Production 12-17-19

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     Charlie Horn

    Jeff- This is our last call until jan7. Be at cause to get support. Use the forum. I will be at cause to get support with Ryan. Lets generate support together.

    Brittany- What do you see for everyone.

    Jeff- I think we should not take 2 weeks off. We can create structures with our participants to get under them and support them during this holiday time. It supports me as well to do this.

    Tiffany- for me it doesn’t support me, its a win loose.

    Jeff- creating a both and of what partnership looks like can be created many different ways.

    Sabrina- you don’t have to be the one, it could be the team.

    Laura- its called 5th week and from assuming there are 4 weeks of coaching.

    Tiffany- be at cause to track how many coach calls we are all having with our participants.

    Brittany- get ahead of accountabilities.upcoming module is the 2nd week of january. What do you need around meditation and spirituality.

    Nichole- can everyone update the forum with what they are bringing and what time we will show up. I request everyone get there at 6:45

    Laura- sounds like we are managing what could be a breakdown vs. how we can show up in our pristine beings. would you all be willing to bring it to the forum.

    Charlie- for meditation I will bring it to forum.

    red flag update- Jeff added to chat box

    Julianna- Sara texted me for support with Ryan M (doon).

    Brittany- What has us putting red flags on production instead of co-coaching. Its odd to use this time instead of playing out loud every day.

    Julianna- can we all align on bringing it to forum everyday?


    T- put declarations on forum if you haven’t already

    Nichole- Its on check in sheets

    Jeff- I see holidays as an opportunity to lean into workshop and observation we are around family and people we normally aren’t around. Its an opportunity to use new years declarations to have the conversation.

    guest clients

    Julianna- all clients have essence names. I will reach out to verify participants are talking with there guest clients.


    charlie- supplies will be flat by tomorrow at noon. i will lea on jeff and juliana.


    Sabrina- Thanks everyone for having my back last week when I was sick.


    I lost focus a couple times and didn’t get some of what was discussed today. If there was something important to add will you put it here.

    Thanks 🙂



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