Participant Seduction Strategies

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     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Sabs – I’m owning seduction strategies. I’ll get all the participants strategies added to our Accountability Tracker by Wednesday of next week!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Yes, ok cool- I say we compile all Seduction Strategies be they these that we distinguished on T Time or the ones that the team did on their own call and get those in one spot so we can see who is missing and close that gap in the next week or so. Is someone already owning getting all the distinguished seduction strategies together and in one spot? Just want to be sure there aren’t loose ends here.


    The team had their own call to finish distinguishing seduction strategies and are currently sharing in the participant forum. I’m not clear if anyone was left out of that call or not.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Thank you so much for recording this and sharing! So, it appears that we have quite a few participants who have yet to distinguish their strategy. I will communicate with Lesa & Andrew to support in having their team distinguish their seduction strategy within the week.

     Tiffany Turner

    Juliana, I took notes from that call as well, if you captured people that I didn’t, will you add them? Otherwise, I don’t think we need duplicate notes (and sorry for the confusion, we had thought we were going to break out into groups and I had you and me as the note takers for those two groups, but since we didn’t split, it looks like we both did the work!).

    1.  Steve
      1. What draws you in
        1. Accent
        2. Charisma
        3. Fancy suave shirts
        4. Big teddy bear, lovey dovey
        5. Life is wonderful, come in and look at it with me
        6. Friendly Leadership
        7. Generous – willing to share, doesn’t hold back
        8. Vivacious
        9. “Wanna go for a fun ride, mate?”
        10. “Let’s make our lives better together!”
        11. I’ll succeed if I hang out with him
        12. Unlimited energy
      2. Gotcha
        1. Real shit to say, and didn’t say it // “I’ve seen you all along and didn’t tell you the truth”
        2. “I know the answer, but I haven’t shared it with you”
        3. Doesn’t say the truth to your face, he goes around it // indirect
        4. Steve, just say what you’re gonna say
        5. Vagary
        6. Shocked
        7. Dishonest
      3. How it leaves you feeling
        1. Lost
        2. That I don’t have the answers
        3. At a loss – it was gonna be cool, but it got taken away
        4. Let down
        5. Why didn’t you say so earlier?
    2. Vicky
      1. What draws you in
        1. Fun
        2. Engaging
        3. Liveliness
        4. Great aura
        5. Witchy pieces exotic sensual goddess
        6. Flirtatious
        7. Leader of the cool kids
        8. Calm
        9. Serene
        10. Grace
        11. Beauty
        12. Adventure
        13. Committed
        14. Beautiful mysteriousness
      2. Gotcha
        1. Ain’t nobody got time for that
        2. Not a priority
        3. She has a lot of love to give, and then she has to go
        4. Now that I got you here, I gotta go
      3. How it leaves you feeling
        1. I don’t matter, she has enough going on
        2. Not important enough
        3. Not cool enough for her time
        4. Let down
        5. Feeling like we were tighter than we were
        6. I better jump, because I don’t know when it’s coming next
        7. Tooted and booted
        8. Responsible to make…(Steve’s accent….got in the way, didn’t hear it)
    3. Brittany
      1. What draws you in
        1. Sweet
        2. Compassion
        3. Calming
        4. Sensitive
        5. Caring
        6. Empathetic
        7. Warm
        8. Welcomed
        9. Her voice – you have to like her
        10. Angel
        11. Saint
        12. Peace
        13. Softness
        14. A lot of love
        15. Nurturing vibe
        16. Princess warrior
        17. Gentle
        18. All caring and all loving
        19. I want to protect her because she’s vulnerable
      2. Gotcha
        1. Fear
        2. No more misses nice girl
        3. Not eyes opening up
        4. Not always available
        5. Not all saintly and nurturing and caring and loving
        6. She hides
        7. Withholds
        8. Back the fuck up
        9. Keeps the cards close
        10. Which one’s Brittany? Which one’s a mirror?
      3. How it leaves you feeling
        1. Left trying harder
        2. Disconnected
        3. There’s some key I need it find to the door, and I don’t have the right key
        4. Worried I’ll break her or hurt her, so I can’t be honest
        5. Disempowered because I can’t protect her
        6. Distanced
        7. Useless or powerless
        8. Walking on eggshells – closed in and trying to play safe in what to say/not say, on edge
        9. Okay well, I can’t help her, she has it all under control then.
        10. She doesn’t want/need the help/support
        11. That she’ll judge me because I’m not angelic
    4. Sarah
      1. What draws you in
        1. Play
        2. Enthusiasm
        3. Creative
        4. Laughter
        5. Genuine
        6. Warmth
        7. Lightness
        8. Heart
        9. Fun
        10. Sincere
        11. Honest
        12. Innocent
        13. Open
        14. Joy
        15. No worries
        16. Magic
        17. Will improve your life and look beautiful doing it
        18. Sparkle
        19. Wants to help
        20. I can make you look pretty too!
        21. Receptive
      2. Gotcha
        1. Fragile/tender
        2. She’s not as confident as she seemed
        3. Actually, don’t look over here
        4. Disempowered, she doesn’t have the answers we thought she has
        5. She’s a little girl
        6. Messy
        7. Let’s keep it business
      3. How it leaves you feeling
        1. That I either need to give a ton of support to be with her, or leave
        2. Wanting
        3. Confused
        4. Like I had dirty water splashed on me
        5. Matter of fact
        6. Left on the outside
        7. Let down
    5. Nancy
      1. What draws you in
        1. Lovebug
        2. Big ball of love
        3. Open
        4. Can say anything
        5. I want more stories
        6. Straightforward
        7. Play
        8. Want to hear jokes
        9. Friendly and sassy, no BS
        10. Smile
        11. Magic
        12. Miracle
        13. Brave
        14. Loyal
        15. Leader
        16. Straight talk
        17. Partner
        18. Accepting
        19. Vibrance
        20. Smile
        21. Support
        22. Pillar
        23. Strength
        24. She’s got your back
      2. Gotcha
        1. Defensiveness
        2. She’s fight back
        3. “That’s not how I wanted it”
        4. Pessimism
        5. Complainy
        6. Sensitive
        7. Closed off
        8. Guarded
        9. Rough shell
        10. Doesn’t have grace with you meeting them
        11. Stuck
      3. How it leaves you feeling
        1. I’ll never be able to do enough
        2. Not gonna trend in thin air
        3. Guarded
        4. Feeling that I need to explain myself
        5. Judged
        6. Confused
        7. That I’ve entered Nancy’s world and need to fix/solve something – obligated
        8. Left out
        9. Weary that I’m going to make her angry
        10. Left hanging
        11. That I’m a disappointment
        12. That I need to tread lightly, so as not to disturb her
        13. Unworthy
        14. Not enough

    Ryan’s Seduction Strategy –

    1. Hey Kitty Kitty
      1. Teddy bear
      2. Good listener
      3. Protector
      4. Noble shit
    2. Gotcha
      1. Don’t fuck with me
      2. Abrasive
      3. Back the fuck off
      4. Don’t hug this teddy bear
      5. Rough around the edges
      6. I’ll check you
      7. Me vs Them
      8. One man team
      9. I’ll take you out
      10. Shriek – stay out of my swap
    3. How you’re left feeling
      1. Abandon
      2. Not on my team anymore
      3. Resigned
      4. Left out
      5. Sad
      6. Wanting more
      7. Like I needed to do better
      8. Needing to watch how I talk with me
      9. Fear and rathe
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