Ownership of all the things!

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     Charlie Horn

    I will own google docs.
    I see the opportunity to relax about it and just do it without it being a big thing.

     Tiffany Turner

    I got music.

     Brittany Cotton

    Charlie I see you being the Google docs owner. What do you see?


    Great! Looking forward to partnering! And good call on lunch and music.

    Can we lump lunch/rest with breaks?

    Who will own music?


    I will partner with you Nichole on Owner Owner. Having two people partnering on getting out in front of all the things and supporting the other owners is helpful and there’s a breakthrough for me in having my eye on all the things without all of the doingness.

    I also see looking to Music, Lunch (wellbeing, rest, down time, etc.) are good to have owners for.


     Juliana Sih

    I can own links!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Commenting here so as to say Sabs Reg Leader reporting for duty! I will bring my vision for creating registration this weekend to a separate forum thread by EOD Today!!! And I will be sure to share with Mel on SD Monthly so we can play as one city, one team. Game. On.


    I see something for myself in being Owner Owner. Perhaps that’s why I added it. ? I see a breakthrough in making sure everyone feels supported while maintaining my breaks and well being. So a practice of leaned-back support. Also happy to share it with someone and tag-team if anyone else sees something!

     Jeff Miller

    I will take Break Owner.

    Who is next?


    As discussed during production, we need to establish owners for each of these responsibilities. I included a brief description of each, and added one at the end.

    Links Owner: This person will own the links to all the documents that will be needed throughout the module. For instance, VMAs, Stands, Feedback Forms. This owner should be prepared to share links with participants and also partner with team to ensure links are shared in your absence. Who will own this?

    Google Docs Owner: This person will make sure all the documents get uploaded to the SDI July 2020 folder from each day, prior to sitting for completion. Examples: Test result documents, PCC reviewed ICF Forms, etc. Who will own this?

    Break Owner: This person will create a schedule of everyone’s breaks, make sure that everyone has their breaks planned, and follows up to ensure breaks are being taken. Who will own this?

    Owner Owner: The Owner Owner will own the owners. Heh. I see an opportunity, similar to what LKT put in, to have one person who will have their eye on supporting the integrity of the Zoom Room by being back-up and support to the various owners, not just for what’s listed above, but for other accountabilities such as exams and guest clients. Who sees something for them to have their eye on the ball throughout the day and be a point support person so that Britt is not the default holder-of-stuff? Cuz she gon’ be busy! Who will own this?

    Registration Game Owner: Sabs thanks for owning this!! Let us know how we can support.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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