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    Hi Jeff! Thanks for this post. I appreciate you not letting us off the hook. My relationship to NYI is, “I don’t know many people on the east coast.” I know a few and I don’t see them being interested in this work, but I suppose it’s worth asking. Aaaand, I also get that people don’t have to live on the east coast. I’ll think more about who might be the right fit for this program.

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Team,

    I see an amazing opportunity to own our team and who we be for the NYI Reg Game. I notice that I have been hot or cold with my production when it comes to the NY Reg game. Most of it is from nonsense circumstances and simply not prioritizing it during my week. I love when we have our Reg conversations and I get pulled out of the weeds of my circumstances and present to how simple this game is. And how much impact we can have in this game. We are the cousins of NYI and we are all leaders. And if we all take a look at what this program and what coaching has done for us, it would be selfish not to share it. I will be hosting a NYI Reg power hour tomorrow at 11:30 PST to work on my East Coast/People I know who would be open to traveling to the East Coast pipeline.

    What would playing all out for NYI for the next month produce in your life? 5 times the conversations? More hires? Referrals? Getting out of your comfort zone? Shining your leadership everywhere? Please take a look and bring what you see to this thread.

    I declare at least 5 people for NYI by March 15th as a team. Who is with me?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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