Production Call Notes 02/04/2020

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    JuSih, still in qualification breakdown. Didn’t bring 30 days.

    Enrollment in taking away accountabilities.

    Getting support around accountabilities

    Only one outside the room is guest clients

    T is doing grad/cert

    Sabrina sees something for herself to take on guest clients

    Breakdown in guest clients is that participants are not coaching guest clients

    Typically when there’s a breakdown, typically we can trace it back to a breakdown in who’s owning guest clients

    It’s all about relationship
    LKT will train Sabrina and coordinate with JuSih to create conversation

    Can we do on the forum to include the team?
    Yes and voice conversation also necessary

    Brittany – one of the things that had this breakdown occur is putting other things first and then complicating it.

    Now 60 days unqualified – pattern to fix first versus what are you actually enrolling us in?
    JuSih will continue conversation with Jeff and schedule a time today to talk about qualification period and what she wants to create

    Guest Clients

    See above/handled


    Being a demand for our own and everyone else’s highest leadership

    For instance: JuSih is talking about qualification – she should be doubling or tripling that number

    Utilizing AC as our lifeline, not as something in the way

    Wants support bringing only the best of ourselves

    Come CPR

    Everyone pulling each other to their best and brightest

    Floor rising as the ceiling is rising

    Sabs – playing game separate and alone – what I’m hearing is the disjointedness has to be different, can’t go on like this

    Genuinely do things differently

    LKT – what I heard was a call forth to stand and allow ourselves to be stood for. If people are willing to stand but willing to be stood for, it’s a breakdown

    JuSih – I hear this new ceiling being created, certain aspects of our leadership have to die in order to create new

    Charlie – stand regardless of circumstances that keep me stuck in my incompleteness

    T – what I can see in how we’re transitioning now is being willing to be stood for, participating in how people are standing for you, I’m more reliable to stand for other people than to allow others to stand for me, my request of the team is that anyone who is avoiding being stood for

    Jeff – Sabs, are you willing to lean in when you’re taken out?

    Sabs – I don’t know. I know the way I’ve been participating on this team is not serving me. It’s just in my way.

    LKT – In service in time, I hear you are a yes in process and there’s some stuff to look at. I have it it’s a call forth to everyone.

    Winning Strategy

    Was I to do anything with the breakdowns?

    B – No

    Module 4 Accountabilities

    LKT – Re: Photographer, we are on track to have more than three viable options. Thanks for bringing excitement and enthusiasm. If you haven’t contributed with a name.

    T – I want to put in a request where we don’t all play for every single accountability – I haven’t been in any action on photographer, can I focus on attorney

    LKT. – will you stand for abundance everywhere

    Accountant – please respond to reg thread

    Mike – will everyone respond to attorney thread by end of day tomorrow


    T – I think Jonathan is affecting the team and how payments go for them so I think we need to do something about Jonathan

    LKT – I love where you’re looking at the bigger breakdown and I see a conversation happening at T-time. What I can own is that we didn’t create a conversation around this last week.


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