Production 1/28/20

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     Tiffany Turner

    Production – 1/28/2020

    • Qualification
      • Mike: Talking to client about renewing contract this Thursday. At risk of falling out of qual on Feb 27.
      • Juliana: need to get hired once by Jan 31 (4 days). Getting support on call with T @ 1pm today. Bringing more support requests to team.
      • LKT: to stay at 5 as a DLiT, at danger of having to reset LiT process. Swinging to be hired by Jan 31.
    • Winning Strategy
      • Mike: Should I keep or shred hard copies?
    • Lawyer
      • Mike posted on forum about Lawyer, going to bring the rest of training requests to 3pm team training call
    • Supplies
      • Charlie: will work with back office + get support from team as needed
    • Posters
      • T to own posters
      • T to post breakthrough on forum
    • Obs/Workshop owner
      • Sabrina to own
      • Sabs to post on forum and have declarations from team by EOD Thursday
      • Sabs: I haven’t brought a lot of people to obs/workshop, but I have a lot of people to bring. So I see a breakthrough for myself here.
    • Photographer
      • LKT: in breakdown around posting vision on forum. New declaration to post vision on forum by EOD tomorrow.
      • Breakthrough is in creating full presence and opportunity – in conjunction with absence at module 4.
    • Enrollment
      • LKT – request to hear from Sabrina and Charlie about her enrollment to miss module 4
    • Team
      • Sabrina: our production calls are such a snapshot of how our team is setting up room at module. Will bring forum post by tomorrow morning.
      • Juliana: I see flavor of separate and alone, and Leave Me Alone.
      • LKT: Request that everyone on team bring Team Being to Flavor of Tolerating post on forum
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