Participant Check-in 10/28/19

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     Tiffany Turner

    Ryan & Bree attached.




    Name: Bree Date: 10/29/19


    Request for Coaching This Week: Figure out what’s confidence blocks so I can get my own clients. Get some clarity on what is making me feel overwhelmed and anxious.


    Practices I completed: Working on MoPAs


    Practices that are incomplete: Still getting caught up from Module 1’s training


    Project #1: Get 5 coaching clients (at least 2 that are full pay):  

    What by When: 12/1/19

    Next Project Milestone: Get 5 more full pay clients

    Update/Progress this Week: I am aware that I have blocks about this and will start finding creative solutions to overcoming those blocks


    Project #2: Reach 6A2 in my business: 

    What by When: 12/31/20

    Next Project Milestone: 6A2-2

    Update/Progress this Week: A couple new team members are joining this week


    Project #3: Grow my social media following:  

    What by When: 10,000 followers by 12/31/20

    Next Project Milestone: 20,000 followers

    Update/Progress this Week: N/A


    Project #4: Start writing a book:  

    What by When: Framework done by 12/31/20 

    Next Project Milestone: Write the book

    Update/Progress this Week: Visualized I was a bestselling author


    Project #5: Move to Maui:  

    What by When: by 10/1/20

    Next Project Milestone: Buy a house in Mui

    Update/Progress this Week: Visualized that I live there

     Juliana Sih



    Name: Sarah Bolton 

    Date: 10/31/19


    Request for Coaching this Week:


    1. Juggling everything and taking care of my own well-being
    2. Finances/debt consolidation/balance transfer???
    3. Making more money/ no deficit
    4. Coaching clients


    Practices I Completed:

    1. Meeting Steve tomorrow to get some support on debt consolidation
    2. Downloaded “Mint” app


    Practices that are Incomplete: 


    1. Tracking income and expenses
    2. Google Calendars


    Project #1:

    What, by when?:  The Van Plan


    Next Project Milestone:


    Update/Progress this Week: 


    Project #2 Badass $$$ Project (TBD)


    What, by when? 


    Next Project Milestone:


    Update/Progress this Week:


     Brittany Cotton


     Tiffany Turner

    Neither Bree or Ryan sent their check in sheets. I text both asking by when I’ll receive them, and haven’t heard back from either.

    I declare both to be posted by 8pm PST on Tuesday.


    Don’s coming to me by 8pm PT he says – I’ll post his and Brittany’s first thing in the am – apologies for the shenanigans!

     Brittany Cotton


     Brittany Cotton

    Hey team,

    Valerie and Steve have both reached out to me letting me know they made a mistake and will have their check ins to me by EOD.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Lesa’s check in:

    Name: Lesa Hudspeth


    Date: 10/24/19


    Request for Coaching this Week:

    Support for when I begin to stand in my own way and talk myself out of moving forward.


    Practices I completed:

    Began reading “Getting Real”

    Began letting go of “right or wrong” and just doing it. This is a perspective thing, so it’s something I’ve been taking greater notice of in general and applying to situations as they come up.


    Practices that are incomplete:

    For what we spoke about, I think I’m complete.

    For projects below, my goal was to get my YouTube channel going and some content rolling. I am still in the process of this mostly because when I began to talk to my friend about the steps necessary to get it rolling, the plan had to be changed up a little. So here is what I’ve done so far: (Again, I’ll follow format going forward but I’m not quite sure how to break this all out currently when it all changed.)

    1. Chose my name for on YouTube, my channel and my email (most important piece). It’s Aislinn Medea and it means Dream Sorceress.

    2. Secured the name, email and channel.

    3. Ordered cell phone tripod and began building my profile.

    4. Studied several spiritual healers on YouTube and their content and videos and worked with my friend on how to properly tag to get better views.

    5. Began practicing my cards again and familiarizing myself again since it’s been a while. I really can’t get my content rolling without a plan or some sort of coherency in what I’m talking about so I’ve spent more time on this than just filming without a plan.

    6. A situation arose this week that gave me an opportunity to “do” and tackle it without worrying about what was right or wrong and just communicating what I needed to without attaching all of my conditioning and preconceptions to it. I did it and it turned out quite well. I actually advocated for myself and where I stood and it was quite empowering.

    Other than that, I’ve been trying to work on my MOPAS and I think I’m off to a good start.

    I had a rather powerful experience while in Idyllwild to share that helped to solidify that I’m on the right path.


    Project #1:

    What by When:

    Next Project Milestone:

    Update/Progress this Week:

    Project #2:

    What by When:

    Next Project Milestone:

    Update/Progress this Week:


    Project #3:

    What by When:

    Next Project Milestone:

    Update/Progress this Week:


    Project #4:

    What by When:

    Next Project Milestone:

    Update/Progress this Week:


    Project #5:

    What by When:

    Next Project Milestone:

    Update/Progress this Week:


    Number of Clients

    Full Pay Clients:

    Partial Pay Clients:

    Pro-Bono Clients:

    Total current # of clients:


    Coaching Hrs to Date

    Pro-Bono Hours:

    Paid Client Hours:

     Jeff Miller

    Vicky’s is attached.

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