Participant T-Time Enrollment

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     Jeff Miller

    Yup! I will bring it to Vicky by Tuesday.


    Thanks Nichole. It looks like Steve, Bolty and Lauren are having the conversation on loudspeaker, but the team conversation is more like taking votes than enrollment – and the votes are leaning toward 3pm and 90 mins.

    Is anyone here on team not enrollable in 90 minutes at 3pm?

    Will you bring it to your peeps again on Monday and Tuesday?

    My declaration is we have this flat by Tuesday 5/26!


    Oh, and I’ll bring it to Lauren tomorrow.


    I brought this conversation to Jonathan today. He was in a pretty intense breakdown so there wasn’t a lot of time to talk about it, but at the end of our call when he was feeling better I challenged him to lean on his team and to also find his voice of leadership with this conversation.


    Hey Team – This week I brought to both Brittany and Don the breakdown of their not having enrollment around T-Time flat for June per the participant team declaration. I shared the opportunity I see to practice leadership and enrollment, but neither touched it. YET.

    Are you all enrolled in calling forth your participants’ next level leadership and breakthrough by way of the T Time conversation?

    To be clear, there is no expectation around what they bring other than that they create enrollment with their team and ours around this. Until then, my calendar is blocked on Tuesdays from 3-4p PT!

    I declare Brittany will be the one to bring it – and I’m standing for her putting down her default habit of not believing in herself an coming back in hot. So far she hasn’t touched it =)

    Who will play with a declaration and practice standing?

     Sabrina Pratt

    I am standing for the participants to work themselves out around it. I was not planning on a t time call tomorrow as powerful enrollment for May t time has not yet been brought and seems very last minute were it to be brought now.

     Brittany Cotton

    Yeah. I had it that they were getting on their own T time this week, knowing we would not be joining them. And they are aware that we are waiting to be enrolled in something!

     Tiffany Turner

    I missed a ton of action on the participant T-Time thread last week because of some technical glitch in my notifications. Now that I’m caught up, I see that they’re not aligned as a team, and I don’t see that the leader team needs to take any action, the peeps gotta work themselves out. Until they do, I’m not enrolled in extra T-Times, nor am I enrolled in extended T-Times.


    It occurred to me this morning that with our 3pm virtual training call tomorrow, that the decision is really are we meeting at 5:00 or are we not meeting? We don’t actually have the 3:00 slot available. And yeah, I realize we could flip flop. But whatever we’re going to do, let’s just decide now so that we can let everyone know.

    Can we get a quick round robin of what you are enrolled in?

    Me: no T-time this week. We need to prep for module. I saw someone on their team make the recommendation that they do their own call. I vote for that. More them, less us.

     Brittany Cotton

    I echo what most have shared. I am open to either 3 or 5.  And I actually love having the 90 minutes.

    Similar to LKT- I’m standing for them to work themselves out around it. And be in the impact of not if thats what happens. I see this as great training for someone to see they aren’t enrolling, to have to create it, bring it, etc.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 42 total)
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