Production 6/9/2020

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     Tiffany Turner

    Production Notes – 6/9/2020


    • Juliana: looking at why I live life from lackluster? Looking at what T and Nichole put in on forum. Committed to getting hired 3 times in June.
    • LKT: Qual floor
      • Team stand: if you fall below your current floor, your floor moves up one
        • Eg: if your floor is 3 and you drop to 2, your new floor is 4. If while at 4 you drop to 3, your new floor is 5.
      • Something for us to know about everyone on team is whether


    • Team aligned on having applications in by June 30
    • Request that PCs be at cause to have conversations/coaching participants around Reg and LDP
    • Encourage a team convo around LDP


    • Registration gets to be the container where we get to have all the breakthroughs we want in our life
    • Britt going to start checking in with everyone weekly – where are you at? what do you need?
    • Team What Fors:
      • Charlie: 2- Being a positive influence to the people I love
      • Nichole: 2 (+2 reg per participant)
      • Sabs: 3 – Powerful accountability structure to stay in the program
      • T: 3 – Breakthrough in unattached stand
      • Juliana: 3 – Enrollment and connection
      • LKT: 5 – Create the experience of knowing my power, in service of my stand that all women create the next generation of babies from their power
      • Jeff: 5 – Heart based leadership
      • Britt: 5 – Fucking Junior Leader

    Guest Clients

    • Being brought to forum by Sabs

    Final oral

    • Being brought to forum by Juliana

    Midterm retake

    Participant declarations

    Grad dinner

    Grad requirements

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