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     Jeff Miller

    Hey Nichole! Thanks for jumping in and creating your vision. I am 100% enrolled in you owning your voice and using PC2 as one of the structures to do so. I am not enrolled in you having 1 client. Simply put, while 1 client allows you to be on co-coaching, you would not be eligible to coach any participants. And that would be a shame to not have you personal work with someone throughout the year. I think there is possibility in creating both and I am curious what has you declare one client?


    Please replace all of my CP2s with PC2’s. ? Thanks, Charlie (saw your Q on GroupMe)! I mixed it up the first time and then it stuck in my brain. I think because I am used to saying CTP, it sort of stuck.


    Fixing formatting wonkiness is not something I saw on the checklist for any of the program levels. ?


    I am submitting my application for CP2. To summarize what has me excited about CP2, rather than restating in my own words, I’m italicizing below the parts that really stand out to me as specifically important to my next phase of leadership:

    • You create a future, own that future, and deliver on that future.
    • Your expression: Your personal brand being expressed in the world.
    • Being known: Generating a more public presence and being more self expressed in all aspects of
      your life.
    • Generating your public and personal life to be more congruent, organized, clear, and in support of
    • Creating yourself as a leader, including:
      • What is it to start something as a leader?
      • What is the “dip” and how to address the “Doldrums in the Middle”.
      • What it is to complete something as a leader with a powerful relationship to declare and
    • Self-Expression
      • and its consequences.

    I am ready to step up my voice on this team, and in the world. I will hone my own voice and personal brand as I step more into my own power, and support others in doing the same. Our new participants joining the leadership team will see that we are an impactful team whose voices matter, and who make others’ voices matter.

    The other thing that is exciting to me about LDP is that I see how I can create it in a way that is serving my vision for my life. What I see for myself is to join LDP at CP2, and I would like to have one client so that I can join co-coaching.

    My intention in joining the program as a participant was always to support my greater leadership as I look toward running for public office. Of course we all know the rest of the story and how much more I got out of it, and how all that stuff had me actually pause and recreate my vision. I’ve shared my vision board with you all, and every morning I sit and meditate on my vision and create my Top 6 from a place of “What are the top 6 things I can do today that will get me to that vision?” What are the things that will have me publish my book, and get my name on a ballot, step up leadership in my community, and have me so supported that I don’t have to try for any of it, but just be and trust?

    I believe the LDP, specifically at CP2 level is a structure that I can rely on to help me get to that vision. A full time coaching practice is not part of that vision, but there are a heck of a lot of other things that feel like CP2 was designed to support. My having my vision is something I see as a benefit to AC, to the team, and to countless people in the world. It is a vision of leadership that goes beyond the walls of the Sheraton and into the world to create change. Are you enrolled in my vision and my choosing LDP Level CP2 as a support structure for it?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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