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     Juliana Sih

    T Mat Leave – started earlier than anticipated. What’s missing is how we can do completion together and give her glorious acknowledgement moving forward. Feels like first trimester, not taking a break. Fully slowed down. Not on forum. In alignment so not communicating to her something else. Stand that T not be communicating on forum. Doing or being nothing regarding the program. There is some doing around logistics around her accountability. Nichole: letting go of some pieces early, don’t burn herself early to not be at module. Stand that check in and be responsible for well-being and breaks. What does she actually need? Fully step back from calls. How do we stand for her when her stuff come up of not wanting to miss this? If suffering weren’t an option, what would you create? Stand that she does not do anymore doing. Even if need something, we figure it out and doing it. Check in around where she is choosing from.

    Steve Package – T dropping off Steve package. Sabrina owning Steve package. Sabrina will reach out to LKT around people know in Australia. Sabrina will have flat by Friday and review a few last pieces on the thread.

    Affiliation – Brittany and Don are the people looking at. Jonathan wants to be an affiliate. Vicky also wants to. All align end of day Thursday for whats so with affiliation.

    Exam Retake – Valerie passed written exam. Jon in process of final, Juliana to review. Sabrina to review Ryan retake oral exam.

    Graduation script – Nichole connected with Britt and Kerry around script and ordering peeps. Declaration to have by Friday. Sabs to support peppering in fun ideas. Eyeballs on it when ready. A week to make changes and revisions to finalize. Training around acknowledgements. Post will include some of that. Will all be in script.

    Reg calls/game – Sabrina: consistently play out loud on reg thread on the emails, reply bring our voices there. Who is playing? Lets play! They are gonna model what we do and who we be. Taking ownership of what in the space. Get people to get in the game. Playing for breakthrough. Get clear on the breakthrough and why. Ensure team knows. Naturally playing for breakthrough will create results.

    Life map exercise – LKT has the notes. Creative time block to capture visual representation. How it went, how its been going?

    Guest clients – Let our peeps know not to do completion before showing up. They will be doing completion with them. GC will be arriving around 11am.

    Module 7 Timeline – LKT: timing of Friday, Saturday and Sunday are on forum. Workshop Saturday morning. GC for Saturday morning as well. Have 3 hours on Saturday morning before going to celebration mode. Start at 10, DS. GC at 11am.

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