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     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Team –

    Nichole and LKT are supporting me in creating an enrollment for module 2, and I’d love to share where we’re at and open it up to team to also support me.

    I believe the biggest thing our team is playing for right now is reg. So that’s what I see as most enrolling to generate. I’ve already made a declaration to create two registrations by Nov 9, and I do not have any hot leads. So I need support in creating structures that would have me be in enough action to generate 2 registrations in 2 weeks. I also declared the generation of workshops, and I haven’t fulfilled on the creation of an LA workshop yet. I have it that this is action that supports my declaration of two registrations. More in the workshop thread about where LA PTL is at.
    Outside of that, I’m looking at:
    • Who I can be to Team to cause more registrations?
    • What’s the impact of my absence Saturday and half of Sunday? > How to I leave team better even though I’m not there?

    Please share what you see for me!


    T and LKT, I just sent an email to you both about designing T’s enrollment. Should I put that here, or is email the right way to handle? I figure we don’t need to clog everyone’s feed with this conversation, but now I’m second guessing what you want that process to look like. Open to feedback and correction if you want it here.

     Tiffany Turner

    Charlie – Jack and I are currently In Process of getting pregnant. Once we declare a breakthrough in being pregnant, we’ll be planning a babymoon to celebrate end of our DINK (dual income, no kids) chapter.

    Meatball I’m looking at your last question about what my life would look like if AC and my life weren’t in opposition. It’s fascinating because I’m so clear that with enough elevation, anything is possible and everything is enrollable. From there, I don’t have it that AC and my life are in opposition, but instead, competing priorities where I get to design, commit, and create things that are bigger than I’ve fulfilled before. The Being/Doing Integration, Leader, and Support breakthroughs I got from the weeks leading up to Module 1 were sooooooo money, AND I didn’t fulfill on my declarations.

    So while I’m not connected to the opposition part you put in, I can see an integrity gap. How Enrollment went for me last year was all Doing, and last month I took on Enrollment from Being, which created new breakthroughs for me, but also didn’t have me fulfill on my declarations. So I’m curious what I would need to take on to both bring the Being, and be in integrity of the declarations I make.

    Cancelling my November conflict seems WAY easier than creating an enrollment and being in the action I’d need to be in to miss 1.5 days. So I’m swinging for creating an enrollment and missing 1.5 days, simply because there’s more available for me and the entire team if I do.

    I feel like the whole team has me. Thanks everyone for being here!!! I’m going to start with LKT and Nichole, and I’ll continue to reach out for support as I go along!

    Love you all!


     Charlie Horn


    I acknowledge your commitment to having it all and being consistantly at cause for designing how it will go. I am so happy to be on a team with you. What is baby moon? Are you having a baby?

    What I see with your absences is that there are positive and negative consequences to everything and knowing the positive you are creating has me enrolled to support you in any way I can. What will you lean on me for?

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks T! I really get that you are playing a big game of creating both/and’s everywhere in your life. Have you gotten supported by LKT and Nichole? You can add me to the list of support as well.

    What I notice, similar to last module, is what will be created in your absence? Prior to last module you had enrolled us in someone else attending the module in your absence. What is your intention for this upcoming module? What will happen when you are off the grid for 2 weeks on your glorious baby moon? Will that be outside of our modules?

    It lands of here like here is what it is, what do you all need (if anything). I personally think it is amazing you are living your life and creating AC as a structure in your life. What would your life look like if it was seamless and AC and your life were not in opposition?

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks Nichole & LKT. I’ll reach out for support around my absence at Module 2.

    And thanks Nichole for supporting Charlie on massage therapists!

    I’m so sorry if this absence from team calls is a surprise to anyone, I’ve been juggling multiple enrollments around my known absences, and it’s a breakdown for my trip to China to be a surprise to anyone. This gap of information was an accident and I’m sorry for not clearly brining this to team sooner.

    To be clear these are all my known absences for this program year:

    • Missing Module 1 day 1 and half of day 2
    • Missing Module 2 day 1 and half of day 2
    • Missing team calls Oct 22-30
    • 2 weeks completely offline for a babymoon in 2020

    What I’m in right now, with all these conflicts, is an effect of declaring out for 19/20 program year, and planning my life without a commitment to AC. I’m in the goo of finding a new path in Having It All, and that’s including adding AC as a commitment, without compromising on my other pre-planned commitments. It’s pure happenstance that my flying days to and from China are on Tuesday’s and conflict with team calls, or I’d have been At Cause to be on them from abroad.

    Team, I’m SO sorry! It’s not my commitment to miss calls, and I just don’t see another way except changing my flight, which I’m resistant and unwilling to do.

    What do y’all see to share?

    Last, I’ve collected each qualifying PC’s co-coaching requests, and I’ll be posting what I see to put in for each of you on forum when I land.

    With you all from afar this week.




    I’ll partner with Charlie on therapist. I’ll reach out to him this morning.

    I’m curious about the enrollment design. Can you include me in that, LKT?


    T – I got you on the enrollment for Module 2 – and….what’s up with the announcement around missing team calls over the next two weeks? Did I miss an enrollment around these absences?

    We have you, and please address this breakdown from a complete place.

     Tiffany Turner

    Yes, thanks for the invitation:

    Looking for support on:

    • Someone to partner with Charlie on Therapist Ownership
    • PTL Workshops – start the convos with your LA and SLO networks, let’s fill these workshop rooms! – SLO on 10/27, LA date TBD
    • Who will support me in designing my enrollment for missing 1.5 days of Module 2?

    Otherwise, I want team to know:

    • I will not be on co-coaching tomorrow. I will read the leader teams check ins, and share what I see for each request on forum
    • I will not be on any team calls Wednesday 10/23-Tuesday 10/29. Team, what do you need from me around this, if anything?
    • I’m in integrity with all other commitments in my private coaching practice, and AC, outside of the above missed calls



    Hi T! Thanks for sharing this peek into your world. Sounds exciting and full of possibility and fun!! Can you bottom line what support you need from team?

    I’m enjoying your IG stories!! Have a great time in China.

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