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     Jeff Miller

    Thank you so much Sabrina for playing and coaching with so much heart. Also, for being a demand for support.

    And I want to add a team acknowledgement for dominated real time forum posts today. I have been on calls pretty much all day. Great to see team getting and receiving support!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Lesa & I just had a super powerful ? conversation!!! Thanks for the support team!!! At the end her value was: “I feel More in control of my life right now, I feel like it isn’t just happening to me and I can go create it!” So that’s exciting. It’s also pretty predictable that Lesa show up disempowered you our calls and then leave empowered. I’m aware of this and we set up More structures around her “bossing up” in her life and taking responsibility for all of it.

     Tiffany Turner

    Sabs, I think it’s just perfect taht you’re showing her with acknowledgement. She’s in such good hands with you!

    The only thing I have to add, is to reflect that this is just how life goes for her, most of the time. AC is only the mirror that has her having to own the chaos, drama, overwhelm, and breakdown cycles she’s in. If she quits, there’s one thing that’s reliable, these cycles continue to live. If she stays, she has the opportunity to be supported by people and with tools/resources that create a new experience of life for her.

    If she’s willing, I’d work with her to reconnect to possibility. From her taken out place of overwhelm, it’s easy to see everything as a HUGE undertaking and be unwilling to add even one more thing to the list. From possibility, she can choose differently, so perhaps support her in connecting to her vision of life when she’s the architect, and has EVERYTHING she wants.


    Gosh, Sabs, this reminds me of when I told my Program Coach that I kissed someone who wasn’t my husband……….and she said “it’s perfect” and I was like “oh haaaaayyyl no this is not perfect, what is wrong with you you weird moron of a coach?!”

    Your response reflects her greatness and the possibility you see for her. So just as she sees herself in her stuff, might want to choose it and be in it from SM, she also sees herself as separate from her stuff, is willing to be exactly where she is, which is perfect. She is perfect. And from here forgiveness and the possibility of completion are available.

    So like she is “buying” the significance of her overwhelm, you are “buying” that her out conversation is one to entertain. Trust her, that she will have breathed, spent time putting one foot in front of the other and support her in getting really complete. I encourage you to get her in the breakdown, get her with allll the thoughts, feelings, and body sensations and if she’s willing to get enrolled in something that’s available for her in this program (you too! <3) then consider the places Kerry gave us to look at around money and setting up the plan that she won’t shift and distinguishing the relationship (blame, justify, denial, avoidance?

    Who else has something for Sabrina?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I just posted my request to the GroupMe but I need some support with Lesa. I am totally “buying” it. I feel really bad for her. And it’s got me out of coach and into “awww, it’ll be ok” and wanting to say things so she will keep on trusting/liking me instead of putting it to her boldly. Also- how do I put it to her boldly in a way that she can hear?

    We are talking today at 11am.

    This is the reply I sent back:


    You radiant, powerful goddess!!! You are love walking on earth and you’ve got this all day. You are not only going to survive but thrive. Hang in there. It’s messy and you’re not alone.

    Thank you so much for your authenticity and courage in sharing everything. Thank you for your trust in me that you would bring all of this. I’ve got your back all the way!

    I am right there with you and I am looking forward to talking to you tomorrow!!!


