Participant Check-in 11/4/19

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    Don’s attached.

     Juliana Sih



    Name: Sarah Bolton 

    Date: 10/31/19


    Request for Coaching this Week:


    1. Fitting everything into one day/ feeling overwhelmed


    1. Coaching clients


    Practices I Completed:

    1. Meeting Steve tomorrow to get some support on debt consolidation
    2. Downloaded “Mint” app


    Practices that are Incomplete: 


    1. Tracking income and expenses
    2. Google Calendars


    Project #1:

    What, by when?:  The Van Plan


    Next Project Milestone:


    Update/Progress this Week: 


    Project #2 Badass $$$ Project (TBD)


    What, by when? 


    Next Project Milestone:


    Update/Progress this Week:

     Juliana Sih

    Sarah declared sending hers in by today. Will follow-up tomorrow morning if don’t receive it.


    Brittany’s p. 2


    Brittany’s p. 1

     Brittany Cotton


     Brittany Cotton


     Sabrina Pratt

    Lesa’s Check In:

    Name: Lesa H.

    Date: 11/1/19

    Request for Coaching this Week:

    I would like to request some support around the situation I keep avoiding talking about regarding my work because I feel I’m really struggling more than ever with it, and my blocks around it caused quite a hiccup in completing my practices for this week, including a lot of the well being exercises I was planning. I’m realizing this goes a lot deeper than simple time management. So I still want support around what we discussed last week but I feel a block hitting and this is what I’d like to discuss for coaching. I keep avoiding discussing it, but I don’t feel I’m being authentic or doing any favors to our coaching relationship if I don’t get real about what keeps coming up for me surrounding it all.

    Practices I completed:

    Does this mean MOPA’s? If so, I’ve been reading Getting Real and I’ve connected with a couple of team members and had a conversation with my buddy, Sarah, this week. I’ve spent the majority of my time not dedicated to my job or kids trying to get to where I’m ready to get my channel launched with some content. I’m not going to be able to afford this program if I don’t get that rolling and everything else feels like I’m putting the cart before the horse. I said “no” to going to LA for the weekend with friends so that I can get some things done that I need to and part of that is handling some of the MOPA’s the next few days.

    Practices that are incomplete:

    I will follow up more on our call. 🙂 I need to get to Costco and get a membership and get going on my plan since this is something falling into my grand scheme of better time management and well being and if I don’t get there prior to opening, it’s a zoo!  ?

     Tiffany Turner

    Ryan M

     Tiffany Turner





    Name: Bree Date: 11/3/19


    Request for Coaching This Week: Essence conversation 


    Practices I completed: Working on MoPAs, reached out referrals for clients, posted on social media about coaching and taking new clients


    Practices that are incomplete: Behind in my required reading but will catch up


    Project #1: Get 5 coaching clients (at least 2 that are full pay):  

    What by When: 12/1/19

    Next Project Milestone: Get 5 more full pay clients

    Update/Progress this Week: I am aware that I have blocks about this and will start finding creative solutions to overcoming those blocks


    Project #2: Reach 6A2 in my business: 

    What by When: 12/31/20

    Next Project Milestone: 6A2-2

    Update/Progress this Week: A couple new team members are joining this week


    Project #3: Grow my social media following:  

    What by When: 10,000 followers by 12/31/20

    Next Project Milestone: 20,000 followers

    Update/Progress this Week: N/A


    Project #4: Start writing a book:  

    What by When: Framework done by 12/31/20 

    Next Project Milestone: Write the book

    Update/Progress this Week: Visualized I was a bestselling author


    Project #5: Move to Maui:  

    What by When: by 10/1/20

    Next Project Milestone: Buy a house in Mui

    Update/Progress this Week: Visualized that I live there




    1. I have questions about this. Should I wait until after I do this with you on Tuesday, T, before I practice it with my buddies? Because they start traveling soon after that for SD. Was this talked about in module 1?


    1. I am unsure what this is


    1. I’ve been doing this. 


    1. I am reading Getting Real right now. I started The Last Word on Power but it was suggested to me to start the other book first.


    1. I watched all of the movies.


    1. I did this.


    1. I posted on social media and reached out to all of these people:


    1. Facebook 
    2. Instagram
    3. Andrew Kukawsky
    4. Shana Samot
    5. Shannon Barrick
    6. Katie Goldstein
    7. Holly Hansen
    8. Tanya Moore
    9. Cheyenne Rosson
    10. Cooper Barrick
    11. Danica Barrick
    12. Bethany Crouch
    13. Megan Barrick
    14. Corrin MacAnally


    1. I have no prospects yet.


    1. I am practicing this.


    1. I am practicing this.
    2. I am working on this


    1. I read all of Week 1 and am halfway through Week 2. I wasn’t aware that I needed to read Week 2 until I asked. It wasn’t made clear on the MOPAS list.


    1. I did this.


    1. I shared with my team in the forum.


    1. I did this.


    1. I am working on this


    1. I am working on this 


    1. I need to organize my list into an app or calendar. I still need to start the actual sheet. I prefer digital versions so I can use my phone.


    1. I am working on organizing this


    1. I am working on getting clients. I just started reaching out 2 days ago.


    1. I will when I have clients


    1. I have been practicing this


    1. I still need to do this


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