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     Jeff Miller

    Production Call 9/8/2020

    <u>Graduation </u>

    • All of the participant songs have been collected by Britt. Juliana will own music for graduation
    • Finalizing the script – “Most likely to be acknowledged for…” Every participant has a line as they get introduced. We supported Nichole with the peeps that still needed lines (Vicky, Nancy, Bree, Andrew).
    • Confirmed guests – Don will be bringing his wife Joy. Everyone else has communicated who their guest will be.
    • Sabs will let Nichole know when Guest Clients are flat to complete the script. Will be flat by Thursday.
    • To support Kerry and Britt, everyone please put on “Graduation Tab” major breakthroughs and ground taken for your participants. Specifically, things that you as their coach will not acknowledge them for.
    • All Module 7 Zoom links and timeline will be available for team on Friday by 10am PT.
    • All other accountabilities with Graduation are flat.

    <u>Grad Cert</u>

    • T was owning this. Want to make sure that everything is flat for both Cert and Graduation.
    • Nichole will be uploading 2 calls that got last earlier in the program.
    • Please upload everything to the AC Module Google Doc instead of emailing Recorded Calls and Exams.

    <u>Guest Clients </u>

    • Sabs will use her personal room for waiting room for Guest Clients

    <u>Welcome Calls</u>

    • We will have our first Welcome Call this Wednesday at 5pm PT. We will do 3 calls total and have them every other week going forward. LKT and Juliana will lead this first Welcome Call.

    <u>New LDP Peeps/Qual Call</u>

    • The Qual Calls have currently been on Monday mornings. And it is clear that there is more enrollment needed here. We will move the Qual Calls to “Co-Coaching” time from 2-3pm PT starting next week.
    • LKT will share all the times for calls and zoom links with the new Peeps by EOD today.


    • Please create and schedule completion with your peeps prior to grad module


    • Don, Britt and Jonathan are a yes to affiliation and LKT and Nichole will get by when’s from each of them today.
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