me with an opportunity, asking if I would come on a teleconference call with 100+ business owners, and do 30 minutes of demonstration coaching with someone. Im so excited! We have known each other for almost 4 years, and this is a perfect example to me of relationship and the long game!

    The call happens monthly at 10am pst on the first Tuesday, and I see this as an amazing opportunity for 100s of people to see the value of coaching, and witness what is possible for them and their businesses by hiring someone. I think time is of the essence with this, and I would love to be the guest in May- based on personal goals, what the world is currently experiencing, etc.

    I would like your alignment that I miss Tuesday’s reg call, as I go out and be coach in the world and practice enrollment with 100s of humans. Please let me know if you need anything from me around this!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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