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    Hello leaders!

    I want to bring some enrollment around another exciting structure I see for us to lean on this year. Ya’ll may have noticed “PC/LiT Feedback” listed as one of the accountabilities on the Accountability Sheet – which I am owning and excited to season with possibility.

    Imagine stepping into the room on November 9th crystal clear on your breakthrough for that module. Not only clear on the word you’d write on the flipchart paper, but what generating it with us as a team would create in your life – as a leader of this work in the world and in this 2019-2020 Program Year.

    Imagine every restaurant owner you enrolled in separate checks, every Guest Client you supported, every post-it note you wrote or read, every supply bin you hauled, and every breakdown you faced, you did so in service of that breakthrough. Imagine saying Hell Yes on our final day of completion when asked if you generated the BT and celebrating the win that it was to cause it. Imagine going home and having a whole new experience of yourself in the world, of your projects, of your relationships as a result of generating that breakthrough in being at the module.

    And imagine knowing you had one designated teammate standing for you to create that the whole module? Someone looking over your shoulder and reminding you what you said you’d generate.  What do you see there would there be more of or less of at the module? What do you see would shift overall? (essence plug! =D)

    The PC/LiT Feedback as an accountability is an opportunity to get feedback from a teammate who has observed and experienced the impact of your leadership over the course of the module and who will give you that feedback in written form (form attached, check it out) – but beyond simply saying “Juliana, you’ve got Charlie. Charlie, you’ve got Sabrina” or whatever, I want to enroll you in a structure resembling the buddy system. This does not have to take a lot of time and its super simple.

    If you are enrolled, please share: From whom will you get support around generating your leadership breakthroughs and get feedback at the Module? My invitation is that PCs feedback fellow and fella PCs and dLiTs/LiTs feedback fellow/fella LiTs.

    LKT –>Jeff

    Jeff –> who do you say? (and pass it on!)

    T –> who do you say? (and pass it on!)

    Once we’ve all got people we know will be standing for our next breakthrough, my invitation is that you connect with your person. Share what you’re here for, the gap you want to close, and the support you need to do so.

    Ready go!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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