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    My favorite thing about enrollment is that I know I can’t enjoy it if I call it enrollment but then perform, ask permission, try to convince or be at effect.

    What I see is that T is having an authentic experience of enrollment. Some people need stuff, some people don’t. Some people stand for something they see. Some people don’t see stuff. It’s unpredictable and powerful and I have it that’s what has many of us not practicing.

    I also see you entering into an enrollment conversation willing to be enrolled, own what you’re not enrolled in, and willing to own your needs. Can you distinguish what had you stop and call in team?

    Keep trusting yourself. Keep trusting T. You two have created powerful relationship breakthroughs and there’s probably more available. I personally am not engaging in the content because it’s what you need to be enrolled and I don’t hold myself as needing to mediate it.

    Will you take a look at what you really need to be enrolled? Don’t have to be right, but my hunch is it isn’t about T, but about Team.


     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I need support, please. Is anyone else seeing any of the things I am seeing? I notice that this is becoming a me and T conversation and I am committed to this being a team conversation. I am fully prepared to be totally off base and not able to see clearly over here. I wear my own goggles! I need some more powerful coaches to support this conversation with voices.

    Team, what do you see? What do you have for me? What do you have for T?

    Where will we go from here in creating this enrollment and in supporting T?

    All my love,

     Tiffany Turner

    Sabs your first message didn’t land as a stand, I felt slimmed. Would you be willing to swing again at your stand for me?

    If not, that’s okay. I know you’re well intended, and I know we’re both practicing this work at our own growth edges.

    I hear that there are gaps in my enrollment for you, and I’m more than happy to create those with you. I also hear an invitation to bring a higher level consistency, and I’m up for that breakthrough too. I know that we’re all in process of being with our greatness for longer and longer, and we’re all at different stages of our journeys of how long we can be with our greatness. I believe the entire team is aligned in our self expansion there.

    I’m not sure if this will address anything you need, but it might, so I’ll put it in: I don’t know how today is going to go, and I definitely don’t know how next week, next month, May, or grad weekend in September are going to go. I could have waited until I was out of first trimester, not leaning on team for support, and brought an enrollment around Seattle then, but that felt manipulative. I know about it now, and I’m committed to creating it now. And, I have no idea how I’ll be feeling. I could have some crazy complication and be hospitalized at that time, in which case, I will have partnered with Steph, enrolled SEA, enrolled SD, and I wouldn’t be able to go.

    My point being, there’s a ton of unknown in my space, and I’m not willing to play from fear of how it could go, I’m actually committed to creating AC the way I want it, during my pregnancy. I hear you that it’s left you feeling that I’m asking for two things in contradiction, and girl, I’m SO tuckered out right now. Even though people have told me, I didn’t get it until I got here, I need rest all day long. And I probably could have planned for that, but I didn’t. So here we are. I’m in breakdown, I need support, and it’s temporary. There’s breakthroughs in my breakdown for all of us. There’s breakthroughs in me going to Seattle too, and those don’t need to be at odds with my current requests for support. They’re only at odds if we make them to be.

     Sabrina Pratt

    I’m willing to be enrolled.

    I want to own that I am currently having an eerily familiar experience of being on the outside with you and I want to get out in front of that so we can create that differently. We are on the same team. My fear of angering you or creating discomfort for myself by making myself a target has had me keep quiet when things are in obvious misalignment and contradiction. Sometimes I’m staying quiet hoping someone else that hasn’t had relationship breakdown with you will speak up and sometimes they do. And, in this case, I am speaking up.

    T, I hope you can hear that I am speaking up in support of you and the things you have said that you want. I am enrollable but I currently do not see how flying to Seattle in May and playing on that team serves the big what for that you want to create for yourself.

    I also see from the time stamp that you replied earlier today to this thread during our production call. I understand that you’re missing calls to rest and care for yourself so I am just checking in that you are actually giving yourself the space you need to get what you need.

    A lot of the conversation today circulated around bringing rigor AND relationship. I am trusting our Bambi legs relationship in bringing this here.

    all my love;



     Tiffany Turner

    Sabs, will you look over these bullet points and let me know if I missed anything you need?

    I have it that what you need to be enrolled is:

    • Clarity on how playing on SEA supports or creates my Well Being breakthrough
    • Knowing that playing on SEA isn’t from scarcity
    • What I see around me requesting support from team, while also looking to play on another team (to be clear, I can’t tell what you need here other than what I see, but it sounds like you might need something more than what I see. Could you confirm?)

    I also have a request of you! Would you check in with yourself and see if you’re genuinely willing to be enrolled in my playing on SEA for two days in May?

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for what you brought, Sabs. I’m going to take some time and come back to this, because I think there’s more elevation in this for the both of us. I’ll respond again soon!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi T!

