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     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Kerry for the opportunity. My rate is 550 and I would love to have a sample session with anyone shopping around. I’m late to the party tonight and I will email you and sarah right now as well.

     Juliana Sih

    I am in! My AC grad rate is $880.

    Thanks Kerry 🙂

     Sabrina Pratt

    Thank you, Kerry! My rate would be $750 for AC grads


    Me too! $880.


     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks Kerry, my AC grad rate is $750.


    I am open as well. $880/month is my preferred rate. Thanks, Kerry!

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks Kerry. I am also open to referrals. My AC grad rate is $950.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Kerry!

    I am open for referrals. My AC grad rate is $880.

     Kerry Zurier


    As you know, we graduated the NYI last week.  We have 12 new graduates looking at what is next for them and the majority (11 out of 12) are a yes to continue by hiring a coach and affiliating.  And, a couple have money as in the way.

    This is where you might come in.  First of all, we know and are getting great experience in coaching people around their money stuff.  And, some of their AC coaches are brilliant coaches who are at higher rates than other AC coaches.

    If you are willing, will you send me your full-pay rate?  Or the full-pay rate that you would charge an AC graduate.  While I’m not enrolled in people “shopping” for coaching, I am enrolled in matching graduates with AC coaches if and when it isn’t likely that they will hire their program coach.

    Just a reminder that we stand for people coaching 4X/month for the first year out of the program (as opposed to 3X/month which is an option after a year).

    I’d like to have a list of people open for referrals and their rates asap to give to Sarah Langslow who is owning the follow up with the NYI graduates.  So will you please respond to this post, or send me an email, by COB today?  And, please keep in mind that we will be offering 3 referrals to each person as opposed to advocating that they hire a particular coach.

    Thanks and love,


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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