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     Brittany Cotton

    Steve and Valerie are all set for April 1st payments! Who is next?


    Don is paid in full

    Brittany is set to be paid by 3/31

     Charlie Horn


    what I see for Lesa is she is beating herself to the punch. She is quitting for fear of failing (because that would be too painful to be with) and using circumstance as evidence for why it is going this way. It seems like such a deep seated habit that she doesn’t see it.
    what is she really afraid will happen if she chooses to take on her practices?

    what is her first pump of the breaks? That’s the gold for her to see and to take a bite out Of that part of the cycle right now. It’s probably subconscious and easily passed over that has the cycle start. It could even be a body sensation. Maybe she is holding her breath or gets a hot sensation or ??
    If she can distinguish the first fork in the road the rest will start to open up into her awareness and she will be taking one more step further than she is right now. She may Be aware when the fifth fork in the road shows up and by that time the road has her automatically dizzied by all the turns that she is well into overwhelm.

     Juliana Sih

    I just talked to Sarah and she will be making her April payment on time. She did mention that this is the last month she could put money on her CC before it was maxed out. I will continue to bring money and creating structures to out coaching call in service of her breakthrough with money.

    For Lesa, I might reflect that from the outside, it seems like the “secret agenda” of her SM is for people to feel sorry for her. What does she get out of feeling sorry for herself? I have it she gets sympathy and pity as to feel heard and seen. Maybe she secretly wants to get rescued. And she probably lets herself off the hook when she feels bad about herself. (you spot it you got it :p)




    I also would call her out on how it doesn’t seem like she actually wants her life to go differently. She is soooooo comfortable in victim. What is she winning at by staying in victim?


    You know what’s really cool about getting your hours cut in half at work? No more time context! I would focus there. She has no excuse now not to work on getting clients and building something for herself once and for all. Meet her excuses with possibility. Don’t give her an inch for her drama. Enough is enough!

    Good  luck! ?


     Sabrina Pratt

    Lesa last minute re-scheduled our call to support around money this morning. She said she was not in the right headspace (which is a pattern for her). We are going to connect tomorrow. I have been writing down the pattern so I don’t lose it and can accurately reflect it to her.

    What I see for Lesa in how our coaching calls go is:

    Lesa shows up disempowered (upset, angry, confused, overwhelmed) and GUILTY (she is late to the call, last minute rescheduled, disorganized, no check in, she didn’t do MOPA’s, she hates coaching, etc.)

    Angry (blamey, righteous martyr, defensive, victim-y)

    (first 10mins)

    Getting back into relationship

    Heard & Seen (I meet her with compassion, love and understanding- she feels seen, heard and validated, “me saying, you are allowed to have any experience you choose- you’re not crazy but yes this is a context, that is why it is everywhere and follows you into and out of everything no matter the circumstance- would you like to choose a different experience”)


    Open to coaching and the gradient can slowly be raised over the course of the call


    Design actions from an empowered place

    Resist structures that will support those actions (because she doesn’t want to be ‘delusional’ and because ‘it’s just not realistic’ and ‘we will have to see how it goes’)


    (Then I get off the phone with her, sigh and get ready for the pattern to begin again)

    We are right at the start of the pattern now because she just last minute rescheduled today so I can anticipate that, predictably, this pattern will begin tomorrow for our money support call so I have the opportunity to change the pattern before I get sucked back into it!


    Team! What do you see?! Please tell me!!! I need help!!!

     Tiffany Turner

    Nancy will be making a $200 payment tomorrow, and an $1800 payment on April 12. She hasn’t created declarations for April.

    I didn’t bring a rigorous money convo to Ryan today. We hadn’t had a coaching call in 4 weeks and I chose to recreate relationship. I did ask him to relate to all his financial commitments the same, including AC, and bring something to our next call.

    Ryan is in action trying to find work (he’s applied to 11 jobs online and followed up in-person at two of those 11 places), and there’s possibility that he’ll go back to traveling construction in 4-6 weeks time.

     Jeff Miller

    Wow! Thank you Nichole, T and Sabs for continuity going on with your Peeps. I love how you keep getting supported in service of supporting them.

    What support do either/ or anyone on team need around payments? Let’s get all of the support setup now so that everyone is empowered for 5th week and beyond.


    One more thing Jonathan mentioned that stood out to me is that he doesn’t want the virus to be a circumstance for him. It’s too easy to be like, “See what I mean?” and have his SM win right now. He’s super dedicated to not having it go that way. So that is a good sign.

Viewing 10 posts - 121 through 130 (of 230 total)
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