    Thanks for bringing this enrollment here to team!!! I am excited for the gold and the learning that you would soak up playing on another team. But, it’s the timing that’s got me.

    I am not enrolled in you playing on another team at this time.

    I have been sitting with and actively praying over this and here is what I will need to be enrolled:

    I need to know exactly how playing on Seattle supports your wellbeing breakthrough. I can see above how you see playing on Seattle may challenge your wellbeing or how you predict your wellbeing may or may not be come May. I don’t see how playing on this team supports your wellbeing.

    And, frankly, I am concerned for you. I have noticed a pattern of you taking on a lot and piling breakdown on top of breakdown and then throwing your hands up and trying to hand stuff off only to then assertively call members of our team forth into leadership and then you feel better and the cycle repeats. I am happy to distinguish this pattern further, if that would serve you. You may very well already be aware of it.

    Right now it looks like going to play on the Seattle team in May is a part of that automatic cycle of taking on too much and setting yourself up for wellbeing breakdown. I do see that greatly affecting our team and your life. And you. My heart is with you. And is from the place of a strong stand for you and the things you want that I am not enrolled.

    You just wrote a message last night detailing your overwhelm and reporting your breakdown. Your message is a request to be excused from calls, for relief and support around your current team accountabilities. Which, I am so happy to support in service of you and your baby and your family.

    From that place of supporting you, I can not in good conscience support you taking on even more, especially when accountabilities to the team you currently play on are being handed off.

    Your requests seem to contradict one another and I am confused by this request and enrollment. What do you see here? I would also like to hear more from the team in what they see here. 

    -I need to know that this move isn’t coming out of time scarcity or a false sense of urgency (re: you completing in September and having a precious newborn) that would have you in more breakdown.  Currently this enrollment lands like “I’m about to complete with AC so I gotta hurry up and squeeze out all the juice right now even if that means potentially putting my wellbeing second.”


    I am so interested in hearing back all that you have to say and I love you so much, T., you are an incredible powerhouse and you are a priceless treasure. Super down to continue partnering in creating this enrollment. I got your back all the way.


    All my love;

     Tiffany Turner

    This program is a weekend program, so it’s 2 days long, where as intensive programs run for 3 or 4 days (and we call those modules….except graduation weekend, which for Intensive is a 2-day weekend program…please let me know if this is confusing!).

    So yes, I’ll play on Seattle for two days in May, and this will have no impact on my SD commitments.

    Juliana, thanks for bringing your leadership and coach questions here!

    – Does this trip support you and your well-being, especially around pregnancy?

    I know, I’m a little nervous. I don’t know how I’ll feel in May, but I’ll be well into my second trimester and the symptoms I’m experiencing now, I expect will be gone. Ya never really know, so it may not pan out that way, but from where I sit, I’m committed to having the experience of subbing, and I complete in September 2020, and then I’m gonna be ooooogling over a newborn baby for a while. So I may have pregnancy discomforts, and I’m committed to creating this all the same!

    – What is you breakthrough in going?

    The breakthroughs are directly correlated to what I put in my original post. I want to model that playing on other teams is normal, that it’s something we should encourage, hold space for, and support one another in. I also want to know what a group of highly trained AC coaches see for me and my leadership, that’s not you! <3 (simply because we’ve all trained each other in relationship, SM, our stuff, etc. in some ways. And a fresh group of people will not have any of that training, so I know they’ll see different and new things for me). I also hold myself to be a powerful leader, and I’m clear that supporting SEA would allow me to do the same for them – I don’t know who they are, I don’t know their stuff, I’m just gonna show up and give my gold. My commitment is to listen and learn from SEA, and bring new ideas, ways of being, metaphors, and opportunities for breakthroughs, back to our SD team.

    – Why Seattle and not another city?

    This is a good question, and I’ve not thought about it. If I’m being completely honest, I find Steph Williamson triggering, she challenges my Be With, and so I was clear that there was something for me in creating partnership with her. Sarah Schneider is junior leader, and she was my coach for 3 months while LKT was on mat leave, and I’m also connected to the beauty of playing on a team with my other participant year coach – I suspect Sarah will see some great stuff for me having known where I was on my path 2 years ago.

    -What month of the program are they in?

    I’m not actually sure! I just pinged Steph to ask what program weekend May will be, and I’ll share here once I know!

     Juliana Sih

    Thanks T for modeling and being at cause for what you want. I am Enrolled! I will check in for myself what I see in visiting and playing on another team. Thanks for the invitation.

    I just want to check in on a few things from curiosity:

    – Does this trip support you and your well-being, especially around pregnancy?

    – What is you breakthrough in going?

    – Why Seattle and not another city?

    -What month of the program are they in?



    I think this is great. To be clear, you’re planning to do two modules in May? One in San Diego and one in Seattle?

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