     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Sabrina,

    Good afternoon  and hi there ? Okay, I’m just going to be honest…. I am full on in my survival mechanism right now and therefore, I’m going to touch base on the things in the email from yesterday when I’m not ready to run screaming for the hills.  I feel so overwhelmed and defeated in this moment that I just want to quit.  That’s where I’m at.
    So I guess my coaching request tomorrow centers around how and if I can make this AC thing work for me.  Because right now, I want to withdraw.  When I signed up for this, Nichole was going to pay for half the program and I’m pretty sure she’s done that already so I don’t want to ask for more as the company tanks and we are scrambling to save it.  My work hasn’t gotten less, it’s piled on a LOT more especially recently and there’s no hope of figuring out a side hustle.  I know everyone wants to discuss ways of being and all that around this… but straight up, I barely have the time as it is and I definitely do not have the money on my own, nor the time to make it on the side unless I suddenly decided to stop sleeping altogether and give my kids up for adoption.  I’m sure this will get called my “story” but that just invalidates me even more, and makes me feel even more defeated.
    With that said, I can’t bring myself to declare one more thing that I feel I’ll just fail at.  This stuff is killing me.  I’m sorry, I’m just not in a good head space here right now.  Being asked two days in a row when I’m going to pay an $1800 bill as I stare at how on earth I’m going to stretch the last $40 in my account to pay for gas and food for my kids on top of having to miss a team check in because it’s right in the middle of a workday in which I skipped lunch because there was just too much to do (and I’m still working)… this is all beyond disempowering for me.  🙁
    So I’m sending an email check in, because this is what I can do right now.  I thought about saying a lot less or pretending all was fine, but it’s not.  I’m not going to get anywhere here if I’m not honest about where I’m at.
    I’m going to take a deep breath and make dinner for my boys and finish up my work project and then respond to all the things tomorrow morn when I’m coming from a better place.  I don’t even like my own attitude right now, ha!  ? I just felt really inauthentic if I just responded, “Yeah I’ll do all this stuff by such and such time….” When physically and mentally, I’m in complete shutdown and I know I’d be lying.  So this is me putting on loudspeaker that I’m freaking out a bit, I suppose!


     Juliana Sih


    Name: Bree Date: 2/3/20

    Request for Coaching This Week: More talk about money. More support around reaching out to people for referrals and sample calls….need to determine my blocks around this.

    Practices I completed: Being more accountable. Getting MOPAS done. Supporting my team as well asking them for support.

    Practices that are incomplete: Not posting on social media as much but have plans for some posts.

    Project #1: Get Into Action & Out of Debt:  

    What by When: I am out of debt and making at least $10,000 a month between both of my businesses by 12/31/20

    Next Project Milestone: 3 full-pay clients by 3/1/20

    Update/Progress this Week: Continuing to reach out to people for sample calls or referrals.

     Juliana Sih


    Name: Sarah Bolton 

    Date: 2/6/20

    Request for Coaching this Week:

    1. Interview at Supercuts/ the future of Bolty’s Beauty Bar???
    2. Getting commitment/enrollment from people- I had 2 people today scheduled for sample sessions/essence convos who didn’t show up to the call/weren’t giving it their full attention/wasted my time
    3. Deeper and deeper in debt- would like to create a game plan with so many ways, it will be impossible not to work

    Practices I Completed:

    1. New funky colored lipsticks- being more conscious of expressing myself creatively/authentically
    2. Taking care of well-being/went to chiropractor today and started treatment after car accident

    Practices that are Incomplete: 

    1. Coaching clients (client game) $1000
    2. Email Newsletter!!! (in progress)
    3. Festivals/events mapping out on calendar


    Project #1: The Van Plan

    What, by when?: $20,000 raised for my van and renovations by Burning Man 2020 😀

    Next Project Milestone: $1000 raised by 2/1/2020 for the Van Plan fund.

    Update/Progress this Week: $250 raised/$1000 goal by Feb. 1, 2020

    Project #2 Badass $$$ Project (TBD)

    What, by when? 

    Next Project Milestone:

    Update/Progress this Week:

     Juliana Sih

    Sarah and Bree have not sent me anything. Will reach out to them and declare having them submitting before production call.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Lesa & I had a great coaching conversation last Wednesday morning wherein we discussed her making powerful choices for her life from an empowered place (instead of out of her time context, etc). I offered that some places to practice are: coaching check in sheet submitted each week, paying on time for AC, setting up and being at cause and then sticking to our appointments, submitting recorded call, setting up essence conversation, etc.

    Lesa said that from an empowered place she would submit her check in every Tuesday by noon. I know that is not in alignment with what we have discussed as a team for our participants so- What do you see team? What do you say?

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