Notes from Production Call 3/3/20

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     Sabrina Pratt

    T was absent for the call- we recorded it. Will the host please share the recording on this thread?

    Mike: speed enrollment to still attend production and team calls even though he is out of qualification as his client completed on 2/27/20 and Mike is now “in his 30 days” He is bringing powerful declaration/enrollment to forum.

    T not on team calls, not on this call, JuSih is stepping in as The One for Nancy and Ryan Mac. and bringing a request on behalf of team to co-coaching today. Conversation brought by Brittany around rigor and relationship (and how that is ‘the problem with being our team’ is that those two rarely appear together) and Britt shared concern over JuSih and a lack of rigor in her life showing up in work with the participants.

    Accountant: Nichole will have flat by EOD, needs contact info. for Robert from Sabs, Nichole will bring her enrollment to forum tomorrow

    Guest clients: Will is a breakdown- he and Andrew have not had a coaching session and he is unresponsive, Sabs is in contact with GC leading up to this module

    Lawyer:: Mike to take enrollment to participants around lawyer (and accountant?) and brought a question around recording the call, Mike to take on leadership around call recording and participant enrollment in call


    LKT noted that our team has a tendency to “update” starting with “what’s so” and then “what’s next” which is likely enabling the can-kicking and avoidance that our team hides behind.

    Sab shared “I am in my automatic of avoidance/doing just enough to skate under the radar and so is our team- we are in avoidance around participant payments”

    Charlie requested more lightness and shared that he sees opportunity for it in the money convo.

    Nichole said she notices lots of 1:1 conversations reporting back to team around payments and that there is room for an ALL team convo- with all. leaders and all participants, just to get everything out in the open

    Team discussed the opportunity in a conversation around “if you’re not current you can’t be in the room” and getting on top of and in front of payments with the participants

    Jeff said “let’s get super squeaky clean with ourselves and our payments so as to be the clearing for our participants”

    Brittany reiterated the breakthrough available for everyone in getting out in front of payments

    Sab speed pep-talked Observation & Workshop- team declaration of 18 between Saturday and Monday- let’s go team! Charlie is owning getting additional support for him and Mike and whomever else around getting people to observation and workshop


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