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     Juliana Sih


    I got rehired last week for another 6 months, which has me at 5FP. I am in process of putting 2 more people in my group and declare having that filled by tomorrow. I’ve been hesitating and could use some support tomorrow to stop being a wimp, invite some bad-ass people into my group and not show up inferior 🙂 I will reach out to team in the morning. I am making it more complicated than it is.

    I declare that my new floor to be 5FP and know that consistent action will keep me there! Taking on declaration and stand sprinkled with a sense of this shall be. 

     Juliana Sih

    Jeff, I am currently at 4FP and need to get hired within 4 weeks to stay in qualification at 4FP. I do like the May 1st deadline better so I want to create a little fire under my a**.

    T – I am completing daily, focusing on Being work to remain in Essence and out of self-sabotage. I will reach out to Group Me for support and I will share where I am at even if sad, anger, etc.

    This week I am going to be doing Linkedin outreach, inviting people into my group (similar to my last group), social media outreach and connecting with all my old sample session. I’m workshop a workshop Thursday and invite people into sample sessions. And will also do email blast!

    Any other ideas? I’d love to brainstorm and get creative.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks for bringing the Juliana! I want to acknowledge you for playing your client game from the lens of breakthrough. This is amazing to model for yourself and the team.

    And I find myself still a little unsure of what you need to remain in qualification. You are currently at 4 FP clients. Do you need to be at 5 FP by May 1st? What will you take on this week to fulfill on your declaration?

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for bringing this from a new place! Is there anything you need to do differently to meet your declaration of 2 more for group and 1 FP by next week?


     Juliana Sih

    Hey Team!

    I need to own something around my client game.

    This morning I was updating my Certification Tracking Sheet because I felt like something was off, especially with my client Kavita. We signed a 4 month contract and I put our weekly call into my calendar to repeat the event 16 times. Somehow my calendar wonked out and has this ongoing till May, even though I have already have 16 sessions with her. In fact, we are over by 5 sessions! I am out of integrity on this and want to fully own it. I will be talking with her this week and enrolling her in extending our contract for another 6 months. And seeing if I can get paid for the last 5 sessions.

    This is a breakdown in Ownership. I want to apologize for bringing this last minute, I know that is my pattern and I am committed to breaking that up.

    I also want to own that the client who’s contract ends this week still has 5 more sessions left (rescheduling, post-poning, etc.). So I would not consider that relationship over until we do our completion call. He does not want to extend our contract.

    I want to practice this breakdown differently. Not from hiding in being in shame and therefore not showing up. I will continue to show up authentically and in my power even when things are wonky or I identify something that is “negative”.

    What’s so with my client game? I am at 4 FP which puts me on the line and I within the next month I need to get hired to stay in qualification. My declaration is to get hired this week and fill my group with 2 people by next week.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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