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     Jeff Miller

    So cool! Love this. Also can do some cool things on MeetUp as well. Zoom of course but could reach another group of people as well. Additionally could be a good time for our own workshops and/more AC workshops.

     Brittany Cotton

    I love this LKT!

    We are actually going to be focusing A LOT on pipeline the next few weeks in Reg. So this is great, because I would love us all to start thinking about places to go to build pipeline, such that we can offer our new team members lots of ideas when they are stuck at “no pipeline.”

    LKT- I am definitely interested in hearing more and hosting a Ted Circle!

    Other ideas:

    -Master classes! We could do some Master classes with each other, specifically for coaches or people who want to be coaches!

    -Offering Network After Work a webinar for your area for all the people who still can’t meet in person

    -FB groups


    Who else?




    I’m thinking of holding one of these and I don’t see why every one of us wouldn’t have fun taking on something like this – or similar. Imagine what it could create for your business exposure – – or our program registration!

    In May I hosted two webinars and generated 57 attendees between the two simply by leveraging a university’s webinar platform for alumni. And now I get to follow up with all of them and offer Sample Sessions.

    What if a few of us co-hosted a TED Circle and generated the conversation as powerfully as we do our team conversations and played for generating some reg leads?

    What other ideas does this conjure for you?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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