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     Jeff Miller

    Hey everyone,

    Coming up to Module 5 I notice that the participant team has two people past the 3 month mark. And I notice that I am not actually enrolled in Lesa or Ryan attending the module if they are still 3 months or more behind. And with live updated news Ryan Mac just made a $1200 payment, which means technically he is not 3 months behind. His balance is now $4600, and his monthly payments are $1800. And this is still right on the line and that is not a breakthrough for our friend Ryan. Here is what I see…myself, T and Ryan get on a call prior to the module and have a “NSNK” conversation about money, breakthroughs and willingness. Sabs partners with LKT to support Lesa in actually doing the program our way and not her way. Actually leaning into team, support and playing for breakthroughs and not being right (I can’t relate to this at all).

    What do you all see here? Who are the participants being? Who are we being in the face of their declaration? Their breakthroughs?

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